[ERROR] Cannot Access Friend Lobbies

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I’m not sure which parts of this story is relevant to the problem, but here goes. Last night I was playing Helldivers and my power went out. This evening it came back on. Ever since then, I get this error whenever I try to access friend lobbies:

Fatal Error!

The application must exit immediately.

I’ve never had this issue before in my 1,500+ hours, and the only way to avoid the issue is to go offline. I don’t know what’s to blame: Helldivers, Steam, my computer (maybe something updated when my computer started up again?) or something else.

I validated my installation files through Steam and everything turned up clean.

I’ll repeat my reply from Reddit here for anybody else having this issue

I believe some of your friends are to blame

My guess is you will have to unfriend them for a couple of weeks so you can play with the rest

You can start with BlackjackGT where the video shows you got the error (unfriend on Steam, then try again). If error happens again remove the next person it errors on, and so on. Once you have removed all the friends that are giving you error, it should be back to normal.

I believe it is now a known issue just for some players on Steam. I expect it will get fixed in couple of weeks tops.

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Oh this started last night? We should test if I can still join your lobbies