Find A Fellow Diver (Buddy System)


If you’re looking to take your first steps in a mission and would like a guiding hand to help, look no further.

We have plenty of wonderful veteran and experienced Divers in the Helldiver community who are happy to help out new recruits like yourselves.

Just leave some information such as your platform of choice, region and general playtimes in the comments below and hopefully a kind Diver will take you under their wing.

If you are an experienced or veteran diver and would like to help out, feel free to leave a comment so that new recruits can get in touch with you!


Admiral of Super Earth here, if you need any help, poke me!
Platform: PC
Europe - Poland
I usually do Cyborg Helldives and RS


Feel free to ask me anything concerning Helldivers; I’ll help any way I can. If you’re just generally looking for someone to regularly play with, that’s cool too. You can message me here on this site if you want to get in contact.

Player Information

Platform: PC
Country: United States
Time Zone: UTC -05:00
Controls: Gamepad (DualShock 4)

I play Cyborg Hell Dives and Retaliatory Strikes (almost exclusively).

Usual Playtimes

Monday - Thursday: After 6:00 PM (18:00)
Friday: Inconsistent (usually don’t play much)
Saturday - Sunday: Any time (usually play often)

Additional Information

Steam Primary Account
This is where you can usually find me.

Steam Secondary Account
I usually play on the main one, but this one is also me.

YouTube Helldivers Videos
I post guides, glitches, compilations and missions that I hope to be entertaining. You can use these to get a general sense for how I play.

Steam Steam Guides
If you’re just looking for helpful information about the game, both my video and text guides can be found here.


Salty here, most know me as Roach. If you need a lot of firepower or someone to guide you, lemme know. I’ll gladly bring the boom to you.

IGN: Varies based on role
Platform: PC
Level: [50] Admiral of Super Earth


Any advice for which guns are best against the big bugs?


By big Bugs I assume you mean Impaler, Tank, and Behemoth?

Ok, so if you are playing without the DLC then the RX-1 Railgun should be your go-to weapon. When fully upgraded it can stun ALL Bugs for a couple of seconds in one shot (except for the smallest patrol units - they die from anything in one hit), keeping them in place long enough for you or your friends to do anything you need to do - retreat, do objectives, reload, throw Stratagems, etc…
The Railgun will stop charging Tanks and Behemoths in their tracks, allowing you or your teammates to get out of the way and avoid death by getting run over!
The stun also forces Impalers to retract their deadly tentacles, which is good if they are about to destroy an objective or kill your teammates, but also bad if you actually want it to expose its weak spot.

Please note that the Railgun is very ammo-hungry and I recommend you DON’T use it against smaller Bugs (such as the Scouts and Vanguards). Use your sidearm for those! Even if not fully upgraded (although that is recommended) you need nothing else other than your trusty P-2 Peacemaker pistol to deal with the smallest Bugs. Alternatively you can bring an MG-94 Machine Gun to deal with those, as well as the various Bug mobs.

If you are playing with a full team then it is usually enough if 1 or 2 people (at the most) wield the Railgun into battle.

As for actually killing the big units, the best NON-DLC support weapons to kill the big bugs with are the RL-112 (best used with a reload buddy :slight_smile: ) or EAT-17. Please note that the Bug Behemoths can sometimes survive a direct shot from either rocket launcher, requiring a follow-up shot. As for the smaller Bug Tanks and the Impalers, you can use pretty much any weapon to shoot their fleshy weak spot (Tank Bug has its weak spot on the back, Impaler in the front, but only exposed when it burrows its tentacles into the ground).

If you have the DLC, then the TOX-13 Avenger is, hands down, the only weapon that you need to deal with any and all Bugs (but bonus points for having a teammate bring a FLAM-40 Incinerator and playing Bug Exterminators with you :smiley: ).

Another fan-favourite DLC weapon against the Bugs is the M-25 Rumbler. Although it is a slow, clunky, cumbersome and volatile weapon (beware of accidentals!!!) it is also versatile enough to deal with anything in the entire game - there is nothing it can’t kill, but that includes yourself and your friends more often than not!


Thank you for the advice I have all of the dlcs so I will go with the toxic


I would like to second the rumbler. It can take a LOT of practice, but can be an amazing tool, and is very effective against all big enemies besides the Cyborg tanks. Another route to consider is the Demolisher, again, it can take some practice, but it will deal with most big baddies if placed correctly, can deal with bug nests, and you can even just set some down and bait your Tanks and Behemoths into them.

The Railcannon Strike is also a very efficient way to deal with your big nemesis, but I would only recommend bringing that if you’re playing with a group. If you rely on that on a solo run, you will tend to get swarmed.

A friendly Impaler tip:
The arms will tell you which direction he is in. They always have the exposed (orange) sides facing out, so just aim that rumbler or railcannon behind the wall of tentacles and you should find your target!


PS4 player in Europe. Only level 21 looking for players.

I just introduced a friend and we’re running level 7 ish runs.

I’ve completed 12s but none of the enemy masters :frowning:


Usually playing around 18:30 GMT onwards weekdays or periodically throughout the weekend.


Platform: Pc

Country: Canada

i just started to play and i want people to play with me


Sure, I’m a PC player too. Feel free to hit me up. Just let me know it’s you if you’re using a different name.