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I’ve searched in settings, but I cannot see anywhere which overrides these settings for all users (settings are searchable). Can you @Wingfrog have a look to double check I’m not wrong?


You may not get the badge until a moderator has interacted with your flag and accepted or decline. Just a theory :smiley: I have declined and accepted some of your test flags, so let me know if you get the badge now.


Still no change for me, the flag-badge is still locked as well as the Ethusiast badge. Something I should report to Discord tech support perhaps :slight_smile:


Double check where you flagged “if any topic is in a restricted area it is no longer a candidate for badges. Category must be accessible by ALL users of the forum for it to be badgeable.”


Aha, that’s interesting. Hadn’t seen those specifications.


This “Arrowhead Community” title in the top left corner looks weird. Like it was smashed from both sides :smiley: Was it intended? Have look


Hmm, I wonder if that is only on your particular phone model, or if the logo is just too big. Let me see if I can reproduce it! Thanks for the info!

Edit: It looks squished for me too. I’ll see if I can fix it :slight_smile:

@Vali Does it look better to you now? ^^


It’s now squished for me also. (on mobile)


All good now. Now I can live (and play :video_game: ) in peace.