Game version 1GB bigger?

My girlfriend snagged Helldivers when it was up for grabs on PSPlus back in Feb 2016. I ended up liking the game so much, I bought it myself so I could play on my PSVita as well. We recently just picked up another PS4Pro for the den, and she moved her account over to that console. The “locked” icon then appeared on Helldivers after the move saying only she owned the game. I know I bought this - I check my purchase history and there is Helldivers. Click it, and it installs…another copy of the game.

So it turns out you guys published it again under another title ID: CUSA-00142 vs CUSA-02945
With my purchase being the “Super Earth Ultimate Edition”…sure whatever.
Save file is different, fine…just need to login and get the save from the server; yet it’s not a complete save, the Encyclopedia is empty.

Here’s my question though. The only difference for this “version” of the game, should be the inclusion of the DLC entitlements. Why the need to republish, and why is this version of the game more than a gig larger than the original release on exactly the same 7.01 patch?

Hi wmxp, I’m sorry I don’t know but it is likely additional language files perhaps even all the international language files.

If you want you can use your GF’s download of the game by keeping your PS as her primary.

I’ve finally managed to look into this – installs for both the title IDs should be identical, since the download sizes are both 5.1GB.
I’m not sure what could have caused the newer install to take up an extra 1GB - maybe there was an issue during installation? If that’s the case, you should be able to get that 1GB back by uninstalling and reinstalling.

As for the republish - it’s a complicated case of how the PS Store manages entitlements.
Trust me when I say that this was likely the simplest way to do it.

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Hey 9.0, it sounds like you have some interesting (to me at least!) insight here.

Are you saying base game is a 5.1GB download or installed size? How are you able to verify this unless you have both games? Would the Pro models get higher rez texture pack in their updates making them larger than base PS4 installs after updates?

Regarding the republish it’s interesting to me because HD is the only game I know of that used per account entitlements for DLC so I am surprised a republish would be required?

Sorry if these are silly or obvious questions!

I was actually mistaken, it is indeed a 5.1 GB download for both titles – I’ve corrected this in my post above.
This information is readily available, you just have to search around with some keywords and the title ID.
It’s a mystery as to why they uncompress to different sizes…

I don’t believe the PS4 Pro downloads a separate package for better textures - maybe someone who has played both on PS4 and PS4 Pro can post some comparison screenshots of the ingame graphics.

It’s more to do with how the DLC is accessed – the Arrowhead Way is to give everyone the actual DLC assets, so that people without the DLC can play with people who have it.
In Helldivers this would be like somebody calling in the REC-6 Demolisher – you can still pick it up and use it if you don’t have the DLC, you just can’t add it to your loadout.

As for the per account entitlement, the fact that they are only usable on one account is displayed clearly in the product descriptions.

The Super-Earth Ultimate Edition is more like a season pass, but bundled with the game.
If you’re asking “Why was it released like this?” then my explanation is either that the 2-in-1 Bundle Purchase functionality was not available on the PS Store at the time, or that the publisher decided that listing a Season Pass separately would hurt sales.

The real mystery here is that indeed the US (and Canada) base version install is 7.17 GB, and the Super-Earth Ultimate Edition install is 8.41 GB, over a gigabyte larger.
In the EU (and Australia) this is 6.99 GB vs 8.22 GB.
The exception to this is in JP, where this is 6.85 GB vs 6.87 GB.
Guess what? The download size for all versions is still 5.1 GB.

This is very true, and my only explanation is that the publisher requested a bigger install size for the DLC-full version, so that people in the west did not become suspicious, or feel like they were being ripped off.
I imagine they would expect someone to say “takes up more space, so must be more content”.
This could easily be achieved by adding easily compressible data like a bunch of zeroes – which would explain why the (compressed) download sizes are identical.
Disclaimer: I am not in any way accusing anyone of doing this, it’s just an idea

Are you not saying the entitlements was the reason for the republish here? This is why I asked wondering if using entitlements was the reason they had to make a new release with all the DLC. I was under the impression the republish of the game was simply the version you could buy with all the DLC.

The download numbers/install sizes you provided do not match up with my original PS4 install/download or that of a friend PS4 Pro. My download and install size were 8.56 GB/8.58 GB. I suspect 5.1GB is the v1.0 of the game you would get on a disk or an original not updated download. On PS4 you download the latest version not base then updates so couldn’t test.

The pro is running 4k via checkerboard rendering (at least according to an interview with gaming bolt). The impact on install size should be minimal as it’s the same assets upscaled. @wmxp implied running both games on a pro so shouldn’t be a factor. That said my friend’s pro install is 9.78 GB, we are in different regions so can’t really directly compare.

The product description of entitlements was never on the agenda. You made a point of mentioning this for some reason.

Having DLC in everyone’s game install as part of the latest game update or part of the core game to be unlocked has been common even from last gen. Usually the addition of worlds/levels which are quite large are separate downloads. The more unique aspect with Helldivers was the DLC entitlements system. This is actually a similar but inferior version of standard DLC license system where any local user has full access to all content purchases by other users. With Helldivers for a second user to have access to the DLC you must have the DLC owner signed in and controller on. You need two controllers and you need them both on while playing. Citing this system as “Arrowheads way to share DLC” is misguided at best or worse disingenuous.

If you want an example of sharing DLC Overcooked 2 (another excellent 4player coop) shares all purchased DLC with other online and local players.

I don’t think the larger install size is padding, I hope it isn’t that would be sad…

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The 0.02 GB difference is very strange…
What did you use to track the download size?
If you’re using the Downloads page I wonder if the PS4 just eyeballs the uncompressed size and writes “out of 8.56 GB” instead of “out of 5.1 GB”, to avoid confusing players.
I know that the PS4 would not actually download the files uncompressed – that would be bad for both Sony and the end user, especially since the download rate is limited.

According to my data, version 6.0 should be a 4.7 GB download, so I don’t think that 5.1 GB is for version 1.0

Yeah I found the same gamingbolt interview here ( and it doesn’t seem like it’s a separate edition of the game just for PS4 Pro.

That’s completely unexpected - maybe it’s also counting screenshots and videos? At this point I’m at a loss.

It was a direct reply to this:

And this was my response:

Yes this is it - the Super-Earth Ultimate Edition includes an entitlement for almost all the DLC.

Oh wow, I never realised that this was the case – this is what I get for not sharing a PS4 hah
Looking around at random DLC it is very common for the store page to have the phrase “Sign in to PlayStation Network is not required to use this on your primary PS4”

Yeah, I didn’t actually know that this was not normal for DLC – the store page does outline Helldivers DLC as “For use by purchasing account only.” and “Purchasing account will be required to log in to PlayStation®Network to use this download.” on the store page.

And by the way, there are two types of “access” that we are talking about.
With weapons as an example, one level of access is to be able to add something to your loadout and call it in, the other level of access is to be able to actually use it in battle.
Arrowhead has never restricted the second type of access, which is what I meant by “the Arrowhead Way”.

I can see how it could be misinterpreted in the local co-op sense, I only meant to highlight that all DLC assets have always been installed to the base game in Arrowhead games.

And I especially did not intend for it to read as if Arrowhead invented this, but rather that (the online aspect of sharing DLC) is how Arrowhead has always done it.

I probably should have mentioned the example of how it was in Magicka, where only the host needed to buy the DLC for a map, and up to three other wizards could join even if they just owned the base game.

Yeah it’s just a theory, but it only holds water if the download sizes are in fact 5.1 GB, which I’m starting to doubt, since even compressing my PC install into a RAR archive, the size only goes from 6.4 GB to ~5.5 GB.
Besides, the padding would then be identical for all players, but it seems like it’s actually something else.

I was using the console UI, I didn’t consider it might be misrepresenting the download size. I downloaded again and monitored at the router level, 7550 MB, ~1GB smaller than reported by the UI. Install size is the game and its updates only, screenshots and videos are not part of the count. I don’t know why my friends install is much larger, I haven’t asked what their download size is like.

So my questions stemmed from your comment regarding the entitlements being the need for the republish.

You presented with insight to the reason for the “forced republish” my question came from the thinking the entitlements system was simpler (there for my surprise) as it is a per account system and inviting you to explain if/why this system required it.

Again you bring up the product pages description but I don’t see the relevance? It gives me the sense you are taking a defensive position, not sure why as nobody is under attack.

Arrowhead’s history of sharing DLC or their ideology is not something I was ever trying to talk about, I wanted to understand if the entitlement system forced a republish.

I see where you are coming from, Arrowheads Magica DLC approach, but if you compare then this is surely a more cut down version of DLC sharing that would perhaps be better not highlighted as the Arrowhead way.

Even if you are not sharing a console, if you want to make a second account you either need to buy the DLC again or have your original account with the DLC signed in and controller on. Playing this game without the DLC in a post DLC world is not as fun trust me I have played all 3 ways ways for long enough.

Edited statement on DLC to better reflect my views and feelings.

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Ah, I didn’t know you were specifically asking about the per-account system, I thought you were asking why there were two versions of the game on the store.
My only explanation is that it wasn’t easy at the time to make a store bundle which has a “season pass” included as well as the base game.

Yeah that sounds like a pain.

Yeah, that’s really puzzling…
I’m starting to think that the 5.1 GB are in fact patch files, but that would go against what you said regarding downloading the latest version instead of base+patches.

Are you able to monitor how many URLs are downloaded?
If my theory is correct, there should be two URLs for the two pieces of the 5.1 GB patch, and I suppose another URL for the base game.

I wonder if the base game files are kept with the install. If so, this theory might hold water:
Helldivers came out March 3rd 2015.
Then we had two expansions: Turning Up The Heat (May 12th 2015) and Masters of the Galaxy (July 7th 2015)
After that, the Super-Earth Ultimate Edition, came out on August 18th 2015.

Could it be that the base game for the Super-Earth Ultimate Edition includes these two expansions, and that’s why the install is ~1 GB larger?
The patch for 7.01 is the same, since it can be applied equally to both base versions (the file structure is the same)
If the PS4 does keep the base version on disk in case of emergencies or corruption, then…
Since the base version has ~1 GB more content, the install is ~1 GB larger.

I haven’t got it setup to monitor URLS but there are two distinct segments to the download, ~3.2GB and ~4.5gb.

DLC expansions were available to all players so I don’t think this would cause a change in size, the only difference should be entitlements.

This is posted in ask a dev and I think a dev is probably the best placed to answer these questions.

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Looks like something has changed, that doesn’t quite add up to 7550MB…

I meant, if you were to pack a base version at release, and then pack a separate, updated, heavier base version for the re-publish, it would explain the difference.

Indeed, and it doesn’t make sense for that to take up a gigabyte.


Yeah that second part should have read 4.5 GB, edited above now.

I understand your point but even if it was like you said at the end it will all be updated with the same content so no reason for the file size difference.

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Yeah this is the only part that bothers me - why would the PS4 store a copy of the base game version?
It would explain the size difference, but I can’t find the reasoning for it, and I certainly can’t find anything about this online…

Hopefully we can get a dev to comment :)

Odds are in, slim and none.

So I bought the game again but on disk. It comes with all DLC bar the all terrain boots, precision call in, missile barrage and sledge. v1.0 4.25 GB updated to v7.01 it’s 9.78 GB. This is more than “1GB bigger” than the base game with all the DLC purchased separately via PSN at 8.58 GB.

Edited to include all the DLC that is not on disk for accuracy.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

I have managed to obtain information about the base installation sizes for the EU region Helldivers, and made a conclusion which supports your data:
Super Earth Ultimate Edition is 4.25 GB.
Base game is 3.05 GB.

Adding the patch size of 5.53 GB to both: (5.1 was the gigibyte size, not gigabyte)
Super Earth Ultimate Edition would become 9.78 GB
Base game would become 8.58 GB

I think this affirms my theory that the base game is kept intact on disk alongside the patch.

While the original post complained of this issue in US, I am sure that the same principal applies.

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No sacrifice made, I have enjoyed 5+ years made many new friends… It shouldn’t have taken this long to get a physical copy :slight_smile:

This seems to be a valid solution given how the PS4 dumps the entire disk to the HDD. Good detective work :+1:t2:

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