Glitches/Bugs in Helldivers [STEAM]


I should totally bump my post once I update it LOL! Thank you for idea haha.


I dont have a video for this glitch, but anyone see something wrong here ?


This happened to me only once. Solo extract


Happened twice to me.



To the sky lava!


Thanks for your work on posting these bugs and glitches. Some of those gifs are ridiculously entertaining!
Can you confirm the audio glitch on the Stalwart? It seems like the drum magazine rattles constantly after firing in bursts, and won’t go away until you pop off a few rounds in between skirmishes. It’s not game breaking by any means, just really annoying when using headphones at night. Hopefully it can be patched in the Anniversary update, if they still plan on releasing patches twice a year? See you on the battlefield, o7


Sure, I will check that. Thanks!

Just updated my thread with more known bugs, I may add more today If I will find any.
If you have a confirmed bug/glitch hit me up or just write here, I will make sure to try it into a game and if it’s true I will add the bug and/or glitch to the thread.


Due to the lost of interest by the community, this thread will not be updated anymore and CLOSED as soon as it is possible by the author.


Are you for real?
I wait every week for more news of hilarious GIFs, please keep this open, and keep submitting! I don’t mind waiting :)


Friend from Facebook coummunity page made this video.

Just a quick exp. You can reload from your ressuply pack when you throw all Rec 6 n dont detonate. It also ressuplays your gun ammo as your granades…


Run with oblitirator in one hand. Credit goes to my friend Chaudpeau


Rec and Resupply trick has been added in to GIF section a long time ago, I knew about Obliterator in one hand when you switch from pistol but never managed to put it in here. Thanks!


What? :smiley: if that is a proper solution, you should close about 90% of threads on this forum :smiley: Dude, its finally a light and funny enjoyable thread.Don’t spoil it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for your kind words, @Vali and @9.0.


com-video-to-gif (3)

I can use every primary weapon that I want when holding blackbox, sprinting and entering vehicles works as well. Animations are broken and funny. There are 2 ways to do it.

The most easiest way to do it, but you can’t sprint:
com-video-to-gif (2)

Entering APC and sprinting with blackbox:
com-optimize (1)


Ehm… How? You did not describe it at all. Just showed gifs :stuck_out_tongue: How do you sprint?

Btw: to be accurate its M5 HAV :stuck_out_tongue: APC is the lighter one.


@Vali, You can see how I do it in a second gif, so I don’t really need to describe it. It Is not a guide to show how to make a glitch.

No matter really, I call them both APCs because they are both APCs. :wink:


I think this is the reason the forum guidelines forbid posting about bugs and glitches, lol


Here’s a glitch. I was doing a mission (Mission 1 on Adhara). After being overrun by patrols I strategicly retreated (the manlier form of running away). So did the survivors I was escorting… They strategically retreated way off the map, resulting in me having to abandon ship and feed myself to the doggos. Image as follows: