Have you considered adding/changing this in game...?


“Have you thought of adding swords to the game?”
“Have you considered changing the way perks behave?” etc

I’ve realized that we still get a lot of these questions scattered all over the place and it’s about time we had an interesting thread for your browsing pleasure. It’s also great for us to try explain why or why not your suggestions would work (as much as we can), so you have a deeper understand of the game.


I had the first request from a player:

“Have you guys ever considered a las-sniper or las-pistol version?” @patrik.lasota


I must say I haven’t considered a laser sniper though I’m unsure how exactly it would work. Maybe a laser beam that is charged before firing? A las pistol was considered but since we already have the LAS-12 Tanto that fills my imagined role of a las pistol, there is little room for it.


Hello Patrick, and thanks for the answer!
I was the guy that asked the question so I though I’d drop by :slight_smile:
Regarding tanto vs pistol: I always regarded the tanto as a more of a short range cutting tool than a Las pistol myself. In my mind a las pistol would work more like the other perk pistols, single shots per trigger pull, but like the other Las weapons would not run out as long as you pace your shot output. It would also fill a different niche than the tanto: it could be used as a back up weapon for people not bringing an ammo backpack or resupply stratagem, while simultaneously leaving open your main weapon slot for things like a plasma or rail gun, or other suck low ammo high damage weaponry, while still allowing for all four stratagems and not having to pay the “ammo tax”. Niche role? Yes. But rounds out the game? Also yes. Because for all categories beyond Las there is a pistol (small shots(default), high caliber, plasma, fire, but no las) technicly you could argue that poisoned bullets are missing but eh.
So that’s why I asked for the Las pistol

More interestingly though, a Las-sniper.
In my mind it would have to perform the functionality of a sniper rifle, so accurate, powerful, but low speed shots. Charge up would not work because of moving targets and snipers are about that up-front damage anyway. There are a few ways it could be done well.
The simplest would be “same power as the default sniper, overheats after 3-4 shots if you don’t intentionally pace yourself to slower shooting”
The more complicated one would stretch the shot limit, but make it more damaging from range and less close by (encouraging alt weapon or pistol use for that) ingame reason: focusing crystals and or reverse engineered half understood alien tech. Something like that.
What are your thoughts on this?


Las pistol might work, though I would like to keep the pulsing nature of the Sickle and Trident kinda rare as it was intended only as a variation on the baseline of continuous beam weapons. Regarding any pistol there’s also the consideration that as they are perks they need to have a power level appropriate to other perks, and it becomes a hard balance of damage output vs. infinite ammo. Not saying it can’t be done, just a bit harder than many other weapons :slight_smile:

The sniper is more interesting I think, there’s a big variation of possible designs, the key being that it would maintain it’s own identity among already numerous laser weapons.


Well there is pulsing and there are single shots ofc. Currently you have the las gun and cannon (bzzzzzzzzzzzz-repeat) the trident and sickle(thwap-thwap-thwap-thwap-thwap), sniper and pistol could be more (phzap—phzap—phzap), to indicate their more precise and or orderly approach to things, -houghty voice- “and show the enemies of super earth what’s what!, not by indiscriminate beam, or spray and pray, but by clean accurate shot!” /moustache twirl
So more officer weapon than frontlinie grunt machine gun. (also doing it that way would give a nice 2-2-2 in regards to firing speed, beam, burst, singles hots)
Speaking of sniper and identity, you can of coarse make it as crazy or decent as you want, but to give it its own niche, but stick with the flow of the las-typ weapons it should be high up front damage: the others either need spam or damage over time. It should still work as a las weapon, so with self control reloads should not HAVE to be done. (high skill ceiling) laser weapon, and thus accurate, little to no deviation. It’s a sniper, so slow ass turning circle when aiming (opposite of the tanto) but to make it usefull and unique, one could concider making it an AP laser weapon, that hasn’t been done before? So risk-reward would be high-er, (don’t shoot your buddy behind the bug, make sure you line up your shot)

Now I think about it, that would roughly give you a non stunning version of the rail gun, but laser.


You guys could probably extract a thousand “have you considered X?” questions from the various suggestions threads here and on Steam, but that’s probably not reasonable. :slight_smile: So I’ll bite…

Have you considered…

  • Ability to toggle firing modes (or toggling off an upgrade) on certain weapons, so the weapon’s more versatile and you can conserve ammo on occasion? This is commonly asked about on Steam forum and Reddit.
  • A “favorite loadouts” system on the ship before we drop-pod in, so we could one-button load our favorite setup (Perk, Primary Weapon, 4 stratagems) instead of – when we’re joining a co-op game in progress – frantically trying to choose everything in just a few seconds?
  • A 2nd Perk slot only for grenades so more people would actually use them? (although aren’t the special grenades DLC? I forget. In that case, my idea becomes dumb :crazy_face:)
  • Flares or glow sticks so we could mark stuff like mine fields so they’re more obvious to other players?

I feel like the technical answer to all would be the devs are understandably focused on the New Secret We’ll Never Find Out What It Is Ever Super Duper Secret Game, so clearly there’s not enough free programmer/UI time to add BJ’s toys. :grinning: Though certainly there may be more logic/game balance reasons my ideas are poor fits.


I just have one question. Right now, a LV 15 illuminate Solo is impossible, a 13 even harder. It’s not the change of direction that bothers me as many players can easily adjust to it, but it’s impossible because

  1. Even with 3x mines, you still run out and at 4x you would be at the mercy of mind change,
  2. Even with 3 napalm you still have to content with obelisks trapping you.
  3. With strat priority, 3x close air supports are not quick enough on cool down to handle 10 council members + 10 more that spawn.
    I can see that quick reloads can help say if carrying a rumbler or obliterator which may make a Lv 15 solo possible…
    So have you considered adding something to reduce reloading times for primaries and secondaries? At this time, I cannot see Lv 13-15 RS be completed solo. Maybe 13 with 3x napalm since that’s more council members vs. Obeslisks… thanks, enjoying this game with new changes.


Toggle fire mode: I have a vague memory of the devteam having a discussion weather or not this should be a thing. I think we ended up skipping it because of already crowded contorls (especially on the vita).

Favorite Loadouts: Was also one of those things we discussed but it didn’t seem that necessary at the time of launch as we didn’t have the volume of weapons and stratagems we now have in the game. Today that would be a pretty major rewrite/design of the loadout.

Perk slot for grenades: Never really considered this but the community has been very vocal about a separate grenade/sidearm slot so they can run with perks, the grenade type they want, and the sidearm they want. This would probably not be a thing as we have very few grenade/sidearm options and currently they are banaced to be as useful as a perk.

Flares: Would be very cool, not sure how exactly it would work, but perk that replaces grenades maybe.


The new difficulties are not really tuned for solo play. Neither were the higher difficulties in the main game, but we got proved wrong by our community there :stuck_out_tongue:. Many primaries and secondaries have a faster reload if you leave a round in the chamber (have shots left in the magazine), other than that there are no plans to make reloading of weapons go faster.


I understand, the game is designed to be MP. It’s the challenge that sometimes we look for to beat and I happen to enjoy Ret Strikes whether it’s solo or MP. I know about the reloading with ammo left, I was thinking of something quicker but that might also make it too OP at lower levels. Right now, I think we may have reached the most of what solo can do in Ret Strikes :slight_smile:

No complaints just wondering. And thank you for keeping updating this game, the new difficulties and I think the previous difficulties feels like they have been altered a little bit. Kinda feels like a new game in a way.


Thanks, Patrik! :helldivers:

Oh well. Flares baby! :grin: I was channeling Sierra Online’s SWAT 3 and Irrational Games’ SWAT 4 – you used these simple green “glow sticks” to mark rooms that you had cleared of hostages and perps. In Helldivers I know the AT mines have their beady red eyes but nobody seems to see them anyway. So I thought some way to mark them more blatantly might be useful.

I hope maybe some or even just one or two of our ideas here is food for thought for the secret game. This is assuming the secret game isn’t some sort of IKEA store/Abba music/Swedish meatball simulator. In which case our suggestions will be useless. :slight_smile:


Gonna let my stupid questions fly, since Patrik seems kind enough to tackle anything :grin:

Have you considered adding this in game?
A Snowmobile vehicle? (So what if it’s only useful on snow missions? Can pretty much say the same thing about All Terrain Boots, and no I never see people using them to run through the swamps :roll_eyes:)

Have you considered changing this in game?
Allowing us to fire our sidearm and/or maybe toss a hand grenade while aloft with the jump pack? (I assume there’s some 3-dimensional aiming limitation in the game engine that would cause the space-time continuum to stop if this were allowed).


How about a 4th race? Seems like wars end too quickly now and a 4th race will make it longer and more challenging.

It probably won’t fly but I realized when the liberty day download came there were hundreds to thousands of people online. This game has a good loyal fan base even after 3-4 years old which says a lot about the game. I’d be happy to pay for a 4th race update. I think many would also.


Also have you considered bringing level to 100? Or at least rank reset for PS4?


I would love a ballistic shield


@NitoLicious I think I can attempt to answer the rank reset on PS4 (@patrik.lasota can correct me later if I’m wrong :P).

I believe we looked into it, but the way PlayStation and PSN cloud handles save data was a lot different to Steam. This meant that we were unable to find a good solution to enable rank reset on PS without it affecting other save data.


Sorry for asking, but Helldivers could have cross-play with PC? I don’t know pretty well how servers work on cross-play.
Thank you very much for this awesome game.


Sony’s network and Steam do not interface together, and it’s highly unlikely that’ll ever change. So No Cross-Play. At least that’s the Unofficial don’t quote me answer from me. :nerd_face:

We were fortunate imho to get a PC version at all. I would never have bought a Vita in 2015 (Helldivers was literally the only reason) if I knew in spring 2015 a PC/Steam version was forthcoming. :grinning:

There’s a few “asynchronous” games that manage a form of cross-platform, but it’s more like you don’t play with other players at the same time.


What would even a Swedish Meatball Simulator be, now I’m genuinely intrigued? :smiley:

Something like “I am bread”? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwDhUt5ewKk