Funny Glitch: Extract Helldivers in two times

After almost 4500 missions, I encountered for the first time an awesome glitch during the extraction phase.

We were 3 Helldivers, one teammate get on the shutlle, the shuttle left, but the mission didn’t end. The two remaining Helldivers were able to recall the extraction shuttle (with their teammate already aboard!) and then left the planet!

I played with random players, but I sent a message to these guys about this afterwards, and they were like me: “WTF is that, multi-extraction shuttle, first time I see this. LMAO”

How the hell could this have happened?

It’s a little bit complicated to explain with words, so here’s a schematic illustration:

Click on the image to enlarge

Since then, I tried to reproduce the glitch but I didn’t succeed.

If someone manages to reproduce the glitch, let me know!

That sounds quite similar to this (different method / same result, perhaps).

@Tann Congrats! It seems you encountered a super rare bug! Since you’ve played so much and this is the first time you’ve experienced this, I think I can say that you’re probably unlikely to encounter it again with any hope. Please let us know if you do though - if it becomes more regular it’s something we’ll obviously have to look into.

I will edit your post slightly and take away the potential repro steps, because I don’t want people attempting this and breaking the game for others in matchmaking :slight_smile: (I’ll save them in our bug database though, they’re definitely handy to have if we need to investigate further!)

Sorry if I’m using this topic, but I didn’t find the right section, I didn’t see the need to open another topic, and since this post is approaching the topic’s topic. So if this post volates any rule please someone of the staff delete it.

I would like to point out a situation that I don’t know if it is a feature of the game or a bug, but it often happens (in the sense that it is quite common and seen by many, hence my doubt). Sometimes when you destroy an IFV you see the explosion but at the exact point where it was destroyed still there’s another IFV, like a matryoshka, after removing “the first armor”, you need to bomb it the second time to destroy it completely. Is it a game feature or a bug? I’m playing on PlayStation 3 / Vita

Definitely a game feature, IMO. In fact, it’s the same graphic model that when you only immobilize the IFV (destroyed caterpillars, but it can still fire, while being static).

The “matryoshka” difference is that both caterpillars and cannon are destroyed, only the chassis remains. It is harmless, but still can be destroyed.
I’m on PS3 too but I do not encounter this often, though.


By the way, it seems the “Great Eye invisible laser” bug is back, since the New Hell update (it had been fixed in a previous patch)

The player hears the laser sound, but the laser itself is not rendered on the screen. Therefore, the player is downed by an invisible laser ^^
Or it’s the Great Eye’s new secret weapon!

I encountered the bug several times on PS3, since the update. It happens too on PS4, according a PSN friend playing on PS4.