Gauntlet The Return of the Laziest Hero - Discord Trial

Endless Trial: The Return of the Laziest Hero II

Hard modes:
Curse Skull Coin
•Protectors cannot use skull coins to revive.

Curse Crown
•If the crown jumps to “The Lazy” then he has to stop move, but if the crown jumps to a protector he becomes “The Lazy” (if he dies while having the crown, the trial is failed).

Curse Gold
•Lazy hero must not pick up any gold from the ground and protectors can not pick up any gold from dead heroes!

Curse Lazy
•Two Lazy heroes! Lazy cannot be Thor or Thyra

Class: All
Players: 2-4
Weapon: All
Relic: All
Talisman (Potion): All

Target/Aim of the Pre-Quest:
• Choose one player to be Lazy. Each remaining player will be a Protector.
• Finish an unfair portal (floor 37+) without the Lazy hero dying.

Special Restrictions:
• The Lazy hero may only use basic movement and purchase items; however, while wearing the crown, the Lazy hero’s abilities are unrestricted!
• 1st Terms & Disqualifies from Challenges apply (No exploits).

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Video proof of heroes complete these trials :wink:

Curse Skull Coin

Curse Crown

Curse Gold

Curse Lazy