Have you considered adding/changing this in game...?

I would like to humbly contribute to the further improvement of the game, Helldivers. I agree with earlier comments about the idea of a Laser Sniper using a charge up mechanic similar to the ARC weapons, but giving it an overheat & HeatDump canister mechanic mix, I would suggest having it that the laser charges for a period of time, and during that time in heats up slowly. when it reaches full charge, the weapon heats up quickly, incentivizing quick release of the charge. I would also suggest making the maximum # of shot within quick succession between 5 - 10, leaning more toward 5. If you do a laser pistol as well, I would suggest that it works in a similar way with less damage, quicker charge times, and lean close to the 10 shot maximum.

I also like the idea of a ballistic shield. I would propose the following:
-Make the ballistic shield a pickup similar to that of the black boxes - it can only be carried with one handed weapons
-The Helldiver carries it at his/her side and can run at 80% normal speed, just getting slowed down a bit (similar to heavy armor perk)
-depressing and holding L2 will raise the shield, lowering normal speeds by an amount
-pressing L1 causes the Helldiver to deploy the shield as a barricade; putting it down sideways
-To remove the shield from barricade mode, the hell dive walks up, hits X, types in a directional code, then picks it up.

I also have a couple of perk ideas as listed below:

  • Reflex training
    – Improves reloading, weapon swap times, and getting up from prone
  • Over-Stocked
    – Improves magazine carry capacity by 50%
  • Doubling Up
    – (condition - can only be used with one handed weapons)bring two of the weapons into battle, 50% reduction on magazine carry capacity, 50% increased reload time, one handed weapons treated as normal weapons minus the aim speed reduction
  • Grenade Lover
    – 100% increase to maximum grenade care capacity

It would be pretty cool if the two weapons aimed at your reticle from two different spots, then if you bring it close enough you could shoot in two directions at once ;)


Of course
Sure have thought of adding swords and changing the way the perks behave.
However, I merely have ideas for the same

Add more cosmetics!

As an alternative to the earlier suggestion about making R3 the assisted reload call, would it be possible to instead make R3 a “use backpack” button?

  • Resupply pack - Resupply from carried pack (allows people carrying it to resupply their own ammo and grenades BEFORE their on their last mag)

  • Drones - Manually stow/deploy (allows drones to be recharged, would still auto-stow/deploy when it runs out of ammo)

  • Shields - Turns shield off/on (could allow energy shield to recharge a bit faster; not sure what it could do for directional shield, switching front/back maybe?)

  • Lift - Turns jump ability off/on (allows someone with the lift pack the capability of going prone, though not sure why you’d need to as the jump is all-around superior to the prone in my experience, minus some minor screen dragging)

  • Support kit - Reloads Recoiless Rifle/Commando with equipped support pack (wary about this one: allows R1 to always be an assisted reload call, but changes the reload button for 2 specific weapons to be significantly different from everything else)

If the ability to use the lift pack/drones/shields in this way ends up being a little too good, a quarter/half-second animation of the helldiver pressing a button on their shoulder to activate/deactivate it that can be interrupted by shooting or sprinting might be enough to balance it out.

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Love the ideas, especially the lift pack suggestion.
And the screen dragging is definitely not a minor issue imo.

I googled your forums, found this site and registered here to ask the devs to please look into the ability to remap controls on the console versions again. My friend and fellow Helldiver told me about this thread after we discussed my issues with the game.

I am physically disabled and while most of the game is playable and enjoyable, I do have difficulty with calling in on the radio. My disability is very different from other disabled players so I’d request full remapping as my preferred layout may be different from others. Personally I have difficulty holding L1 while also pressing in the complex codes on the directional pad, especially in the heat of battle and I’m the only one still in.



what I would like to be added to game is this:

-different types of objectives, more objectives
-more in-map events (such as lava eruptions, etc)
-new scenarios (such as defending cities, etc)

I would like to be able to use a bit more the map as an advantage. Lava eruptions hurt the ennemies as well, and sometimes it is usefull to just try and let them walk into it. I like to stand directly behind rocks and small barricades to shoot ennemies where they can’t reach me. But I find the situations for doing so in the game doesn’t happen that often.

-I like the fact that some weapons are better/faster to reload whit the help of another player. I think this is a good mechanic that could be more exploited.

[New Stratagem: Heaven’s Wrath]

In-game Consequences

  • Works as a über-Tesla Tower, except the strike comes from the sky. Hit multiple targets at the same time, if in range to take damage. Mk2 and Mk3 improvements increase the damage area, and therefore the number of enemies struck down.

  • Multiple Heaven’s Wrath stratagems can be called at the same time by different Helldivers, to unleash hell from the sky (aka War of the Worlds).

  • Same stats than the Shredder Missile: cooldown (210s), number of uses (1,3,5), except for the activation time that is 6 seconds straight, unlike the Shredder Missile which requires 6 seconds to be deployed then 3 seconds to hit the ground.

Implementation in Helldivers

  • Use the same graphic assets than Tesla Tower for the area damage on the ground and an improved version of the lightning.

  • Use a loud and scary SFX for the lightning strike and the thunder (something like this).

Would look very cool, especially on the rainy forest maps, at night.

Thanks for reading and, as always, feel free to comment!


[Liber-Coffee User Setting]

Profile Screen

  • Add a new line for Liber-Coffee. Toggle In Use / Not in Use.
  • The setting is unlocked only for Rank 50 players.

Loadout Selection Screen

  • If Liber-Coffee is “In Use” in the profile setting, a Liber-Coffee icon is displayed in the top-right corner of the player’s panel.

In-game Screen (optional)

  • If Liber-Coffee is “In Use” in the profile setting, a Liber-Coffee icon is displayed in the top-right corner of the player’s panel.
  • Optional suggestion, to prevent too much kicked players, if the host does not want players with random loadouts in his game. And it would make the player’s panel maybe a bit too busy.


  • Let notice the other players that you use the Liber-Coffee loadout randomizer.
  • If the host has the Liber-Coffee icon, let know that he would like the other players to use a random loadout too.
  • Setting only available to Rank 50 players, to prevent newbies to activate the icon, even if they do not use a random loadout.
  • The only downside is that it would require all Ranks 50 to be fair and honest (activating the icon only if they really use the Liber-Coffee loadout randomizer)

Unlike my other suggestions in this thread, I posted this one more for the fun (I think it would be hard to implement in the game, not technically, but by the fact it would rely too much on players’ good behaviour).

Thanks for reading and, as always, feel free to comment!

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I think that the amount of effort to put this in would justify adding a built in loadout randomiser!

Would have to be on three settings though;
Partial (the loadours are suggested but you can customise them)
Full (you’re forced to use whatever it tells you)

Would love to see this enabled for all levels, and when using Full it would be pretty cool to give you equipment which you haven’t unlocked yet.

The loadouts would have to be manually tailored though :P

Unfortunately, something like 2 years ago, an Arrowhead dev said it would not possible to implement a built-in loadout randomizer, because it could possibly mess up the way the game handles the regular loadout selection.

To be honest, I never truly understood this statement. No need to implement a fully automated randomizer, as there are several workarounds to randomize the loadout selection in the simplest way:

A simple random/shuffle button in each loadout slot: 1 in Perks, 1 in Primary Weapon, and 1 each Stratagem slot.

Random/Shuffle Button (Perks, Weapons, Stratagems)

  • The Random Button is displayed at the top of each loadout slot (1 in Perks, 1 in Primary Weapon, 1 in each Stratagem).

  • When the player clicks on the Random Button, the cursor moves automatically and randomly to one of the perks/weapons/stratagems in the list, then the player validates it, like it was himself who moved the cursor to this object.

  • Rinse and repeat for all loadout slots or only the loadout slots the player wants to be set randomly.

  • A shortcut could be assigned to the Random Button, like R1 on a controller. Once the player has entered the perks/weapon/stratagem list, each time R1 is pressed, the cursor moves randomly to another object in the list.

  • To keep it simple, the “dice mode” would be the “Normal Dice Mode” of Liber-Coffee, which gives the same chance for any item to be selected. If the player is not satisfied with one random choice, he could just press R1 again until something he thinks to be good is selected.

As everyone can see, it can’t be simplier (a kind of manual randomizer). A Random/Shuffle Button used since the dawn of videogames. ^^ No need to mess up the code!

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to comment.


This is pretty much what I was thinking too, but instead of the liber-coffee icon taking up all that real estate it would be in the corner for each slot, showing a preview of the item.

Possibility to select/use non-upgraded stratagems (Mk1 and Mk2)

In the game, when a stratagem has been fully upgraded, it is not possible anymore to use the older versions (Mk1 or Mk2). The player is forced to use the Mk3.

Most of the time, it makes sense, as Mk3 are generally better than Mk1 or Mk2. Most of the time.

We can’t say than M-25 Rumbler Mk1 or Mk2 are bad compared to Mk3, especially with a good teamplay:

  • One M25-Rumbler Mk3 is generally sufficient in a (good) team. Mk1 having only two bursts, it makes possible for each helldiver to take one in their loadout and to use it cooperatively with the other helldivers.
  • The toxic agent of the Mk3 covers a large area, and therefore induces a high risk of friendly kills. Mk1 and Mk2 haven’t this problem, making multiple M25-Rumbler in a team a more viable (and fun) tactic.
  • Playing with Mk1 or Mk2 stratagems can re-add some challenge for veteran players.

Hence, it should be possible for the player to select in the Armory which version of each stratagem he wants to use:

  • Toggle on/off a stratagem version with X button.
  • A skull is displayed in the top-left corner of the stratagem active version.
  • The other versions on the stratagem line are automatically greyed out when one version in the line is selected with the X button.
  • The selected versions of each stratagem will be available in the Loadout Selection before a mission.
  • The option is only available once all stratagems have been unlocked and fully upgraded (to not confuse new players)

The idea popped out in my head a few days ago, thanks to a Rank 50 friend who never upgraded the M25-Rumbler. He called two of them (thanks to Liber-Coffee), and it was so much fun to play cooperatively with two Mk1.
Sadly, I have fully upgraded my M25-Rumbler stratagem since ages, and I can’t play anymore with the Mk1 or Mk2. :pensive:

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to comment!

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[New Stratagem: Cardio Boost ‘Crimson Haze’]

How it works?

  • When the stratagem is deployed, the ground is covered by several patches of crimson haze for 5 seconds (or one big patch of haze).

  • Once the haze is dissipated, all players can sprint as fast as if they had the Cardio Accelerator perk, but only for a limited time: Mk1 20 seconds, Mk2 40 seconds, Mk3 60 seconds.

  • Works also on Survivors, making them run way faster.

  • If one player has already the Cardio Accelerator perk equipped, the stratagem has no effect.

  • Has no effect on enemies.

  • Does not change the fact that a player cannot sprint when carrying a Black Box, or is slower when the Heavy Armor perk is equipped.

Implementation in Helldivers

  • Use the same graphic assets, FX and animations, than the Static Field Conductors stratagem. The only difference is the deep-red color (hence the ‘Crimson Haze’ nickname).

  • If a Crimson Haze is called or already deployed, and a player tries to call another Crimson Haze at the same time, the latest called stratagem is simply cancelled (like when two Reinforcement stratagems are called at the same time)

  • If a Static Field is deployed at the same time than a Crimson Haze, the Static Field effects have the priority.


  • Almost nobody use the Cardio Accelerator perk, although it is one of the best perk in the game (especially on giant forest maps) which allows to literally fly between objectives. If not all players use it in a mission, the perk becomes totally useless, as players with Cardio Accelerator are constantly blocked by the other players being slower. So, this stratagem will allow to make the other players sprint at the same speed (but for a limited time), as if they had the Cardio Accelerator equipped.

  • “Rescue Survivors” objectives are most of the time a chore to complete:

  1. Survivors are way too slow. Such annoying to constantly wait for them, even at standard running pace (not sprinting).

  2. Moreover, enemy ambushes are not a threat: the player who leads the survivors (and the others) has just to flee, and most of the time, it’s enough to reach the bunker (1 or 2 Survivors may perish in the process, but it’s not a big deal). If the situation gets critical, the player can even call Static Field or Stun Mines stratagems directly on the Survivors, as they are immune to it. So, “Rescue Survivors” consists only to go from a point A to a point B with almost nothing to do in-between. Very boring.
    The “Retrieve Black Box” objectives haven’t this problem, as players can complete other objectives on the way to the bunker (obviously not possible when escorting Survivors).

  3. You know these missions with three or more “Rescue Survivors” objectives on a giant map?.. No need to explain why it is boring as hell.

The Crimson Haze stratagem would ease this chore by making Survivors run faster, at the cost of a loadout slot.

Thanks for reading and, as always, feel free to comment!


Fast survivors? yes plz

I really really love the way you put your suggestions together, and the amazing amount of work you put into them is commendable.

You are, essentially, creating proper design documents for this game; especially the way you work with existing assets resonates with me a lot, and even though I find myself disagreeing with your assessment and opinion on certain gameplay aspects, I do hope that your suggestions resonate with Arrowhead, too.

Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


My suggestions:

  1. Weapons that reload one bullet at time should be able to reload by pressing and holding the respective button, instead of having to repeatly press it. This is most noticeable when using the “SG-8 Punisher” shotgun.

  1. The “SG-8 Punisher” shotgun is the least picked of the bunch. It functions as a sort of high damage / precision shotgun, but needs two more upgrades to be able to be used at solo and group at medium difficulties:

I) Reload upgrade - increase individual reload time or allow two bullets to be reloaded at a time***.

II) Armor and Creature Penetration - similar to the ‘Justice’s’ upgrade, this one would increase the ‘Punisher’ damage against most single target enemies (which are armored) and also allow its pellets to penetrate at least one target, so the precision part of the weapon doesn’t get impaired by groups of small enemies.

***see Black Ops 2’s KSG w/ Fast Mags for reference.

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