Engineer/ tower defense class

Attention Super Earth command.
All helldivers congratulations on defending Super Earth. Id like to take a brief moment to talk about our current turret technologies. In my time spreading democracy. I would like to point out how turrets become abandoned after a certain amount of level difficulty. I’ll just estimate there uselessness after 6 or 7. I believe there’s unanimous an agreement that most die by friendly fire by higher level team members. The turrets though pack a punch the inflicted mayhem to all enemies and friendlies alike. Is honestly the worst. Hit the deck!

We all know how these mindless bots behave. I suggest these upgrades to high command.
1.Mini map drop in.
Description: from in field portable map turrets can be placed any where within radar distance.
2. More available turrets packs
Description: from 3 to like 20 or more… Keep them coming.
3.Life capacity
Description: They burn out real fast is it possible for a more sustainable support tower which last more of the duration of the mission.

Advantages to consider: tower defense gameplay. With being able to obtain these breakthroughs. Helldivers can appreciate the breathe of fresh air that they already do offer from a tactful Engineer class. They can adapt to making routes safer. Defending zones for objectives. Eliminating patrols on paths behind and in front of you.
To continue its use please think about these recommendations in our future spreading democracy

From a Helldiver

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