Gauntlet Revisited?

To any Arrowhead Employee reading,

I am writing from Santa Barbara, CA.

I just stumbled upon these forums after completing the entire Gauntlet Story on Hard. I know, you can imagine how fulfilled I am after the final level (I literally just beat it after 7 attempts)

My only question is: Arrowhead, are you working on another iteration of Gauntlet?

If so, can I be a tester?

If not, what the Hell are you doing with your time???

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Hello from across the pond! Congrats on completing hard mode. I guess 7 is really a lucky number :smiley:
Sadly we aren’t planning on doing anything else with the Gauntlet IP. Warner Bros actually own the IP, so in theory we would have to negotiate another contract with them before we could actually do anything, but the trusth is we are far to busy on other projects to revisit Gauntlet.

If not, what the Hell are you doing with your time???

This, Sir, is the golden question. :boom: :partying_face: :interrobang:

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There’s been a lot of talk of companies wanting to buy WB Games Division recently; Microsoft and EA to name a few.