Feedback - Cyborgs

Keep in mind, these are only suggestion based on my personal experience.

Regular Missions
New difficulties are fun, but the enemy variance is low. Enemies are coming from one specific side and spawn all at once in one place. Butchers and Hounds are rare and most of the time you must deal with Warlords and Hulks, there are no grotesques (expect from the IFVs). Immolators are a nice additional, but there are too many of them, swap some of them into Comrades.

Retaliatory Strikes
There are no IFVs! Retaliatory Strikes 13+ are less intense and challenging than 12! Enemies are spawning at the same place and that’s enough to kill a few of warlords with one red stratagem. Hounds should be more common, grotesques are a nice addition since after 200 kills the gameplay slows down and the mission gets boring.


  • MGX-42 is missing yellow contours
  • You can’t suggest 15th difficulty as a guest

The Inner Circle of Hell should be available as event mission for homeworlds & city planets.

MGX-42 has the same sound effects as MG-94.

I wanna see more Comrades, its so sad to see them fade away in low tier. It’d be interesting to see hordes of them. Also I don’t know if it exists but in lower tiers tougher enemies spawn the more spotted you get but in 13+ it just spams the Warlords and Hulks. I’d like to see it develop from huge squads of Comrades and then go to Grotesques and on to butchers etc., then they can spam the Warlords. Although in the end with the IFV spam all the Comrades would probably get ran over :\

Edit: I don’t know my Cyborgs very well, so I believed the ‘Comrades’ we’re ‘Initiates’. Either or could fit though

I’m assuming the “recycled” MG-94 sound effect is due either to most of the dev team remaining focused on the Super Secret Top Secret Never Ever Gonna Tell us What It Is Next Game Until BlackjackGT Moves to a Nursing Home :santa: … uh what was I saying? Um… either that, or perhaps Helldivers sounds were done by a 3rd party contractor that’s no longer available. Though I think most of our previous post 2015 goodies got new sound FX so perhaps that’s not it.

YouTube is a good place for weapon sound FX ideas I find. :slight_smile:

I finally got to play some 13+ vs Cyborgs so I’ll add my feedback to what YOPG has

  • No IFV in Retaliatory Strikes definitely makes them weaker to more strategies. For instance they really can’t do much now against squads using Railcannon Turrets or Tesla Towers that are also being healed.
  • The Legionnaire are completely 100% immune to Arc Thrower and Arc Shotgun.
  • The Legionnaire seem invulnerable to wide variety of weapons. The visuals of where their shield could be blocking shots vs. how much it is actually preventing all incoming damage is out of sync. I mean the hit-box of damage nullification is much wider than the visual of the shield.
  • The Legionnaire is also immune to valid damage in front from invisible shield when it raises its shield to raise alarm or when it moves it to side to lob grenades.

It is not good that the Legionnaire is only vulnerable to Commando, Scorcher, Double Freedom, Breaker, and Obliterator. All other weapons against them really struggle much more than they should.

Edit: Have now tested and verified that unlike the Arc Shotgun and Arc Thrower, the Tesla Tower doesn’t fail to zap those silly Legionnaires out of existence.

Yeah there doesn’t appear to be any legitimate way to kill Legionnaires before they alarm. Killing them after they do is relatively easy however: they have two attack states 1) ranged, and 2) melee; if you stand close enough to them wherein you are just outside of melee range, they will return to a distance where they can continue their ranged attacks (therefore, they will turn their backs to you).

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That is a good tip


Another trick that has been around for a while but that I thought to add to this thread is the fact that you can kill two Hulks/Butchers with 1 shot from the RL-112 Recoilless Rifle (with/without upgrades). This has nothing to do with damage or explosive radius. This only works if you are aiming directly at two Hulks/Butchers that are directly in front of/ behind the other (in other words, imagine a straight line: at one end is the player and at the other are two of the enemies next to each other - each of which have centers that rest on the line). The rocket essentially “penetrates” the first target. This does not work with Warlords or IFVs.

Okay I’m editing my previous post a bit. I am nearly positive that you can kill two Warlords with 1 rocket (although I am very sure of this now, I can not yet confirm it). This is true for the same reason that I mentioned before: that rockets have a hidden ability to penetrate targets. Also, the rockets can penetrate and destroy targets at a distance (they do not have to be directly behind/in front of each other. This is a difficult phenomenon to explain; just know that the rocket needs to land infinitesimally close to the center of the first enemy for it to pierce it and travel great distances beyond it to hit a second target.

The Cyborgs have never been my favorite enemy, and in the new expansion, nothing has changed.
I actually thought it might be better NOT having endless death hounds charge in at super speed from impossible angles, and to have one tank after another drop from the sky…BTW, I’ve often wondered exactly where all these Cy’s drop in from. There is no obvious ship, no floating platform, nothing beyond a patently ridiculous ability to drop in right on top of a player.
But no, 'twas a fruitless hope, because we now have enough giant machines to make any mechanic swoon.
This in itself wouldn’t be horrible if a player had anything beyond reddish strategems to deal with them.
However, as a solo player, I can unequivocally state that the only way to survive is to become a very fast mouse. The days of standing up to the mechanized menace, at least as a solo player, are O-V-E-R.