Have you considered adding/changing this in game...?


As you say a Snowmobile would only be useable on one of the environments (at least properly :stuck_out_tongue:). From my point of view I would rather put the effort required for a new vehicle on something that can see more use (even though it will ofc have its own niche).

Shooting while jump packing is a limitation of the fact that we have no way to steer your aiming in three dimensions. No so much the game engines fault as the fact that we never made a system for it. Grenades and Stratagem balls would theoretically be possible as they would just fall with physics, but I’m unsure what the ramifications would be and it would be quite a big operation on the character movement states.


4th race would be great, but is a VERY big thing to add to the game. It would require us to remake a lot of menus, the galactic war backend, write and record new VO, and ofc create several new enemies and spend a substantial amount of time to get them to be balanced.

But yhea, it’s a highly wished for feature in the community and it would be awesome :slight_smile:


I would like to see a Swedish Meatball Simulator where you have to mix the right ingredients together in specific quantities for specific people, otherwise they get vinterkräksjuka. Oh yeah, and they have to be the preferred size for that person too. Each recipe is customized! You like älgkött? Great! Watch out for allergies!


It’s probably possible to do but basically a rewrite of a lot of the network code would be required. Currently the game in it’s two different versions rely on their respective platforms to provide serverlists and find games. We would have to write that part ourselves and that is quite a big task.

The Galactic War is cross platform though as we wrote that part from scratch :slight_smile:

And yhea, a ballistic shield could be very cool :smiley:


Like a hardcore “Cooking Mama” :smiley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4NInXw3Kns


Ok, Thank you very much for the answers!


Have you considered making pistols from your pistols pack not a perk.Because if pistols from your pistols pack were not a perk I would buy the pistol pack. No offense but your pistols pack seems useless due to your pistols being recognized as perks. I would rather take a proper perk over a pistol I’m sure many others feel this way too as I see little to no people equip the pistols from the pistols pack as a perk. If a sidearm slot was created I know I would see people using your pistols from your pistols pack instead of the default pistol.


Could the level limit be increased from 50 to something much higher as I think it would be cool to see who ranks higher and is more experienced then one another rather then looking at people’s hours played on steam to see who is more experienced because you can gain hours played on steam by sitting in the main menu.Making hours played on steam to see who has more experience with the
game very unreliable. Adding more ranks to a game could also give people more incentive to play it like bragging rights. Kinda like how call of duty has prestige’s.


Which perk is a must-have for you instead of a pistol?


Terrain Boots, Strateagem Priority, Cardio Accelerator, Auto-injector, Displacement Field, I would rather use anoyone of these perks then have a pistol since a pistol is refognized as a perk. What pistol do you think is a better perk then these perks? And don’t you think we should have some variety when it comes to sidearms to make the game more interesting/fun?


I really just want some variety when it comes to side arms.


The laser really needs something done to it on some maps you can barely see it I’ve been messing with my colour settings but nothing seems to help a whole lot.


Terrain Boots can be replaced by a vehicle or jump pack (I prefer Terrain boots though)

Stratagem Priority is helpful, but
Cardio Accelerator is helpful but
Auto-Injector is helpful but
Displacement Field is helpful but
not using any of them doesn’t make you lose, does it?

And sometimes the challenge can be quite fun.
The way I see it, the three pistols are really effective against one of the three factions.

What other side arms would you like to see?


At the time we didn’t consider it because it’s such a big change to the game and it wasn’t realistic to go back and change it si there was a sidearm slot. As is I think they provide for interesting choices when it comes to perks. That said they are DLC and you shouldn’t feel an obligation to buy them if they don’t seem interesting to you :slight_smile:.

The level limit could probably be increased but it isn’t just a flick of a switch, I’ll try to take a look at this for when we do our next update :slight_smile:.


I also rarely use the pistol perks, because I prefer to use the more hard hitting primary weapons who tend to outclass the sidearm anyway.
That said I do consider them worthy alternatives, especially on missions with alot of carry ojectives. Ive seen alot of players who pick up stratagem priority for a single anti tank stratagem even when the team already covers alot of the AT options. The pistol perk would be a useful alternative there (although I tend to default to auto-injector as well).

The level limit is also an interesting topic. How about implementing a level reset (possibly only available at lvl 50) that includes the refunding of all upgrades made? That way there is no need to invent new ranks and also caters to the veterans that want to remove upgrades. The level reset could perhaps be represented by a small number, star or color gradient on the rank icon, but that might be another thing altogether :wink:


Cool, thanks for the response.


I asked for the level reset already but it’s a no go cause how it would affect all our HD data. Upping the rank to 100 would be better but make the exp more to achieve these levels. Lower the bosses experience points and community points would be good too to prevent those from spamming bosses cause some of those 50s on the leaderboard can’t play MP well.


Alright then what about the Admiral’s Armor?
Keep them at lvl 50? Should lvl 46 -> 50 still be Rear-Admiral -> Admiral of Super Earth?


Modifying a current weapon: SUPPRESSOR to add KNOCKBACK

The Suppressor is an awesome gun, but i find it a little lacking especially at higher levels. Tweaking the damage output is probably not the way to go as i’m sure all weapons have been balanced especially when it comes to their basic functions.
The direct competitor to the suppressor is the other weapon in that rank, the Scorcher. Both are med fire rate, long range, splash damage, high damage weapons, BUT the Scorcher has the added effect of setting the enemy on fire, where i don’t see any analogue for the Suppressor.
Adding a Stun, Poison, Slow effect COULD make it similar to the Scorcher, but it would become too similar to other weapons that do the same thing.
KNOCKBACK is what i propose. This would add a crowd control element to the weapon that would fit well with the weapons name. Suppressor- pushing back the mob of enemies, perhaps forcing them into crossfires, mines, napalm, or even incoming Strats.
This would have the added effect of giving the Helldiver space to maneuver around the map to reload/reinforce/reassess tactics. Using the Scorcher, Tox or other Flam weapons, the Helldiver can run away while the enemy takes lingering damage over time- the analogue to this is for the Suppressor is more distance to target, (potentially) netting a balanced result.


I know that a 4th race, like, the full deal would be super hard to implement, like making a new war front and all that stuff… but we COULD have a 4th race PRESENT in the game, maybe tied to an objective- kind of like the Survivor escort.

Here’s a scenario,

A new Objective, “Crash Site”: A mysterious space craft has been intercepted by the Super Earth Fleet but was not destroyed. The crash site has been located and your mission is to investigate the downed ship and relay any intel or schematics to Super Earth command.

Upon arrival the Helldiver squad must call down hull breaching tools to open up the ships armour. Once open one of three events trigger:

  1. An artifact is found inside and must be carried back to a bunker for transport
  2. A specimen is on board and instantly attacks the squad. Once it is killed the Helldivers must harvest the sample for inspection.
  3. A squad of Alien survivors spring an ambush on the Helldivers who retreat when defeated- leaving the Helldivers wondering who or what attacked them.

The idea is to give a soft introduction to a 4th Race without adding too much to the game at one time and overloading the development process. Objectives can be added or modified as new assets are created, much like the current DLC method.