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I’m revisiting this. Fun. At least for Elf and Valkyrie for me. Though I can’t on kb/mouse get the hang of the “bomb attached to arrow” attack. I still don’t grasp the Wizard type’s controls in particular, and for some reason the Warrior was never my thing.

But. How in the name of Super Earth was any player ever supposed to solo the Colliseum? Seems Patently Impossible. :sob: Now I remember why I never had a cape. I can’t get Valkyrie through even the first round of the arena. I can get Elf through the Spider Boss – the roll/dodge is constant lifesaver – but after that just gets overwhelmed.

Also, now I’m wondering if the idea for Helldivers’ Retaliatory Strike missions/maps came from Gauntlet’s Coliseum – or maybe the ideas came about around the same time, as here:

And I hate trap rooms. I believe this room is what I would encounter in HELL as some sort of welcome gift. :sob:

*I think I can roll around on this with Elf, but Valkyrie’s dash just isn’t fast enough to avoid getting spiked repeatedly.


Just keep moving, never step twice on the same place… and you won’t be ever spiked :slight_smile:


Don’t worry @BlackjackGT,
I will carry like last time haha! :slight_smile:
We need to finish Hard Difficulty, make sure to invite me when you want to play Gauntlet again.


Had some rollicking 4-player co-op games tonight. While it’s tough to matchmake on other days, didn’t seem to have trouble tonight. :slight_smile:

I enjoy Warrior more than I remembered. Kinda get forced into it a lot in full groups cause other folks usually already have dibs on Valkyrie and Elf. I snuck back into Valkyrie when one player left.

*Obviously, with Arrowhead no longer involved (a shame, I will always say; I wonder what Arrowhead would’ve added, improved or gifted to players if they’d been allowed to stay on the project), this is moot – but I would’ve loved some option to have a “tracking beam” from the sky on me during heavy combat, esp. in full co-op group.

It gets especially difficult to pick out your character when other players are casting all manner of summoned friendlies. In fact at times I find myself mistakenly attacking those. :joy:


If anyone remembers the campaign finale, can anyone give me a clue on how to even dent Mr. Invincible Boss (Morak)? I mean it seems impossible to damage him consistently. I occasionally see “boss health meter” display, but it’s just not clear to me what I’m doing to damage him. Something I’m doing works sometimes, but I can’t understand what that is.

I just have no clue what to do, or what I’m even trying to accomplish. :dizzy_face: He just keeps spawning minions for eternity, and a lousy turkey piece once in a while.

I can run around for a half hour battling his minions but it seems patently impossible to damage him consistently when I don’t know what to do. What are you supposed to do??? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You can put the answer in spoiler codes if you want. I’m skimming the Steam game guides to see if anyone ever posted tips.


@BlackjackGT invite me and i will show you.


We didn’t quite make it. :grin:

However, the dynamic duo of YOPG the Warrior and BlackjackGT the Valkyrie did manage to succeed at the Coliseum – not without a fair share of dying on my part – and unlock some capes. :sunglasses::tada:

  • I demurred to YOPG whenever we only had one Skull Coin (revive) left cause he’s better at this, so I figured our survival odds would be better. :slight_smile:
  • Late in this is when using the Valk’s shield to sort of “bide time” and survive finally clicked for me (6 minute mark or so).
  • As much as I love the Captain America-ish shield toss, the Halberd spin attack has seemed almost a requirement for the tougher difficulty stuff in Gauntlet (for me anyway).


We finally offed the campaign end boss on Easy, though we’ve found only our Warrior (YOPG) and Valkyrie (me) duo seems to work:


Now we need to try Medium Diff Morak and later we should try Hard.

EDIT: Okay so we tried Hard Diff Morak with Miki (Vet Helldiver) and we failed about 20 times, we tried everything.


Just made a review for Gauntlet!
If you are interested, you should check this out. I tried my best, link below.


Cool. I’ve had way more fun with Slayer edition on this return visit. I think my old Steam review was based off the original release, which is different in so many ways than Slayer edition. Some “purists” do prefer the original release form of the game, but for me this Slayer version is more fun while remaining quite challenging.

It’s interesting how in most pickup games everyone is so greedy on gold and ‘meat’ health, and when playing with folks I know, we tend to be almost mathematically careful about divvying those things up. Or in YOPG’s case letting me Pac-Man gobble the gold if he sees he has a much higher gold count than me. :slight_smile:


What is the difference between Slayer Edition and regular Gauntlet? As I see… I can’t even buy normal Gauntlet from Steam. How’s that? I’m pretty confused. Because in other games, bonus editions always offer sth new. Or just includes few (or all) DLCs.


Slayer edition was not DLC - it was Arrowhead’s complete revamp of the 2014 release, I think in response to player feedback. My understanding is savegames between the two aren’t compatible due to the extensive changes.

Gamepedia wiki details the original 2014 Gauntlet release:

The masteries system—which I’d call a sort of hybrid between an achievement system and a passive skills/bonuses/“chance to X” system was dropped for Slayer, I assume for simplicity:

The wiki’s Realms page explains a bit the ‘hub’ of the original edition vs. Slayer’s changes to that:

This Steam game guide details the differences between versions:

I found the original release too difficult for my tastes and the masteries system a bit tough to grasp. The original 2014 release version has its hard core fans, who apparently figure out ways to still play it, though I’ve ultimately found Slayer edition more to my liking.


Helldivers pal Ruin N Gaun and I teamed with someone from the Steam Gauntlet forum (A-Pollo) who had lamented the lack of players for Coliseum runs, for some rollicking Coliseum sessions last night. A couple were successful. :sunglasses:

NOTE: This is a 1080rez video, so if it defaults to 360dpi, click the player’s ‘gear icon’ and change it. :grin:

One question: When the spawner tower is generating a “frost field,” does that damage us players, or does it just slow us? Little difficult to discern in the heat of battle. :thinking:


Testing some GIF Stuff:

Valkyrie Halbert Attack

Embed version is too slow, which frustrates me about gfycat. :thinking: Looks better at its main site:


I was the Level Designer on Gauntlet, and… you’re welcome. :grimacing:


I defeated Morak at home on Hard after many, many, many tries. I did it by lying dead on the floor while a random master Wizard soloed him for me, so no strats from me I’m aftraid. Thanks to whoever that Wizard was. :slight_smile:


These two blogs posts are from around the time, and details what was the differences in the basic Gauntlet edition and Gauntlet: Slayer Edition. And why we made the changes.

Slayer Edition was made when we had the change to revamp and further develop the game before the PS release, and it was ofc also updated for Steam players for free.

The second post has even more details:


After many sleepless nights we finally made it! Morak is not a problem but, mage cultists that snipe you down far away from you, we panic and die.


I’m playing Wizard now as well. Managed to get to the 41st floor and died with 1300 kills. I’m learning pretty fast. Only 50 hours played.

I’m wondering why I have unlocked almost every DLC in Gauntlet but no Lilith DLC. Was the key supposed to unlock every DLC or some of them were for free? If it was supposed to unlock Lilith DLC as well, It didn’t :sob::sob: @Wingfrog @ForeverAPeon


afik, the only paid DLC ever released for Gauntlet was/is the Lilith Necromancer DLC Pack, which remains $4.99 on Steam (dunno on PS4).

When Arrowhead discontinued development, the Steam announcement said they made sure all pre-order items (which I think dates back to the original 2014 release) became free items available to all players. Maybe you’re confusing those as DLC items. The capes unlocked by playing Coliseum mode aren’t considered DLC, afik.

Lilith is not something you can unlock by playing, and I wouldn’t have expected it to be included in the free keys they doled out when the forums opened, because it remains a $4.99 DLC pack (at least on Steam):

Steam announcement: Gauntlet Development Coming to an End (Oct. 2015)

I’ve only played alongside Necromancer players a bit. I find it adds more confusion because there’s already so many enemies on screen most of the time to begin with.

I would’ve preferred maybe some sort of primitive firearms class or a melee-oriented class myself. It’s a shame Arrowhead didn’t get to pursue adding some other class types via DLC.