Gauntlet THE PEACEMONGER - Discord Trial

Class: ALL.
Weapon: ALL.
Relic: No two members in the same group may have the same relic.
Talisman (Potion): None.
Target/Aim of the event: Finish the map with 1 kill.
Campaign Difficulty: Hard.

Maps: • The Throne Room. • The Beast’s Lair. • Heart of the Gauntlet.

Special Restrictions: • Level must be finished with exactly 1 kill (Or finish it with a clean skull coin bar in Heart of the Gauntlet, watch your skull coin bar. It should never increase (There should be no red on the bar at all!). • No deaths among any party members. • 1st Terms & Disqualifies from Challenges apply (No exploits). • Kills from failed attempts will remain on the counter until the game is exited to the map. Retry does not reset the counter .

• 1st Boss @Heartbroken.
• 2nd Boss @Clean Hands.
• 3nd Boss @Tearful Pacifist.
• All 3 Boss @Peacemonger (Replaces all 3 roles).

To participate and for more information join the Official Gauntlet Discord.


Server first Peacemonger!
Morak is a pain but he did great!