Gauntlet: Slayer Edition released on PlayStation



In August 2015, Gauntlet: Slayer Edition was released on PS4. To match the PS4 release, Gauntlet for PC was also revamped and improved. For those of you who already own Gauntlet on PC, simply login to Steam to upgrade your version to the Slayer Edition.

If you want to read up more on the changes to Gauntlet check out the three part blog post on the art, design and enemies.


Bought it on PS store for PS4 but game crashes after a couple seconds in game. It’s not playable at all at the moment. I couldn’t even see the first room in the first stage. Tried deleting an reloading/installing but it keeps on crashing. Error logs has been submitted.

Is there any chance of a fix in the near future?


It’s totally dependent on Warner Bros, as the Arrowhead development on the game ended a couple of years ago. Warner Bros’ support page can be found here, where you can send in a ticket.