Gauntlet The Art of Barrel Defense - Discord Trial

Campaign Trial: The Art of Barrel Defense.
Class: Any (2 or 4 heroes)
Weapon: Any.
Relic: No duplicates relics allowed on the same team.
Talisman (Potion): Any.
Maps: Queen champers, Monastery of flames (Hard).
Target/Aim of the event: • One (2-player) or two (4-player) teams must carry a barrel and reach the end of each map in a single run without detonating them, while the other team attacks enemies. • After clearing the first map, players will rotate bearer/attacker teams/roles and move to the next map without any other changes.

Special Restrictions: • Both maps must be done back-to-back, in any order. • Detonation at any point means failure and must be restarted from the first map. • Players can only start killing enemies once the barrel(s) are picked up. • Players must not switch classes or equipment between maps. • Bearers must not drop or throw the barrel. If your barrel dropped from enemy contact without detonation, it must be picked up.

Reward: @Cask Knight

To participate and for more information join the Official Gauntlet Discord.

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This trial require at least 2 players.
One player that hold the barrel and one other that protect this barrel holder.
Lot of heroes did this trial but there was a crazy guy that did this trial solo! LOL
Give this guy a MEDAL!