Gauntlet Long Live the King - Discord Trial

Campaign Trial: Long Live the King
Class: Any
Weapons: ALL
Relic: No duplicate relics allowed
Talisman (Potion): Not allowed
Map: Breeding Ground (Hard)
Target/Aim of the event: • Have an enemy spawn wearing a crown in the first room that enemies can spawn in. That enemy is now your new friend! • Keep the crown on your new friend’s head and keep them with you until you finish the level.

Special Restrictions: • If you don’t find an enemy wearing the crown in the first room, retry the level. Using the “retry” option makes a crown enemy much more likely to spawn in the first room. • There should be no walls between friends! If your new friend gets locked outside of the room you’re in, the challenge is failed. • 1st Terms & Disqualifies from Challenges apply (No exploits).

Reward: @King's Guard

To participate and for more information join the Official Gauntlet Discord.

This trial is really fun!
Bellow you can see this trial played and win!