Gauntlet Support

Hello, do you do any support for the PS4 Slayer Gauntlet game? I’ve played it off and on since it came out but just this year as a family we decided to try and get the platinum. My kids and wife love it! My problem is that it freezes ALL the time. All we can really play is the first 18-19 levels on Endless mode. We got to the 3rd level on the hard campaign mode thing and it crashes EVERY time after we complete it so I can’t get to a platinum this way. It’s really frustrating. We love the game but we can’t move forward at this point. I have 4 PS4’s and my wife’s also crashed after just installing it. I read dozens of posts where this is apparently common but I never saw a fix anywhere. Can you offer any help?? Thanks so much.

Hey Ron,

I’m super, super sorry to hear that you are experiencing this crash :frowning: We are aware that a number of people experience it, but since development on Gauntlet ended a few years ago it is up to Warner Bros support to fix. We can’t go into the game code, change or update anything without an active contract with them so there’s little we can do at this point apart from pass on information that players are still experiencing this and see if they can do anything.