Happy One Year Anniversary

Just wanted to commemorate last year’s wildly successful launch of the forums, we’ve had a pretty good year with lots of interesting discussion, both from devs and us common folk :)

Well done everyone (really, everyone) for doing their part to make these forums what they are, which at the end of the day is a lovely cozy corner of the internet, to talk about all things Arrowhead.

Our numbers are steadily growing and I’m looking forward to more contests and other shenanigans to bring new people in, so here’s to the exciting upcoming year!


These forums are really nice. Our favorite peon did well in finding a great platform and setting it up to be easy and fun to use.

Beyond that of course is the community of players and developers that continue to stay active in the forums despite there not being a new Arrowhead game since 2015.

Now I am wondering if Arrowheads next game will be for PS5 (in 2020?) and maybe that is why it is being kept so tight? We don’t even know who the publishing partner is, but my guess is Sony because very few publishers have that kind of patience to fund something new for so long.

Whatever it is, will have my full attention whenever they are ready to reveal or talk about or anything about it :slight_smile:

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This is one of the best communities I have ever seen

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It’s been one of the best communities I’ve ever been on, everyone is so helpful and it’s always such a nice environment on here. Thank you and here’s to another year of good times on these forums!!