Galactic War 65 Summary

Galactic War 65
Result Victory
War Duration 16 days
Helldiver Regiment Size 19,860
Successful Missions 139,131
Liberated Planets 35,489
Capitals Defended 6/18
Enemy Species Eliminated 3/3
Average Mission Difficulty 5.7
Bugs Killed 31,177,681
Cyborgs Killed 11,659,604
Illuminates Killed 5,585,517
Total Kills 48,422,802
Average Accuracy 45%
Shots Fired 280,840,022
Casualties 1,178,390
Friendly Fire Casualties 289,884
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Galactic Campaign Records

War 66 opened with Cyborgs.

I know this war is already a couple of days old—this is mainly for my own testing purposes. I’m programming an app to format the data for Reddit posts and the Wiki automatically, and I think I’ll start posting results on this official site as well. @ealirendur and I have usually just done it by hand. (@ForeverAPeon by the way, he has a cape but is missing his teacup icon on the site.)

So anyway, I just needed to see how this site does formatting with tables and whatnot.

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You generated this post? It’s perfect man, well done.

Thanks, but not yet! This one was done manually, but the rest will generated. I did this first one myself so I can see what I need to make the program do. But from now on, they’ll be formatted exactly like this one.

When a war is done, I’ll just have to put the numbers in once, and boom, just paste to here, Reddit and the wiki, without worrying about formatting it the same way every time. It’ll still be a tiny bit of manual labor, but not much at all.

I won’t even have to navigate to the sites myself. I’ll just make it link me directly to the “Create a new post” page for each place. lol

@ealirendur @Lein Icon sorted :slight_smile: