Happy Two Year Anniversary

Lots of new faces this year, welcome, welcome!
The more the better, we’ll need all the help we can get to decipher what exactly Testament is…
Can’t wait for the influx of people, new and old, when the world finally sees a trailer :)

As always Liberty Day brought a lot of activity to the forums, and to those people I say, keep the forums bookmarked because when Arrowhead stuff goes down, we all know it’ll be here first ;)

Here’s to another year of the Arrowhead Community! You guys are awesome.


Happy Anniversary!

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I still think Testament could be a red herring like the fake “Blue Harvest” horror film title and also fake “Revenge of the Jedi” title cards used in 1982 when Return of the Jedi was filming.

I’m pretty sure Arrowhead wouldn’t purposefully unveil the title of the Secret Project that they treat like some sort of NSA-Area 51 secrecy conspiracy by telling their devs to run around a trade show with the title on their clothing backs, not without some sort of alterior motive (i.e., throw us off the scent). :grinning:

Latest so-called news reports other day (I have no idea if they have any idea what they’re talking about) expected a winter holiday 2020 PS5 launch, and possibly some sort of trade show or Sony show unveiling next summer (May or later). Which may be total bupkus, but it’s what a few gaming news sites reported earlier in the week.

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