Have you considered adding/changing this in game...?

This is pretty much what I was thinking too, but instead of the liber-coffee icon taking up all that real estate it would be in the corner for each slot, showing a preview of the item.

Possibility to select/use non-upgraded stratagems (Mk1 and Mk2)

In the game, when a stratagem has been fully upgraded, it is not possible anymore to use the older versions (Mk1 or Mk2). The player is forced to use the Mk3.

Most of the time, it makes sense, as Mk3 are generally better than Mk1 or Mk2. Most of the time.

We can’t say than M-25 Rumbler Mk1 or Mk2 are bad compared to Mk3, especially with a good teamplay:

  • One M25-Rumbler Mk3 is generally sufficient in a (good) team. Mk1 having only two bursts, it makes possible for each helldiver to take one in their loadout and to use it cooperatively with the other helldivers.
  • The toxic agent of the Mk3 covers a large area, and therefore induces a high risk of friendly kills. Mk1 and Mk2 haven’t this problem, making multiple M25-Rumbler in a team a more viable (and fun) tactic.
  • Playing with Mk1 or Mk2 stratagems can re-add some challenge for veteran players.

Hence, it should be possible for the player to select in the Armory which version of each stratagem he wants to use:

  • Toggle on/off a stratagem version with X button.
  • A skull is displayed in the top-left corner of the stratagem active version.
  • The other versions on the stratagem line are automatically greyed out when one version in the line is selected with the X button.
  • The selected versions of each stratagem will be available in the Loadout Selection before a mission.
  • The option is only available once all stratagems have been unlocked and fully upgraded (to not confuse new players)

The idea popped out in my head a few days ago, thanks to a Rank 50 friend who never upgraded the M25-Rumbler. He called two of them (thanks to Liber-Coffee), and it was so much fun to play cooperatively with two Mk1.
Sadly, I have fully upgraded my M25-Rumbler stratagem since ages, and I can’t play anymore with the Mk1 or Mk2. :pensive:

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to comment!


[New Stratagem: Cardio Boost ‘Crimson Haze’]

How it works?

  • When the stratagem is deployed, the ground is covered by several patches of crimson haze for 5 seconds (or one big patch of haze).

  • Once the haze is dissipated, all players can sprint as fast as if they had the Cardio Accelerator perk, but only for a limited time: Mk1 20 seconds, Mk2 40 seconds, Mk3 60 seconds.

  • Works also on Survivors, making them run way faster.

  • If one player has already the Cardio Accelerator perk equipped, the stratagem has no effect.

  • Has no effect on enemies.

  • Does not change the fact that a player cannot sprint when carrying a Black Box, or is slower when the Heavy Armor perk is equipped.

Implementation in Helldivers

  • Use the same graphic assets, FX and animations, than the Static Field Conductors stratagem. The only difference is the deep-red color (hence the ‘Crimson Haze’ nickname).

  • If a Crimson Haze is called or already deployed, and a player tries to call another Crimson Haze at the same time, the latest called stratagem is simply cancelled (like when two Reinforcement stratagems are called at the same time)

  • If a Static Field is deployed at the same time than a Crimson Haze, the Static Field effects have the priority.


  • Almost nobody use the Cardio Accelerator perk, although it is one of the best perk in the game (especially on giant forest maps) which allows to literally fly between objectives. If not all players use it in a mission, the perk becomes totally useless, as players with Cardio Accelerator are constantly blocked by the other players being slower. So, this stratagem will allow to make the other players sprint at the same speed (but for a limited time), as if they had the Cardio Accelerator equipped.

  • “Rescue Survivors” objectives are most of the time a chore to complete:

  1. Survivors are way too slow. Such annoying to constantly wait for them, even at standard running pace (not sprinting).

  2. Moreover, enemy ambushes are not a threat: the player who leads the survivors (and the others) has just to flee, and most of the time, it’s enough to reach the bunker (1 or 2 Survivors may perish in the process, but it’s not a big deal). If the situation gets critical, the player can even call Static Field or Stun Mines stratagems directly on the Survivors, as they are immune to it. So, “Rescue Survivors” consists only to go from a point A to a point B with almost nothing to do in-between. Very boring.
    The “Retrieve Black Box” objectives haven’t this problem, as players can complete other objectives on the way to the bunker (obviously not possible when escorting Survivors).

  3. You know these missions with three or more “Rescue Survivors” objectives on a giant map?.. No need to explain why it is boring as hell.

The Crimson Haze stratagem would ease this chore by making Survivors run faster, at the cost of a loadout slot.

Thanks for reading and, as always, feel free to comment!


Fast survivors? yes plz

I really really love the way you put your suggestions together, and the amazing amount of work you put into them is commendable.

You are, essentially, creating proper design documents for this game; especially the way you work with existing assets resonates with me a lot, and even though I find myself disagreeing with your assessment and opinion on certain gameplay aspects, I do hope that your suggestions resonate with Arrowhead, too.

Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


My suggestions:

  1. Weapons that reload one bullet at time should be able to reload by pressing and holding the respective button, instead of having to repeatly press it. This is most noticeable when using the “SG-8 Punisher” shotgun.

  1. The “SG-8 Punisher” shotgun is the least picked of the bunch. It functions as a sort of high damage / precision shotgun, but needs two more upgrades to be able to be used at solo and group at medium difficulties:

I) Reload upgrade - increase individual reload time or allow two bullets to be reloaded at a time***.

II) Armor and Creature Penetration - similar to the ‘Justice’s’ upgrade, this one would increase the ‘Punisher’ damage against most single target enemies (which are armored) and also allow its pellets to penetrate at least one target, so the precision part of the weapon doesn’t get impaired by groups of small enemies.

***see Black Ops 2’s KSG w/ Fast Mags for reference.

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With Liberty Day 2019 coming up soon I feel it is time to rejuvenate this thread and think about more possible changes and wishes for Helldivers from the community.

I hope no-one will take offence to me “necro-ing” this thread, seeing how there is a good number of solid and interesting ideas collected in this thread, and also we don’t experience that much activity on this Forum anyway (not a complaint, just stating a fact :wink: ).

So, I gotta be honest and say that I am not actually expecting that we get any new content for Helldivers this year.

I’ve had this expectation for the last 2 years and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Arrowhead has worked on new content in secret and has also kept listening to the community’s feedback in the past, so of course I think it would be lovely if we all got some new content again this year.

But I also perfectly understand if that does not happen, as I expect Arrowhead to be using all their resources to work on their next project (which, I assume, is still the game we know as TESTAMENT?).

Anyway, with that out of the way, I would like to present my humble wishlist for Helldivers 2019/2020:

  1. Please remove Cyborg Legionnaires immunity to arc weapons:

This one change would give the Arc Thrower and Arc Shotgun a substantial buff and would single-handedly elevate these two seldom-used weapons into the must-use category for any player who wishes to attempt stealth against Cyborgs on ANH difficulty levels.

I can somewhat understand the reasoning if stealth is not supposed to be easy against Cyborgs on these difficulties (and there are ways to deal with these enemies, sure; they are especially weak to Strafing Run, Flamer, Tox, Obliterator, etc.), but it is also one of the most unintuitive gameplay mechanics in this entire game, IMO. If Hulks are not invincible to Arc primaries, then so shouldn’t Legionnaires.

Unless, of course, Arrowhead were to give the same immunity to Hulks. I guess that’d be a change I could live with. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Speaking of Cyborgs, please fix the spawning of IFVs on Retaliatory Strikes on ANH difficulties:

Of all the new difficulties, RS against Cyborgs has become the easiest simply because of the lack of IFVs, so fixing the spawns on Cyborg RS to include IFVs would really give these types of missions back their grit and impossible nature.

  1. Pease add more IFVs on regular ANH difficulty missions:

i.e. allow for 2 IFVs to spawn at the same time, thus making stealth a lot harder again after, of course, having removed the Legionnaires arc immunity. And please allow for additional Hounds to spawn across all difficulties. :smiley:

  1. Nerf the Trident aka the most used primary-weapon in the game since it was implemented:

People will hate me just for suggesting this, since the Trident has already been nerfed before, and I get why everyone and their dog uses it: it is easy to use, it is powerful, it has unlimited ammo.

But there is one thing the Trident also has that I feel is completely unjustified and massively takes away from other weapons, and that thing is RANGE.

I believe the Trident should have a lot less range than what it has now, because while I understand that many players will always gravitate towards strong, easy-to-use weapons, I also firmly believe that most players will not even consider using other weapons that are actually geared towards range, such as any of the sniper rifles, the beam-laser weapons - even the Scythe! - and, of course, the Arc Thrower as long as the Trident allows them to simply spam it across the entire screen and easily kill everything that approaches.

If I had to give a value, I’d suggest the range of the Trident should be decreased somewhere between 30 - 60% of its current range; or, at least, it should at least be similar to the range of the Double Freedom shotgun.

Of all the things I could wish for, of all the things I would change about this game, it would be this.

  1. Heavy Plasma Launcher - new content idea

I’m adding this just because. There’s been tons of ideas over the years, and a ton of good content ideas in this very thread, and to be honest I don’t think there’s anything this game is missing, except maybe a Heavy Plasma Launcher.

So I don’t recall ever seeing anyone mention this, although I’m sure there’s a post on Reddit or Steam or Twitter requesting something similar, but seeing how this game seems to take some influence from WH40K (c’mon, the Suppressor / Canister Rifle is a Bolter-lite) I think it would be really fun to have a single-use Stratagem call-in weapon that would let us shoot big balls of flaming plasma projectiles in an arc.

If I had to design this weapon, I’d give it a fixed charge-up time for each shot, a fixed range, and slow flight time for each projectile as well as a slow fire rate. The flaming plasma projectile could be as powerful as one single Commando or Rumbler projectile, meaning it could damage IFVs and Behemoths, as well as enemy masters. Give it 3 -5 shots per reload and also make it a support weapon with its own support pack to balance it out

Upgrades would include: Incendiary effect at Mk2 and faster charge up time at Mk3 (increased from 2 seconds to 1 seconds).

  1. Give the HELLDIVERS™ Soundtrack an official release:

So I’m convinced I’m not the only one who would gladly pay money to get an official release of Johan Lindgren’s excellent music! I absolutely can NOT overstate how much I love the music in this game. Even after more than 3 years of playing it NEVER fails to get me pumped and I do not get bored of it.
This is, hands-down, amongst my favourite scores for any piece of media ever and I do wish for an official high-quality digital release!

I don’t know what arguments there could be against a digital release of the soundtrack on Steam or as additional DLC on PSN?! Maybe there’s some cost involved, I don’t know. I mean, I get that a physical release is out of the question and I#m sure it’d be unrealistic to ask for something like that. But a digital release?

Or maybe if this game was re-released on Steam and PSN in a new bundled version with all DLC’s at a new (lower) price-point? Then maybe the Soundtrack could be bundled with the Deluxe version of that new edition. Essentially, I’d suggest to Sony Entertainment to sell the game with all DLC at a price of USD 19,99 and the Deluxe Edition with Soundtrack and maybe other extras (digital artbook or whatever) at USD 29,99,-.

I know, I know, this would be all up to Sony. It’s ok. I’m done now. :stuck_out_tongue:

What does everyone else think? Have anything to add? I know that I’ve neglected to mention Bugs and Illuminates in regards to ANH difficulties, but I also think there’s nothing to change there.

But what do you guys think?

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed my little wall of text

Take care. :slight_smile:

TL;DR: Arowhaed fixx gaem, nerf Trydent, and giv new stuff NAOW!!!


Good suggestions! Generally, I agree with these with some changes:

  1. I support this, but maybe the shield could reduce some of the damage? My only concern is that the arc weapons don’t become too powerful. In difficulties 13-15 every playstyle should be extremely hard, stealth included.

  2. Adding IFVs to RS is one of the two most critical things needed (the other being discussed in point 3). RS desperately needs IFVs back. Now they are too one-dimensional.

  3. Yes, please! Also, the other most critical fix would be to make hounds as common in difficulties 13-15 as they are in difficulty 12. And I’ve noticed in D13-15 they tend to spawn as their own groups more in both regular missions and RS, while they should spawn as either part of a bigger wave and/or when players are already fighting other enemies. Just as they do in D12. The number of hounds spawning at once can remain the same though.

Without hounds coming constantly from every direction, you can just simply backtrack slowly as warlords and hulks are very slow and predictable. That’s why they are also easy to keep in check.

  1. I’m not against this, but I would much rather see both the Rumbler and AT-47 being nerfed than the Trident. Here’s why:

Since IFVs were removed from RS, Rumbler users have free reign there. And since hounds are rare in regular missions, Rumbler reigns there as well. It’s extremely overused even compared to the Trident. Either make it reloadable after each volley (or after two volleys) or make ammo you can carry much less.

In regular missions, it has the downside of not being able to move, but it pretty much gets the job done alone in the objective where it’s placed. In RS you don’t need to move, making this extremely overpowered. At least make it take damage from its own shots if the enemy is too close. Now the AT-47 is almost unkillable and has a huge amount of ammo, making other players redundant. And nobody just wants to stand around doing nothing while playing a game.

TL;DR: Bring IFVs back to RS, make hounds as common in D13-15 as they are in D12 and nerf both the Rumbler and AT-47.


[New Stratagem: Delivery Module]

How it works?

  • Works like any Supply Backpack stratagem ( LIFT-850 Jump Pack, Resupply Pack, etc.).

  • When equipped, the helldiver carries the Black Box / Power Core on his back. Therefore, all weapons (primary or secondary) and stratagems can be used even if the player is the objective carrier (both hands are free).

  • With Mk1 equipped, the player moves slowly like when he carries the briefcase on his right hand, and he cannot sprint.

  • With Mk2 equipped, the player moves and sprints normally, but Cardio Accelerator is ineffective.

  • With Mk3 equipped, the player can use the MC-109 Hammer Motorcycle, as driver or passenger. Cardio Accelerator is effective.

  • Heavy Armor acts as usual, whatever the Delivery Module version equipped.

  • Like all backpacks, there is a little icon in the upper-right corner of the player panel (this time, a briefcase with an up-arrow), to let quickly know other players that this helldiver is equipped with the Delivery Module.

Implementation in Helldivers

  • Use the same graphic assets than the AD-334 Guard Dog or AD-289 Angel backpack (when empty, i.e. the Guard Dog / Angel is flying).

  • When a Black Box / Power Core is on an helldiver’s back, it can’t be dropped (only if the player dies or the Black Box / Power Core is brought back to the bunker).

  • Maybe would require a new animation for the helldiver putting the Black Box / Power Core on his back. Or simply re-use the pick-up animation already in the game. Same for the helldiver bringing back the Black Box / Power Core to the bunker.

  • The MC-109 Hammer Motorcycle is the only vehicle the player can use with Black Box / Power Core on his back (as driver or passenger).


  • At the cost of a loadout slot, it allows the player to carry a Black Box / Power Core on his back (and play normally, i.e. using all weapons and stratagems) as long as he desires. No need to purposely plan the way to the bunker.
    Would be particularly convenient on missions with multiple “Retrieve Black Box / Power Core” objectives, with each player being equipped with the Delivery Module stratagem.

  • Can possibly gives some love for the MC-109 Hammer Motorcycle. Just for the fun of delivering the objective on the motorcycle. ^^

Thanks for reading and, as always, feel free to comment!


This is my first reply here,if I reply to wrong place,forgive me please.

Besides,English is not my native language,please forgive me.

I don’t know how do you think about the flame-throwers.Players around me consider it trash.Because it is short in range an deal less damage.

Therefore,I think about how to buff it.

Firstly,flame-throwers deal many times of damage,just like shotguns in so way.For example,the origin flame-throwers deal 300 damage per second,and the buffed ones deal 200 damage for three times per second.The buffed one can deal more damage to light-armored units,but still do not effort to heavy-armored units

Secondary,when a ignited unit attacked by flame-throwers,the duration for ingiting can be extended,this is another plan for buffing.

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cool idea, but it is already in game in a form of a bug. You can glitch a black box into your inventory with a few tricks so you can use vehicle seats, both primary and support weapons or even sprint while performing delivery. Funny to note, you can’t just drop a glitched case - you should get to bottom half health (or die).

Don’t worry, this is exactly the right place to post your suggestions, and don’t worry about your language level either. We all have to start somewhere! :wink:

As for buffing the Flame Thrower, yes, I agree! I would like to see the Incinerator see a slight buff to see it somewhat on par with the Tox.

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Just my 2 cents, I think it would be more balanced to never allow vehicle use while there is an item carried, and not affect Cardio Accelerator.

This leaves Mk2 as a blank spot though…

Mk1 : No sprint while equipped, no vehicle use while carrying
Mk2 : ???
Mk3 : Normal sprint while equipped, no vehicle use while carrying

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About the laser snipe

One of my friend talked about a similar weapon.
It is a powerful pulse laser with high rate of fire and low heat capacity.
The most important is that it would overheat if fire again before completely cool down.
So its actually rate of fire is not very fast but it can fire the second pulse rapidly at the price of overheat.

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Destructible Evacuation Shuttle


Hmmm, I thought being able to mount the Motorcycle when carrying the briefcase would have been the “top” of the stratagem. :thinking:

On the other hand, I agree about the Cardio Accelerator not being affected. In fact, I added this when writing the post, but it wasn’t in my mind when I did the mockup. :yum:

In this case, if we remove the Motorcycle and the Cardio Accelerator stuff:

  • Mk1 : Run slowly, no sprint, no vehicle use while carrying, able to use all weapons and stratagems

  • Mk2 : Run at normal pace, no sprint, no vehicle use while carrying, able to use all weapons and stratagems

  • Mk3 : Run at normal pace, sprint allowed, no vehicle use while carrying, able to use all weapons and stratagems

Thanks for the comment btw.

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You know, IMO it would be a really nice addition if this item allowed the Hammer to be used (I mean, gotta’ give the Hammer some love), especially if this little fact WASN’T MENTIONED anywhere in the description!

Wouldn’t that be a true Arrowhead-thing to do? :smiley:

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Oh my god, a hundred times yes!
That would be amazing.
Then the control scheme could just be Press <use> to load/unload, but Hammer use takes priority of the <use> prompt.

That gives me a good idea for Mk2, giving a shorter sprint while carrying as opposed to no sprint for Mk1.
This could be due to the electromagnetic balancing units being improved.

Using Cardio Accelerator would still give you unlimited sprint for Mk2 and Mk3 while carrying, and all while equipped.

Mk1 : No sprint while carrying, short sprint while equipped, can only ride Hammer
Mk2 : Short sprint while carrying, short sprint while equipped, can only ride Hammer
Mk3 : Short sprint while carrying, normal sprint while equipped, can only ride Hammer

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These have been suggested on separate posts before but a Ammo-Resupply Pack buff, just to allow it to carry 3 or so heavy ammo for the RL-112 Recoiless and the MLS-4X Commando. As for a kinda “fun” idea a perk that lets you carry two separate packs at the cost of your heavy weapon slot.

# New Cyborg enemy: “ERASER” WARLORD #

Encyclopedia Description (Eraser Warlord)

Eraser Warlord

The Cyborgs lack of morality makes them scavenge bodies of Helldivers who died bravely by doing their duty. Unfortunately, it seems Cyborgs scientists have succeeded to adapt the LAS-98 Laser Cannon to their migthiest unit by adding a nuclear power cell in their back to provide enough energy, thus creating the “Eraser” Warlord. Be careful of the powerful laser beam swiping through the whole battlefield, killing instantaneously any target.

In-game Consequences (Eraser Warlord)

  • The Eraser Warlord laser beam acts like the Illuminate Great Eye beam (swiping through the whole screen), directly killing any Helldiver struck by it (no downed state).

  • The Eraser Warlord laser beam can be deflected/absorbed by the SH-32 Directional Kinetic Shield. The SH-20 Shield Generator Pack does not protect from the Eraser laser beam.

  • The Eraser Warlord laser beam also damages enemy units.

Implementation in Helldivers (Eraser Warlord)

  • The Eraser Warlord uses the same graphic model than the Warlord. To make a visual difference, there’s a light FX (like an electrical current) between the two prominences in the Warlord’s back.

  • Use of the same graphics than the LAS-98 Laser Cannon for the beam, but with a deep red color.

Why ?

  • To give Cyborgs a very long-range unit. The Eraser laser beam swiping the whole screen (and killing in one hit) balances the slowness of the Warlord, and the fact that sometimes, it is just too easy to stay at a safe distance from them (or simply abusing the Static Field Conductors stratagem, to even more slow them)

  • The Great Eye Laser Beam is the funniest attack to evade, when everybody dive at the same time. Would be cool to have the same situation in regular missions, with classic units.

  • Would give some love to the SH-32 Directional Kinetic Shield (that totally protects from the Eraser laser beam), as generally players tend to prefer the SH-20 Shield Generator Pack.

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to comment!