Don't we get capes if the war loses?

We were at the 1st place of the PC’s Bug Proving Ground, but none of us got the cape. So when the galaxy campaign loses no cape is rewarded?

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OMG me too. I in all first places but still not getting cape…

Hi guys,

This was certainly not the intention - capes should be distributed regardless of if the war was won or lost.

We’ll need some time to figure out how to best fix this, but everyone who earned a cape will get one! Sorry about this!


Hi wahlstrom,

I mean no offense but… is there a timetable about when you guys can fix this… bug… or anything else?

it’s utc feb 16 around 2:00 am now, the races of bug and cyborg have been defeated. Since our capes of last turn haven’t been handed over to us, although some tries were made, members of my squad (me, [an emoji name], MoYiz, and Burlang) still don’t have much motivation to formally fight for a record.

You see, I have given up to ask you guys about the thing of that ce cheater, so could you guys please handle our cape problem a little bit faster, or at least let me know your current progress here? Thanks!

Hey Dremora,

I understand your frustration. We are testing a solution that will give you your capes retroactively at the end of the current war. It is not a beautiful solution, but hopefully it gets the job done!

I’ll keep you posted in this thread.


Hey wahlstrom:
I am MoYiz, one of the suqad that influenced by the cape problem. Dremora can’t open this forum due to the Chinese Internet problem.
I’ve informed all the crew in my squad about your reply, Thank you for your work, we are really grateful!

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Hey guys,

Can the players who didn’t get their capes from War 92 please check their armory and let me know if you now have them?

Hi, the same problem happened on consoles for War 93, even if the war has been won. Here’s a full report of PG winning teams, with who got the capes and who didn’t:

War 93 - Illuminates PG lvl.5 - Completion Time: 1’43

Winning Team

  • Dystractia (PS4): didn’t get the cape
  • Ouazegaga (PS3): cape received
  • callmetwice (PS4): didn’t get the cape
  • dekemiri (PS3): cape received

War 93 - Cyborgs PG lvl.9 - Completion Time: 2’16

Winning Team

  • Dystractia (PS4): didn’t get the cape
  • FiggaTrigga (PS4): cape received

War 93 - Bugs PG lvl.15 - Completion Time: 1’46

Winning Team

  • Adam-Owca (PS4): cape received
  • Dystractia (PS4): didn’t get the cape
  • FiggaTrigga (PS4): cape received
  • GummyFlavored (PS4): cape received

On PS3 (for those who received the cape):

  • the “Victory” cutscene played normally, then the final stats screen, then Credits, Title Screen, Cape received after logging in.

On PS4 (for those who didn’t receive the cape):

  • no cutscene at all (neither “Victory” nor “Defeat” cutscenes), then the final stats screen showing that the war has been lost (although it has been won), Credits, return to Title Screen, no Cape received after logging in.

PS: related to You can't get a cape .

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Hi I am one of those effected by the missing capes from war 93. I had the end of war cut scene initially showing the victorious outcome with the cadets on ship but it then changed to the war failure sequence and I did not receive any capes. Can I get some update on the current situation?

My email client may be blocking arrowhead for some reason, I got the automated confirmation mail when I sent an email to support last Sunday but nothing since also I don’t receive activation emails for this forum registration, had to use a different email…

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Thanks for this excellent summary Tann! It seems the solution did not work as well as we would have hoped and we are now looking into something more robust. We are sorry about this and I’ll let you know as soon as we have an update.

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um… my team got rank 1 squad in 92th war but still not taken any cape…

somthing happened? why we don’t get cape??

It’s the same issue I’m afraid. War #92 was lost and the capes was not distributed properly. We are trying to work out how to fix it!


War 94 has been lost, therefore no capes have been awarded.

Here’s a full report of PG winning teams:

War 94 - Illuminates PG lvl.15 - Completion Time: 3’47

Winning Team

  • Dystractia (PS4): didn’t get the cape
  • FiggaTrigga (PS4): didn’t get the cape
  • Ouazegaga (PS3): didn’t get the cape
  • shastinrulit (PS3): didn’t get the cape

War 94 - Bugs PG lvl.9 - Completion Time: 2’39

Winning Team

  • Dystractia (PS4): already won Proven Bug Expert II cape from a previous PG
  • Ouazegaga (PS3): already won Proven Bug Expert II cape from a previous PG
  • callmetwice (PS4): already won Proven Bug Expert II cape from a previous PG
  • shastinrulit (PS3): didn’t get the cape

War 94 - Cyborgs PG lvl.5 - Completion Time: 1’33

Winning Team

  • fox_6262 (???): don’t know

For this war, I stayed on the PG selection screen during the whole Super-Earth Defense event, and as host, we attended live the fall of Super-Earth, thinking that maybe the game won’t lose track of the PG results.
It didn’t change anything. No capes! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Same problem on steam. The war was lost and no capes distributed

war92 all ps4 &pc
war93 all
war96 illuminate Lv15 win
Where is My cape???!!! no way

Again I saw no end of war message/video, on both PS3 and PS4. I log in to see the new war has started and just a moment where the game maybe tries to load the end sequence but instead saves. Again no rewards as a result.

Any news on this? I have legitimately earned all 9 capes but have received only 1 :confused:

I have since logged in with two other accounts, one saw a normal end of war sequence the other the same, no end of war sequence.