Gamescom 2019

Gamescom is one week away, does anyone have any speculations about what might happen? Anything exciting you guys are waiting for that you already know about? Perhaps a reveal unlike no other?! :exploding_head:

One thing is for sure, the opening Kojima live show is something people can’t stop talking about! :star_struck:


Sure, I have a speculation.

We’re finally going to see some story for Testament aren’t we.


Testament and BIOMUTANT baby here we goooooo!

Kojima? Meh.

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Sony’s apparently to have a big presence there, and some surprise (i.e., not revealed yet) game announcements are promised at Gamescom in general.

But that said, unless Sony’s announcing PlayStation 5 itself there, I would assume that if Testament (or whatever) is a PS5 launch title, it wouldn’t be announced until the platform itself was announced. :slight_smile: Otherwise, it’s putting the cart before the horse. :unicorn:

I’m strictly a PC gamer these days and mostly playing smaller indie titles. Indy devs will be at Gamescom, but I’m sure all the videogaming news coverage will be hyperventilating over AAA game sequels (Gears of War et al).

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