Happy Liberty Day!

It’s about time we celebrate this special day along with new recruits that are going to join us and fill out the ranks later today!

I’m calling every Admiral of Super Earth to spread democracy and liberty! I encourage every one of you to join low to medium difficulty missions and help in-need recruits to complete the planets!

Show how it should be done, veterans! :slight_smile:


Happy liberty day to you as well! Let’s make this year as good as last year, especially for all the new recruits joining us!


Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Liberty!

Have an Excellent time playing Helldivers, once again this game is Amazing. Gameplay quality is Superb as always!

Just thinking it would nice to see the Multi-player expand to Vs. Combat sort of like INFANTRY Online I use to play years ago on the PC years ago. If the combat gameplay was slowed down slightly/refined and the map zoom out, it would be nice to play a 50 vs 50 match, maybe some new multi-player maps…

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Liberty Day!

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