Dreaming of Liberty Day 2021

I’m just a level 19 Helldiver on leave and eating Democracy Burgers in Super Tokyo—just a lowly voice in the struggle for liberty.

But, I’d like to requisition some tools for the warfront that are not necessary, but would be…”awesome.”

If life were a video game, I believe this would be called “DLC,” and in that case, we front-line divers would be very happy to pay for it.

It’s one DLC pack.

In the pack is 1 new Exosuit which features a chainsaw left arm that slashes horizontally in front of the Exo-suit. The animation should have a 2 or 3 second cool down—slow hydraulic reset. This arm has no ability to damage heavily armored enemies; however, at the cost of 8 research points, it can be upgraded to a laser-sword which can easily cut heavily armored enemies. The cooldown does not improve. The right arm of this exosuit should be an autocannon that can damage medium armored enemies. 2 research points can upgrade its rate-of-fire, and 3 more can double its magazine.

Also in the pack is a new Exosuit Specialist set of apparel.

Also in the pack is a new sidearm option which is purely melee: a chainsaw sword. It is swung horizontally in front of diver, the same as the Exo suit version. It has longer range than a bayonet, and it cuts in an arc, but does similar damage to a bayonet. It can be upgraded for 2 research points with carbon teeth to be able to significantly damage [but not outright kill] medium armored enemies. Its attacks are a bit slow because it is heavy; however, it can be upgraded with 3 research points to a more lightweight construction, thus improving a Helldiver’s ability to slash slash slash.

Also in the pack is a new Melee Specialist set of apparel.

Also in the pack is a new motorcycle with sidecar. It should be similarly upgradable to the existing motorcycle with sidecar; however, this motorcycle’s sidecar is equipped with an automatic grenade launcher. It can be upgraded for 2 research points to increase the magazine, and further upgraded with 3 research points to add incendiary damage to the grenades.

Give us this DLC, and we shall want nothing else.

I hereby fully relinquish any and all intellectual property rights I may have had to these ideas. They are no longer my ideas.

(In fact they were always your ideas. I simply dove too many times into Illuminate territory, and have gained the ability to read your mind).

For Liberty!

Fun Fact: Exosuits used to have melee weapons in the early versions but the developers quickly got rid of this idea due to Exosuits being too overpowered.

Exosuits are considered as a temporary powerup/boost, you are supposed to shreds enemies till you run out of ammo.

Ideas are good but don’t get your hopes high since it was scrapped in the very beginning.

Fair point! So, limit melee weapons with battery power. At that point you might ask, “so why not just have more guns?” Because, it’s awesome! Some people—a lot of people—really just want to chop stuff up! Imagine the blood and limbs flying through the air! Brings happy tears to my eyes…

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What about an exosuit whit laser weapons, or maybe a side shield, that would be cool

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