Gauntlet™ - [Solo] Cathedral of the Flame (Hard) (No Damage) (Elf)


I had a run that looked cleaner than this one, but since I ended up taking a tiny bit of damage in it, I decided to upload this one instead.

I started playing the game about a month ago (October 17 2018) and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Elf was the first character I played as and he (along with Wizard) has been my favorite character since.

Gauntlet™ - Solo Challenge Videos

Nice! You can share the video on the Official Gauntlet Discord for a special role. :slight_smile:


Huh, I had NO idea mortar blast could work that way (point-blank) :sunglasses:


Yeah I didn’t even know that until someone just gave it to me after the fact. xD

I just discovered it accidentally about a week ago. Very useful for taking out spawners quickly.


For sure. I just think of all the times I’ve spent backing away from targets to try to get enough separation to use the mortar power. :dizzy_face:


Just as a note though (and you may already know this), but the point blank thing only works on spawners I think.* Anything else as far as enemies go, and it’ll just lob over it.

You can, however, blast it point blank against a wall and have it rain down on enemies near you. Sometimes it’ll just dissolve in the air without raining down though. I don’t really know what determines that yet.

* Edit: Ooh, ok, so I was playing around with it a bit, and I was kind of wrong about the first part. You can use the lob shot point blank on other enemies as well. It just won’t explode off of them. It’ll go through them and they’ll take the full damage, but the shot itself will still continue to its destination.


Please link me to the Official Gauntlet Discord :sunglasses: