Finally Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 has been announced!

Does this mean we need a new category?


So excited! :slight_smile:


Ha, ha, the dream comes true?

I want to know more.


Everyone at the Helldivers 2 store page’s Steam forum is like a Wendy’s Commercial, but instead of “Where’s the BEEF?” it’s:

  • Where are the other two alien factions?
  • Where are the exosuits?
  • Where are the tanks, APCs, death-motorcycles and other vehicles?

I’m preaching patience there. I mean, until someone with Arrowhead is allowed to actually chat about the game, I’m taking all the store page and trailer stuff with a huge grain of salt. :salt:

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Cool, though if you’re an old fart gamer like me, you thought Looking Glass Technologies’ “Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri” was the ultimate squad-based shooter almost 30 years ago (1996) – including friendly fire and jump jetpacks – but was hamstrung by horribly crude voxel VGA graphics and too much time spent on cheesy FMV cutscenes.

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Well, we can see the libby rifle, beltfed, flamer, RR and laser all made it in. All I want to see now is a bayonet. lol
Quite probably vehicles will come along. Support fires looked suitably impressive from the new point of view.

Gameplay shift was a surprise though! We’re going shoulder-surfer instead of shared skyview. Did not see that coming - in fact I was sure we weren’t getting HD2 in any form. Double shock!

Goodness me, whatever else are they cooking up. Cratering? Emotes? Tea?


Dunno, but they have about 6-7 months left in 2023. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to remember if Arrowhead/Sony waited until like September 2014 to say a peep about Helldivers before its March 2015 release. Feels like a lifetime ago…

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I hope on the mech when we enter would be close to Titanfall. The vehicle would be everyone enter and see a small glimpse of the view inside the APC.

It’s 3rd person view so they should really make flying enemies/drones and etc.

While I’m not monitoring the HD2 discord much, a dev rep indicates they’re working on “the 2nd piece of media,” which I would guess is either more video from the game or some video about the game. Or a 2nd screenshot of a bush in the desert, I will just keep using that joke. :smiley:

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Here’s that 2nd, New co-op/combat gameplay video trailer – the NEW co-op footage starts around the 24-second mark of the video:

I’m assuming/conjecturing/wild-guessing at this point the sequel has NO vehicles or exosuits (mechs) because otherwise I’m sure they would’ve been part of these initial videos. Also, if they’re so focused on your Helldiver’s armor choices, then I kinda get the impression vehicles/exosuits are out.

I’m mainly disappointed because those were a big part of what made Helldivers special, and added replayability in that you could use vehicles and exosuits, or one, or neither, and that kept things fresh and offered lots of combinations. And I might be sentimental because it’s really the exosuits in early screenshots in 2014 that got me excited about the game. :slight_smile:

If the sequel is just foot troops running around dropping stratagems, to me that feels like Not Quite Helldivers. Maybe it’s just the price of Progress.

A certain Race finally shows up in the final scene (spoiler!), so at least HD fans can’t stop hyperventilating that the sequel’s initial trailer suggested it is strictly a Bug Hunt. :slight_smile:

They will probably come as a DLC… :smirk:

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Apparently it’s already among the top 200 wishlisted games on Steam - let’s bump those numbers up!

My sources say Helldivers 2 was already in the works since before the 3rd November 2016!!!

Meanwhile, I’ve used my Delorean and Mad Science to create an alternative Helldivers Multiverse where my Helldivers 2: Insurrection sequel concept happened and was still gloriously isometric. And it even got released 3 years ago already. :crazy_face: