Games that are 40+ hours long

In these hard times, we thought we could lend a hand by giving you list of what our devs thought to be some of the best games that are 40+ hours long. :blush: We are all stressed and bored, so hopefully you can try one of these out and they will help you escape!
Lets continue the discussion, and if anyone has any other suggestions feel free to list them.
Let’s help each other out! :blue_heart:

Our list:

  • Knights of the old republic

  • Everything Pokemon!

  • Earthbound

  • Skyrim

  • The Witcher III

  • Shenmue I & II

  • Death Stranding

  • Baldurs Gate 2

  • Breath of the Wild, Dark Souls Series

  • Assassin’s Creed Origins


Hope you guys and the community are doing okay? :heart:

  • Minecraft
  • Guild Wars 2 (base game is fine) New expansion announced aswell!
  • Stracraft II (GSL is live very soon I think! Greatest show on earth)

YOPG (who for whatever reason renamed himself to something different on Steam) has 2,122 hours in Helldivers.

So his advice while sheltering from the global pandemic would be:
> Play Mohr Helldivers!



Hey! I hope you are doing well, stay safe everyone!
My List:


Pretty much the same list almost:

  • Supreme Commander 2

  • Company of Heroes 2

  • Endless Space 2

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Here are a few of my recommendations good for 40+ or even 100+ hours

PC or PS4 / Switch

  • Helldivers
  • Gauntlet
  • The Witcher (1, 2, or 3)
  • Tomb Raider (Reboot, Rise, or Shadow)
  • Nex Machina
  • Flat Heroes
  • Civilization VI
  • Steamworld Heist
  • Burnout Paradise
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Dark Souls / Nioh
  • Monster Hunter World

PC Only

  • Age of Empires (1, 2, or 3)
  • Age of Mythology

PS4 Only

  • Dreams
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • God of War
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man
  • Uncharted Trilogy, Uncharted 4, and The Lost Legacy
  • Fat Princess Adventures
  • PixelJunk Shooter - Ultimate
  • inFamous Second Son
  • Bloodborne


  • Beat Saber | Also on PC VR
  • Firewall Zero Hour

Switch Only

  • Super Mario Maker 2
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild
  • The Legend of Zelda - Link’s Awakening
  • Donkey Kong Country - Tropical Freeze
  • Mario + Rabbids : Kingdom Battle

There are many many more. I could list some for Xbox as well. Never any shortage of great games on any system really.


Oh lawdy I used to play supcom2 multiplayer god it was so good, no idea about the campaign. Still yet to play CoH 1 or 2 but I will get around to it eventually I have heard incredibly good things about them.

Not sure how long Minecraft Dungeons is but I was super enjoying it up until I started pretty much having to max out my gear for better power level. I mean its still fun kinda but not as much as having the enchantment; cowardice and a maxed out rapid fire crossbow moooohooohahahahaha :smiley:

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I’ve been enjoying Minecraft Dungeons with my family since it released. It is a really fun co-op game that is very easy to start but then you start to get deeper into trying different weapons and enchantment combos, having roles within the team, and fighting against increasing difficulty the game keeps offering by leveling up enemies and types of enemies you encounter as you level up to keep things engaging. At least up to where we are. There are also secrets to discover so exploring when replaying a map is rewarded and it is nice that the maps are different each time we play even if they have some common elements and themes.

The big issue with Minecraft Dungeons is that it has a very high rate of game crashing with Blue Screen report error incidents on PS4 when playing local co-op. Especially when playing Soggy Swamp level.

The other, perhaps bigger issue, is that crashes and even just controller disconnecting can cause the game to over write the players existing save file when they try to re-join, thus resetting them to level 1.

From what I see on their support site, issues like this or even worse are present for Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch versions of game.

So great game, but be warned of current frustrating issues.

After my wife got reset to level 1, rest of us were level 30+, but my family still wanted to play more rather than wait for patches. We just started taking USB backups of the save files after each play session (for all 4 players since PS+ only covers my account). Since started taking backups, one of my daughters had a roll-back incident (after reset to level 1) so she is 5 levels behind me and my other daughter, and my wife is catching up steadily but about 15 levels behind still. Fortunately the Gear levels for all of us are about even now, and in this game the character level isn’t the major factor effecting team balance. It is really all about the Gear levels and the game is smart about giving lower level characters higher level gears and higher level characters lower level gear to keep the balance.

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I only just bought the Witcher 3 bye errybody seeya next year :stuck_out_tongue: Havent played a Witcher game since the first one and boi was the combat in that a bit wonky… And I remember the laughable boob physics like a water bed. God damnit CDPR.

In the last 3 months, my most played game is Remnant: From the Ashes

It is a souls-like game with guns and ideal for up to 3 players co-op. Since I started playing it, I have 100+ hours on PS4 and close to 40 hours on Epic / Steam. The game has cross-play between Epic and Steam.

Highly recommend this game, especially with its two very meaningful DLC expansions.

  • Swamps of Corsus added Corsus Adventure and Survival Mode
  • Subject 2923 added 2nd Campaign and Reisum Adventure

Basically any mmorpg. Looks like Riot want a slice of the mmorpg pie as well.

Deep Rock Galactic (Helldivers with dwarves¿)


ARK: Survival Evolved is pretty noice

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I started playing Ghost of Tsushima Legends (online co-op mode for 2-4 players) a couple of weeks back and have now started playing the single player campaign as well.

Excellent game for both co-op and single player. I have probably already spent 20+ hours in the online mode and 5+ hours in single player. It is easily a 40+ hour game.