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DLC items tho

EDIT: @BlackjackGT, I have finally made it! 50 floors survived as a wizard solo!

If you want to try Endless Mode my teleport is set on 37 floor, so you can get here easily achievement.


Mordok’s Screaming Hammer was a pre-order item for people who bought Gauntlet via Green Man Gaming back for the Sept. 2014 release.

The other things I have too, and it’s stuff I had to pay in-game gold to unlock. I can’t say why they’re labeled “DLC,” since on my Steam all that stuff is dated per the game’s initial installation in Sept. 2014 (the “non-slayer” edition).

Just Lilith is the only thing truly considered paid, “Downloadable Content”:


Finally finished a Gauntlet coliseum (collisseum?) run solo in the wee hours. Like 3 a.m. after a brutal finish to my work day from home. :dizzy_face: Maybe I was just too tired to be scared… :sleeping:

Spiffy cape, though I’m always wishing they got to do a follow up game with a little bit larger characters so we could enjoy the artists’ character model and cape work a bit more.

This was a compact map and no more than 2 spawners ever seemed to, well, spawn, which was nice. Seemed tough but fair for a solo player rather than OMG what do I do???

Had two potions to help initially. The spawners tossed some weird red thing that I wasn’t sure what it did (timed explosives maybe?).

The two Spider Bosses in Round 5 were the toughest part; after that, the 6th round seemed almost easy:

I wish to heck I’d recorded it but just got a few screenshots.


Did it solo with Wizard though, 1 death only.


I wiped out quickly trying to do that Collisseum with Valkyrie/Lightning; once i switched to Halberd Slash, it was far easier aside from the L5 Spider Bosses. Which I finally sort of spam-attacked into oblivion after much gnashing of teeth.

I still feel like Lightning is slightly underpowered and not very good at handling the large swarms the game likes to throw at you.I’m finding it a bit more useful if I’m in a group, the initial lightning blast can be useful on cutting Swarmer towers to size fast, or bosses.


I love Arenas, too bad none of the capes won on the arena fits well on wizard. I can see helldivers logo on the one of the wizard’s outfits :slight_smile: (cape)


There we go! Finally unlocked it!

Wizard the Gauntlet Helldiver


It’s correct that the Necromancer is the only DLC that has ever been sold in the Steam/PSN Store. The other items in the DLC list were pre-order items for different vendors during original release.

I suppose they had to technically be added as DLC to be able to give them out to all users later, or something like it.


Big sale on Gauntlet though WB is keeping the Necromancer DLC at full $4.99 price.

Gauntlet sale: $4.99 (75% off regular $19.99 price)

Gauntlet 4-pack sale: $20.39 (66% off regular $59.99 price) [Note: Gauntlet released in 2014 before Steam shut the door on offering multi-packs of games]

Morak, Final boss - tips

I have finally found Helldiver’s Hellpod in the Gauntlet. Hours wasted in the campaign to find it, it was actually in the level selection (along with the UFO pod and more), how easy and simple was that! (hellpod is in the reddish cave, bottom right)

@ZombieMagnus, @Wingfrog and @ForeverAPeon can I please for tips where I can find Magicka Wizard? I didn’t find it on the level selection menu, so It’s probably somewhere in handcrafted levels.


After watching a few Gauntlet Pre-Slayer Edition videos on YouTube, I would definitely enjoy the old Gauntlet more. Even though it doesn’t have Endless Mode and would become repetitive quickly.

I’m very close to max all 4 heroes masteries and when I manage to achieve it. I will turn my Gauntlet SE into Gauntlet (2014) version, thanks to an awesome guide on Steam.