Games you are keenly anticipating and enjoying/enjoyed?

Priorities on my wishlist: Survived By, BIOMUTANT, Riverbond, and of course TUNIC. Im also super glad Spiderman did well and look forward to superb reviews for AC Odyssey and BF V. Games that are up in the air as not really enough info about them has been released yet: Definetly Arrowhead’s new game, Torchlight Frontiers, Minecraft Dungeons, and possibly maybe WoW Classic…

The games i’m most looking forward to are:
The Hong Kong Massacre.
My Friend Pedro.

And the one i’m currently enjoying:
Dead Cells.

Indies for the win once again :fist: :metal: :+1:

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I’ve been really enjoying Exanima for a few years now. I’m always coming back to it. If you’re a medieval combat fanatic, do yourself a favor and check it out. There’s nothing like it. It’s on Steam, but $5 cheaper on the main site, “”, home of Sui Generis. Exanima is a prequel to Sui Generis, which is going to be an open world RPG that’ll take the indie world by storm. I can’t begin to explain the magnitude of these games other than just dropping my Exanima review in here.

Other than that…

Keenly anticipating: Next version of Starsector, Ground Branch, Arrowhead’s next game, and Risk of Rain 2

Keenly enjoying: Helldivers, Gauntlet, and Nuclear Throne.

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I have started playing many good games this summer. I bought The Division and I’m really enjoying it. Even though it’s not that popular, as it was 2 years ago…

Other games that I bought recently and enjoy playing:

Rainbow Six Siege
Two Point Hospital
AC Odyssey
Life is Strange 2

But I was very diassapointed, when I bought Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It’s one of the worst games I have played in my life. I’m from Czech republic and KCD is Bohemian (slavic) based game. Czechs have beautiful madeival history, nature and potential. But KCD haven’t used any of it. Just buggy glitchy unrealistic piece of garbage :frowning:

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I play mostly games by teeny, tiny dev teams.

-Synthetik: Explosive overhead twin-stick roguelite that’s great on kbl/m but never quite seems to get there in controller support (work in progress). Pretty fun 2-player online co-op, but I wish they’d have some mix of actual mission objectives. This (I have over 100 hours in it) and 10Ton’s Neonchrome are probably my favorite twin-stick shooters on PC after Helldivers.

(2-man German dev team; decent Steam sales allowed them to hire a third – I tried to get the Synthetik devs and Arrowhead folks to meet each other at Gamescom, but didn’t quite happen)

-Door Kickers: Action Squad (pixelized side-scrolling retro blaster that’s fun, but maybe a bit lacking in long term replayability, but they have a level editor just out that may help). Introduced a new optional “Halloween mode” with monster portals, zombies, Halloween-theme redecorated levels etc. I thought zombies would be a gimmicky addition but it really makes the game more fun and challenging, plus you get terrorists and zombies battling each other too. :smiley:

-Bad North (PC): “minimalist” medieval/vikings squad RTS with procedurally generated islands you defend – launched on Switch and consoles first, and currently PC version’s a Discord Store exclusive (to the wrath of everyone on Steam) that I’m very much enjoying). A must if you grew up playing with toy soldiers. :slight_smile: fwiw, the Discord PC games Store offers the same refund policy that Steam does (up to 2 weeks ownership, up to 2 hours gameplay).

BN’s Swedish dev team is technically two devs plus a music/audio guy. :slight_smile:

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Shenmue III is the game I look most forward to! Massive fan of I & II and pushed in a lot of dough into the Kickstarter, can’t wait for the series to continue after 18 years :smiley:

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Haha my post did not age well; I listed several games and have not played one of them I guess most of them are still not out yet but still.

2019 updated: Got my first apex win. Was lit teamwork until the end where I was downed and crawling around crying like a baby while my team mate a player named EmilyCleansup took out a whole squad by themselves to win us the match! I have now stopped playing it to catch up on other titles. Like Mutatn Year Zero, great game, just like xcom not that I have played that though. I also played some Tyranny fantatsic story even if you are the bad guys, a shame about not being able to meaningfully allocate and prioritise skills though. Ive also played some great games of Golf With Your Friends with friends. Its a mini golf game very good imo. I also just bought Waves2 and am keen to hook into this little indie twin stick shooter.
Well thats it for me what about you guys??

The only thing on my mind in 2019, which has been the same every year since 2001, is Shenmue 3! Finally getting to play the sequel to my favorite game, and getting the continuation of Shenmue 2:s massive cliffhanger ending after 18 years of waiting is still a mind blowing idea every time I think of it, which I do more or less daily.

Except for that, I think Days Gone could be pretty cool, Sony’s been keeping that one cooking for so many years now it kinda feels it has to be worth the wait in some way.

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I’m waiting impatiently for a Warcraft III remake, “reforged” It’s been my favorite RTS game after Warcraft II since I remember. It’s been over 15 years and I’m still refreshing my memory by playing the whole campaign at the hard difficulty every year or two.


Yeah, the Warcraft 3 Remake is gonna be awesome, I remember looking forward to that one for years, even had a picture of the Dwarf Hunter-artwork hanging in my locker in school to hype it every day xD

Hopefully god sales of the remake could (maaaybe) motivate looking into a Warcraft 4 somewhere down the road for Blizzard.


If there will be anything like Warcraft 4, it will be on phones ;D

Haha, let’s hope not! Although, at this point, I’d take anything tbh xD
Would be kind of cool if they ported some of the WC-games to say Ipad pro or something though!

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I’ve put a fair amount of hours (13 or so) into the 3rd person The Division 2, now set in Washington DC instead of New York. Though i still find the game ultimately repetitive – shoot, frag, gadget, loot, against enemies who basically want to flank you and have really no other tactic – and with the limitation to human enemies, there simply isn’t the kind of AI behavior and type variety that I crave. The launch has been about a thousand times smoother than the first game’s launch.

While the co-op instances are fun enough, I’ll always go on record as saying overhead/isometric twin stick shooters in co-op seem far more genuinely friendly. All people wanna do in either Division game is “use” you to get through a co-op instance and then they just as soon never play with you again. I find the PC chat window poorly designed; the chat should be in its own window as any mmorpg allows – Division games just throws them in with flooded notifications.

I still think the PC version suffers from being a console port in terms of how controls, inventory and chat are handled. Too much stuff you should be able to quickly handle with a mouse, you’re using numerous key presses and spacebar taps instead.

Some new gadgets are fun, including a couple types of drones and a chemical gun. More interesting shield options now, although they dropped the portable drop-shield cover from Div 1. New abilities to manually target with your gadgets (to attack foes or aid friend, or ‘self-deploy’ on yourself) are useful.

While I like it overall, the Snowdrop Game Engine just causes me severe nausea and motion sickness issues, despite adjusting various video settings (including Depth of Field, which causes motion blur). I can get maybe an hour in before this nausea kicks in, and it also makes me feel bad for hours the next day. I’m not sure I’ll put much more time into it, I can’t afford for a game to make me feel bad this long physically. When you reach L30, class options are available.

I’m not the only one – if you search on it, lots of players have nausea issues with both Division 2 and Bioware’s Anthem. Div2 has no Field of View (FOV) setting, so that’s not something we can try to tweak (unless maybe there’s a dev console setting).

This is part of my dismay with Arrowhead going 3rd person on its next game. If I can’t play their new game without this type of nausea issue, I’ll probably skip it altogether. :frowning:

I’m looking forward to testament