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Clicking this worked for me. Did you try this?


Randomizer is up in the hamburger menu now :slight_smile:


Not sure, I haven’t tried that yet. Maybe we should try it out? :smiley:


I think the link to this forum from the header at the top of the main Arrowheadweb site has vanished (I was using it to get here sometimes)?

I think it had quick links to here, the Arrowhead blog and a couple other things, at the top of the web page. I’ve tried on a couple different web browsers and the links don’t seem to be there anymore?


I can’t find this option, maybe I don’t have enough permissions.


Hmm, not sure then. Keep browsing around and doing what you do. It’s got to be something that we are missing. It’s probably something super obvious, like having a draft reply ready, or maybe something you’ve flagged? I’ll see if I can dig into it and find out.


This one?

It’ a bit finicky sometimes, it depends on the size of your window/screen. At full screen there should be words, but at some point it turns into a hamburger menu on the right hand side. We can get @Wingfrog to contact our website people if there’s a problem with the responsiveness. It may be that we have too many links in it now. I can try taking some out to see if that solves it.


How about letting us link to our forum profile from our Discord profile? Like we can do with Reddit/Steam etc.


You mean letting you put a link in your forum profile here? ^^

I’m not sure how I would do that if there isn’t a setting already available. I’m able to modify the CSS of this site, but I am not sure if I can change the actual content. I can take a look though.


@craiglongstaff I’ve checked the settings here and the max likes per day per users is set to 50. It is also multiplied per trust level, so I think level 4 receive x3 more like allowance. I can’t seem to see any settings which would restrict you to 1 like :confused:


But i wanted to put them all on the same post . . . :grinning:


We have few important pinned topics, but they are still somewhere deep below threads.
I would suggest to make them appear on the top even if activity is very low here, so people can find them easily and they will not die in the dark covered by other topics.

EDIT: Tried to join Helldivers Discord, Invite is invalid. (I’m already on the Helldivers Discord but it should say I’m already in) I’m guessing invite link is not working anymore! You should check that out!


Which invite link was that? The old one or the new (vanity) link?


This one:
From fast links:


Right. That one might not be in use anymore because we have the one I posted above:

My recommendation: out with the old (link)! In with the new (link)!


I have pinned the topics, but pinned topics are up to your individual settings - you can choose whether to keep them on top or let them fall below, as far as I can tell. Correct me if I’m wrong!

2017-12-18 11_36_30-Ask A Dev_ Art Questions - AH General Discussion - Arrowhead Forums

Edit: changed the Discord link now :slight_smile:


It was AFTER I cliecked that View Hidden replies that a couple of posts are behaving the same way for me now. Those where I clicked View Hidden will always show highlighted like there are unread posts.


There is a setting in every user’s individual preferences that makes pinned threads unpin and return to the feed when read.

Could we make this not happen on deafult? (I’ve had to uncheck mine)

I think many will not ever see this setting and the pinned threads will disappear in the bottom for most users. To me a pinned thread we would want to keep in top always for all users, for easy reference and finding it again.


I’ve tested out a couple of badge things and had some issues with it. I don’t know if the rest of you experience unlocking problems too?

I tested flagging a couple of posts (from othe people) in the test thread, to figure out what counted as flagging. But the badge for ‘flagging your first post’ never unlocked for me, so something is odd with it.

Also my stats say 28 days visited but I don’t have the ‘Enthusiast’ badge for ‘10 days visited’.


Yes, I have experienced the same problems. I have invited one of my friends to the forum and he joined, but I didn’t get a badge for inviting user. Finally got it after few days.