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What should we change? Have you noticed a bug in the forums? Is a link broken?

If you have something that is bothering you in the forums, or you think we need to fix, please let us know. You can leave your replies in this topic and we will take a look.


To make this forum more attractive and increase amount of new users, you should propagate it somehow and make it more usefull. Or only a few loyal fans will remain. Because basically… if you would not have organized giveaway event few days ago, I wouldn’t have a reason to make an account here. I would barely know it exists. Try to write “Arrowhead forum” in google and you will not find a thing.

So, my suggestions are:

  • Implement a link button of this forum into all your games.

  • Make some usefull function or link to it from the main page of this forum (example: game wiki, map of progression in HD - recap)

  • Or atleast make a locked and pinned topic on Steam Comunnity forum.

  • Or make more competitions and events to attract people.

Ask A Dev: Public Relations and Community questions

There is no helldivers emojis, i think there are some pretty cool things in game that could work


This isn’t possible and not a great idea if we were to migrate or change addresses in the future :frowning:

I can do this for everyone in the hamburger menu. I do not want the front page to get too cluttered and overwhelm users.

In some places I’ve left links to come here, however promoting other communities within a community is often frowned upon and your links can be removed and banned depending on where you are.

At this point I do not think competitions will bring new people in unless there are promotional sales going on in the store. Of course we will do some from time to time, but they are unlikely to be very regular events.


I’ll get onto that.


Useful links in the hamburger menu are done :slight_smile:


Really minor, but; It’s a little annoying that I have to click the actual text of a thread title and not just anywhere on the ‘row’ as the whole row highlights green when hovering over it. Don’t even know if it can be changed :slight_smile:


I’ve tried this in CSS but I was unable to do it. Tim tried to help too, but we couldn’t find a good responsive solution for mobile as well.


Oh well, thanks for trying :slight_smile: I’m sure we can manage anyway


Hey @ForeverAPeon!

I have found a few mistakes in Polish translation on this website.
For example few badges:

  • “Pierwsza flaga” should be “Pierwsze zgłoszenie”
  • “Pierwszy Emoji” should be “Pierwsze Emoji”

“Cakeday” is not translated.

If you need a help with Polish Translation, poke me!


Hmm, not sure about this - I don’t think I handle any of the translations. I assume it’s built in and Discourse use Google Translate or something similar. I’ll have a look around to see if I can do this, but I don’t think I would be able to as it would be hard enough just to navigate :smiley:


Oh! I see, I will jump into English language again.
I thought someone translated it because most of the translated words are perfect, at least dropped a warning with few translation problems :slight_smile:


Discourse are quite good, they may have made their own custom translation, but I certainly can’t take credit for it :frowning:


Same with Czech language :slight_smile: Many many mistakes found. If you want, a can assist.



I’m a bit confused, I did read @Bug_Behemoth’s post, but it still shows me I have something to discover here, It’s annoying any thoughts what could I miss?

Weird bug I guess…


I would suggest to add Liber-Coffee into fast links since we have one room left and Van’s Randomizer is a useful tool for veterans and people seeking for a challenge.



I second this idea :slightly_smiling_face:


Under “Show More” on posts, what does “Make Wiki” option do? Just curious.


I believe this is something to do with hidden replies - check you’ve read ALL the replies, or maximized the replies. Let me know if this solves it!


I’m still missing something… I should ignore it, I guess.
Nothing works. :frowning: