Fave games/media of 2021/2022?

I am a little late on this one but feel free to list or just chat about any games/media from 2021 or 2022 so far.

Fave Games

  • Marvels Guardians (not very far in but seems good)
  • Wildermyth (haha not far into this either but it’s interesting)

Fave Books

  • A trilogy of which the first book is called The Bone Ships by R J Barker (again not too far in but it’s great so far)
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Oh man, 2021 included too?
Just looked through my Steam Library and it looks like I only have a handful of recently released games!

Favourite things released 2021/2022

  • Sophie’s Safecracking Simulator is an excellent game, taught me how to crack open a safe (it’s very tedious but a great activity!)

  • Valheim, wow, what a game! Looking forward to the upcoming updates

  • Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is a pretty cool relaunch of the little-known Canada-exclusive Castlevania gacha game (you heard me right) but with all the P2W elements nixed, heaps of fun

  • creativity: A short and cheerful guide by John Cleese is a tiny but powerful book on how to cultivate productive creative work, get it if you can!

  • Personal Computer by MASTER BOOT RECORD is a fantastic album for programming late into the night

Older stuff that I’ve been enjoying anyway

  • PUSS! is a fun little… maze game? Highly recommend picking it up!

  • What The Golf? is a Golf Game Done Right™

  • Played some Magicka… it’s a timeless treasure I tell you! Timeless!

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Ok I have caved and added it to my wishlist.

Another game that is going great guns still is DRG every time I play it I get Arrowhead vibes…

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Damn, now I have to play it too…

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