Gauntlet Discord Server



Morning/Afternoon Helldivers/Gauntlet Heroes, wherever you are. Since May 12nd, 2017, we’ve been running a professional Gauntlet Discord server with many interesting and cool features: many roles based on your in-game knowledge/skill/successfully finished challenges hosted by moderators or just being an active Gauntlet member.

We are normal gamers like you. Our main goal is to maintain a home especially for Gauntlet™ veterans, but new and/or casual players will find a friendly, helpful environment to grow on, be recognized by, or just to have fun! Every month we run special events with new roles as a reward, it’s permanent!

Our Gauntlet Discord server is easily the most active community for the game,.and we have 4 friendly and experienced moderators, custom emojis, and even the Gauntlet support developers* have joined. The server is updated regularly every week or so with new features and roles. We do own music bot and voice channels along with the LFG. We also listen to the community and every honest opinion is noted.

* Don’t tag any of the Developers! If you have any question, ask one of the available moderators.

If you are an active Gauntlet player looking for people to play with or just to talk about your favorite game, Gauntlet. Join today, link below:
Gauntlet Discord Server