Have you considered adding/changing this in game...?




New Weapon Strat: Static Ray

Description: An experimental non lethal weapon system that uses charged particles directed by magnetic waves. The static Ray entangles and slows enemies where they stand much like the Static Field strategem, but can be focused on a target in the same manner as the REP-80. Upgrades to the weapon system can allow for a longer duration before recharging and to allow multiple targets to become ensnared.

Meta: The Static Ray looks like the REP-80 and has the same fire animation, but is coloured white with a bluish glow. it can effect up to 4 enemy units at the same time, switching focus as the enemies are killed, but unlike the REP-80 it cannot sustain constant interrupted fire- it behaves like Laser Weapons + Heat Sinks and has a ‘cool down’ period between bursts.*
The weapons usefulness depends on enemy pathing and the inability to walk through each other, creating soft barriers and obstacles that enemies have to navigate in order to close in to melee range. It can also be used to freeze enemies on the spot in order to ensure a hellpod lands squarely on its head, or to bundle up targets for an incoming red strat.



recently i tinkered a bit on toggle fire problem and have come up with next: you can just push the first firing check from the second a bit further apart then from the consequent checks and do a conditional there.
So instead of shooting on the first mouse down event and making consequent ‘mouse down’ checks, you wait for some frames if the mouse gets released, and if not, you go for full auto, otherwise performing a single shot on the mouse release event.
The downside is a slight control lag of the first shot, but it could be more then tolerable for a 2-4 frames window - which is considered normal even for online fighting games, but still gives a way better opportunity to land a single shot then the default shot cycle window.
I tried it with X-Mouse Button Control, you can use my config file to check it out yourself:


This could be a good idea, at least for weapons where the intention is that there would be a fire selector/single shot mechanic. Would probably not use it for MGs or burstfire weapons as it would give a bang-brrrrrt stutter if the firerate allows for more than 1 bullet every 4 frames.

It would require a bit of testing to see how it plays, but definitely interesting :slight_smile:


Maybe i didnt explain correctly - there wont be a cycle like
“shot - long_pause - shot - normal_pause- shot - normal_pause - …”

On mouse down you wait for ~2-5 frames. If you encounter mouse up in that interval, you perform a single shot at the very moment.
If you didnt encounter mouse up in that period - at the end of it you perform a shot and go for full auto, doing normal cycle of checks for mouse up. That way you both maintain seamless shooting regardless of cycle length and have a better opportunity of landing a single shot. The downside is an addition to the control lag of said number of frames, which isnt crucial for non-competitive games and, as you said, could be applied individually to certain weapons.


Do you remember the Proton Pack from Ghostbusters movies? I have an idea for a new secondary weapon or innovative support device inspired by it or almost. I could not give it a name, so just for now, we’ll call it Proton Pack.

The Proton Pack is the first support equipment that have TWO types of fire:
The first emits a stun beam, it’s able to stun anything, even a Cyborg IFV. It has a blue colored beam, and has a physics similar to a liquid. In addition, the Proton Pack is the first weapon that is an one with the backpack.

  • The second type of fire emanates a red beam that is able to make vehicles, defensive stratagems and OTHER HELLDIVERS (pretty impossible thing LOL) float and to be able to reposition them at will on the ground (tearing them away from situations where they were surrounded for example).
  • The player is blocked as he fires the beam and with the right joypad stick he maneuvers the load only parallel to the ground.
  • The “load” while it’s moved is as if it were petrified.
  • As for vehicles, only vehicles with nobody on board can be moved.

Regarding the negative sides of this object is that it occupies the position of the backpack, the player remains stuck to his position when he shoots, is slow to recharge / cool, has a magazine that runs out soon, The Proton Pack could have an equal magazine to that of the arc, laser or the TOX-13 ‘Avenger’, I still don’t know what would be good.
I realize that the floating thing could completely disrupt the gameplay as well as I imagine it can be quite challenging to perform, however the stun beam thing could work, what do you think of that? I apologise for the potato photoshoped screenshots.

Another thing out of the subject: Is it too late to have the Cross-Controller feature on PS Vita? just like it was for Little Big Planet 2.


# New Special Event : SUDDEN DEATH #

Galactic Map Description

This planet is covered by an atmospheric quantic field able to memorize the DNA signature of any Helldiver going through it. Therefore, any Reinforcement pod called susbsequently by an Helldiver on the ground will be destroyed in the upper atmosphere. Make sure to bring a full and experienced team before attempting to conquer this planet.

Encyclopedia Description

Atmospheric Quantic Field

The Illuminate have designed a device covering a whole planet with an atmospheric quantic field, able to memorize the DNA signature of any Helldiver going through it.
It means that once the ground, any Helldiver using the Reinforce Stratagem will see the incoming hellpod inevitably and utterly vaporized in the planet’s upper atmosphere.

The Illuminate sent swarms of this device randomly all across the galaxy, drifting in space as seeds, in order to take root on as many planets as possible, whether these worlds are infested with Bugs, Cyborgs or Illuminate.

This device is also able to replicate himself after a given amount of time, in order to colonize the near planets, and finally a whole region, forcing the Super Earth Federation to temporarily retreat.

This unacceptable threat to our war strategy, based on the mobilization of countless brave soldiers, must be annihilated by conquering the planet before the device has time to replicate.

In-game Consequences

  • The special event planet “Sudden Death” prevents the use of the Reinforce Stratagem. The cooldown is always depleted, so the player can’t enter the D-Pad sequence.

  • No Reinforce Stratagem means each Helldiver has only one life. If a player dies, he can’t respawn. He still can quit the mission, leaving his teammates to their fate.

  • A player can’t join a “Sudden Death” game in progress from the Matchmaking screen. A “Sudden Death” mission can only be joined/started from a game currently on ship.

Implementation in Helldivers

  • The “Sudden Death” event works like the Capital Defense event: if the planet is not conquered in the required time limit, the region is lost . The “Sudden Death” event will appear in the next contested region, until the Helldivers succeed to complete the event.

  • The “Sudden Death” event can start in any enemy regions (Bugs, Cyborgs, Illuminate), and in any planet environments (Desert, Forest, Snow, Volcanic but NOT City) and day times (day, night, or evening)

  • A “Sudden Death” planet re-uses the graphic assets of the Capital Defense event on the Galactic Map, and its 4 difficulty levels: Low / Medium / High / Very High Enemy Presence.

That’s it!

Let me know what you think about it!


Awesome concept art.

Not for me though, reinforces are my favourite part of the game :P


Could be a nice addition for veteran squads. That said, even amongst veterans there is quite a high accidental rate, and often tactical sacrifices need to be made, especially against certain types of enemies.

Alternatively, each helldiver could be limited to a small amount of lives, or perhaps the party has a shared pool of reinforces per mission (something like solo missions for example). Maybe the AQF needs time to adjust, allowing a limitted amount of pods to dodge the (proverbial) bullet.


[3 New Enemies: Anti-Stratagem Foes]

I find the Jamming Area feature (which prevents to call any stratagem) is underused in the game, only with the Cyborgs AA guns, and not enough disadvantageous for the player. As the AA guns are static, the solution is simply to flee temporarily to a safe zone, call the needed stratagems (Reinforce or Resupply, most of the time), them come back to the area and blast everything.

For each enemy race, there should be an foe who produces a jamming area, making the feature way more troublesome for the players, as it could happen anywhere in the battlefield… and move!


Encyclopedia Description (Firefly Tank)

Firefly Tank

The primitive bug race still obeys to the obsolete natural selection rules, which produced this evolved version of the Tank. The major difference is now that its exposed rear is full of incandescent plasma and pulsates at high frequency. The resulting vibrations of the plasma creates a magnetic field charged with high energy particles, that jams locally the communication between the Helldivers and the Federation ships in the planet’s orbit.
Therefore, no stratagems can be called in the presence of a Firefly Tank.

Moreover, due to this strong magnetic field, the rear appendix is very resistant and deflects any laser beams, making them way less effecient than good old bullet weapons.
And as Mother Nature can be definitely rude for mankind, an intense heat emanates from the Firefly Tank tail: any helldiver who stands too close will take instantaneously fire.

If this foe emerges on the battlefield, make sure that the whole team puts the highest priority on this target.

In-game Consequences (Firefly Tank)

  • The Firefly Tank has the same effect on the map than two Cyborgs AA guns. Any stratagem called in the jamming area will be defused, until the Firefly Tank is destroyed.

  • The Firefly Tank rear is more resistant than the ordinary Tank’s one. Laser beams make very little damage, and it requires more bullets to destroy it.

  • To add even more spice, if a helldiver stands too close to the Firefly Tank rear, he takes fire. So the Bugs can now poison (Stalker) and burn the player.

Implementation in Helldivers (Firefly Tank)

  • The Firefly Tank uses the same graphic model than the Tank. To make a visual difference, the rear appendix glows, pulsates and emits vibratory waves (that symbolize the magnetic field and the jamming)

  • Use of the same graphic FX for the jamming on the screen borders and the mini-map.

  • The Firefly Tank spawns at a rate of 1 in difficulty 10-12, and a rate of 2 in difficulty 13-15.


Encyclopedia Description (Radioactive Butcher)

Radioactive Butcher

Cyborgs pushed the abomination even further with bio-engineering of a Butcher radioactive version. They exposed its flesh to highly radioactive nuclear wastes, in order to create this new kind of living being aberration.
The Radioactive Butcher’s flesh emits high-energy gamma rays and radioactive particles that surchage locally the communication between the Helldivers and the Federation ships in the planet’s orbit.
Therefore, no stratagems can be called in the presence of a Radioactive Butcher.

Like its ordinary counterpart, the hinged-on flesh of the Radioactive Butcher absorbs the impact of bullet weapons. Laser weapons are more efficient by overheating gradually the flesh and eventually killing the monstrosity.

Helldivers’ outfits protect at 50% from radioactive emissions, so mortal diseases will only appear at long term, once any Helldiver will have accomplished his duty, or bravely died in doing so.
However, the Butcher’s radiating flesh will drain the stamina of any Helldiver being too close to it , and will slow their movements.

If this foe is dropped on the battlefield, make sure that the whole team puts the highest priority on this target.

In-game Consequences (Radioactive Butcher)

  • The Radioactive Butcher has the same effect on the map than one Cyborgs AA gun. Any stratagem called in the jamming area will be defused, until the Radioactive Butcher is destroyed.

  • The Radioactive Butcher has the same health and armor than the ordinary Butcher. Bullets make little damage, laser weapons inflict the same damage amount.

  • To add even more spice, if a helldiver stands too close to the Radioactive Butcher, the player’s movement are slowed. So the Cyborgs can now burn (Immolator) and slow the player.

Implementation in Helldivers (Radioactive Butcher)

  • The Radioactive Butcher uses the same graphic model than the Butcher. To make a visual difference, its flesh color has greenish hues and its blood is purple. A glowing halo surrounds the whole body, to symbolize the radioactive emissions and the jamming.

  • Use of the same graphic FX for the jamming on the screen borders and the mini-map.

  • The Radioactive Butcher spawns at a rate of 2 in difficulty 10-12, and a rate of 3 in difficulty 13-15.


Encyclopedia Description (Light Pillar Obelisk)

Light Pillar Obelisk

The Illuminate have designed a new kind of Obelisk, in order to make it more versatile: it is now a perfect weapon, mastering attack and defense. As soon as the Light Pillar Obelisk drops its armor, it will still project an energy wall, but in addition, will also emits a vertical high-energy beam, generated by its core.
This beam ascends to high altitude and deploys an energy dome above the battlefield, that disrupts locally the communication between the Helldivers and the Federation ships in the planet’s orbit.
Therefore, no stratagems can be called in the presence of a Light Pillar Obelisk.

Moreover, a part of the high energy produced by the core, is transmitted to the Obelisk shield, making it almost totally immune to any laser beam weapon. Only high velocity bullet weapons will damage efficiently this improved shield.

And as it never rains but it pours with these damned Illuminate, the overheated core of the Light Pillar Obelisk increases the gravity nearby. If any helldiver gets too close to it, the increased gravity will be almost unbearable and will strongly slow their movements.

If this foe appears on the battlefield, make sure that the whole team puts the highest priority on this target.

In-game Consequences (Light Pillar Obelisk)

  • The Light Pillar Obelisk has the same effect on the map than three Cyborgs AA guns (the largest jamming field). Any stratagem called in the jamming area will be defused, until the Light Pillar Obelisk is destroyed.

  • The Light Pillar Obelisk shield is more resistant than the ordinary Obelisk’s one. Laser beams are almost totally ineffective, and it requires more bullets to destroy it. The core itself has the same health and strength than the ordinary Obelisk’s one.

  • To add even more spice, if a helldiver gets too close to the Light Pillar Obelisk, the player’s movement are strongly slowed, almost incapacitated, like when hit by the energy ball of an Illuminate Apprentice.

Implementation in Helldivers (Light Pillar Obelisk)

  • The Light Pillar Obelisk uses the same graphic model than the Obelisk. The only difference is the glowing core and the light pillar emanating from it, when it is “opened”. In “armored” state, it is visually identical to the Obelisk.

  • The Light Pillar Obelisk acts the same way than the Obelisk: it can teleport, move, or stay in “armored” state, etc. So the jamming field will be intermittent, and as there is no way to differentiate a “closed” Light Pillar Obelisk and a “closed” Obelisk, it behoves the player to remember which one is the most urgent to destroy.

  • Use of the same graphic FX for the jamming on the screen borders and the mini-map.

  • The Light Pillar Obelisk spawns exclusively at a rate of 1 in difficulty 10-15.

Phew, done!

Once again, I tried to suggest stuff that re-uses assets already coded in the game (graphics, scripts, etc.) with only minor changes, to possibly save the most work.

Let me know what you think about it!


Do you think theres the chance of a DMR in the future? I really enjoy using the “camper”, but the 8 round magazine does make things super dicey sometimes. Also its really a sniper.
I was thinking maybe something with a 15 round magazine, decent fire rate and dmg balance between the snipers and automatic rifles?
(Not the best at this kinda of stuff)


# PS3 / PS4 : Add an option to remap controls #

After hundreds hours of game time (soon 900), pressing the L3 button to sprint has utterly destroyed my Left Stick. It is now totally loose, does not come back to its neutral position and stays stuck in the position I move it. :sleepy:
Well, it adds some kind of handicap when the Sprint command do not respond, as sometimes the L3 button does not even click anymore, or when I can’t manage to make my Helldiver stand still. :triumph:

I wish it was possible to remap the controls in the game options, like the mockup above:

  • Cross button to Sprint (single press or hold, to the player’s convenience), so the Prone button (Square) is still quickly accessible (with the thumb).
  • Previous Cross button functionalities (Interact/Revive/Get up) are set to the Circle button.
  • L3 button for Melee.

It should totally work IMO, as Sprint is cancelled anyway as soon another command is input (edit: except Change Weapon with Triangle and Reload with R1).

Let me know what you think about it!


I wanna see a half-track vehicle that can carry a whole squad with a focus on ramming and mobility maybe have it that it has a rocket propelled anti-tank charge attack that has a cooldown however the charge stops on the 1st tank hit and it has like a 30 second cooldown and no other weapons, mostly just cus i really enjoy hitting things with a car and it’d be a vehicle that you dont have to worry about running out of ammo using, for lore purposes its a rocket propelled half-track that has a plow on the front with new breakthroughs in plasma technology we have created a plasma field that when combined with enough kinetic force is effective in use against tanks


If you can get someone to spare enough time to look at these two suggestions and consider them seriously, I’d be grateful to you.

  • allow angel and guard drones to regenerate charge without being forced to deplete them first if they are idle for a certain amount of time. It just feels really unfun to have someone shoot you just to start a fight with a full drone.

  • make mechs a re-callable vehicle with a 5 or 10 minute cooldown, so that they can be a little more useful. Err on the side of making it longer, imo. But atm it’s significantly easier to lose or deplete a mech than other vehicles, and it carries less team utility as well because only one person can use it. So that might make them a little more interesting.


Have you ever considered extending the value of the perks to vehicles? I realize that they are designed only for the Helldiver but some could adapt:

  • Laser Aim Module: vehicle effect :arrow_right: Gives the laser to the vehicle too.
  • Heavy Armor: vehicle effect :arrow_right: Increase armor, reduce speed.
  • Cardio Accelerator: vehicle effect :arrow_right: Increases speed.

Or perks designed specifically for vehicles.
Another thing, what about a turret that emits a REP-80 ray?


# 4th Ranking Star: Mission Time - Fast Completion #

The Mission Time is an underused feature in Helldivers. It is just given as an indication in the Matchmaking Screen and the Mission Results screen.

The Mission Time could be used to reward fast and clever teamplay, by awarding a few more XP points, and above all, a nice and shiny 4th star (for those players with the OCD syndrome).



How it works?

If the Helldivers complete a mission under the Target Mission Time with all objectives succeeded (1st star), a 4th star is awarded in the Mission Results screen. (see [Implemention in Helldivers] to see how the Target Time is calculated)

The 4th star grants a XP bonus equal to 10% of the planet reward (XP Boost):

  • Get the 4th star in a mission on Hard as Hell (9) difficulty will grant a 100 XP bonus (1000 x 10%), for a total of 300 XP for the 3 missions.
  • Get the 4th star in a mission on Hell Dive (12) difficulty will grant a 500 XP bonus (5000 x 10%), for a total of 1500 XP for the 3 missions.
  • Get the 4th star in a mission on The Inner Circle of Hell (15) difficulty will grant a 2000 XP bonus (20000 x 10%), for a total of 6000 XP for the 3 missions.
  • And so on for all difficulty levels.

If the Helldivers do not complete a mission under the Target Time or fail at least one objective, nothing is awarded (so it prevents to fail purposely an objective to gain time).

The 4th star, awarded or not, does not count for the Community Influence, once the planet conquest is achieved.
A green star is used to make a difference with the gold stars, which count for the Community Influence.
A low opacity red star is used when the Target Time is not beaten, and to make a difference with a missed gold star, which decreases the Community Influence.

Implementation in Helldivers

  • The Target Time for a planet is nowhere indicated in the User Interface, so the players do not focus on this. They only know that they have to complete the planet as fast as possible, without failing an Objective, to earn the 4th star.
  • The Target Time is calculated in background according several factors, each one adding a default time value to the Target Time total:
    (each time value below is not set in stone, but these values could work nonetheless -check the example below-)

#For regular missions:

  1. The Map Size / the distance the Helldivers have to cover between Objectives:
    Small: 2mn
    Medium: 4mn
    Large: 8mn

  2. Number of Objectives: bigger number of Objectives requires more time to complete.
    Let’s say an average time of 1mn per Objective. So a total of 6 Objectives will require a total of 6mn on average to complete (to which the Map Size value and the Planet Difficulty value -section 4 below- are added).

  3. Type of Objectives:
    The average value above (1mn per Objective) is increased or decreased given the type of Objectives, e.g. Capture or Defend requires more time than Destroy or Assassinate.
    (Assassinate): - 1mn (can be done in a few seconds)
    (Destroy): -1mn (very fast with a nuke or dedicated weapon)
    (Exterminate): +/- 0mn (does not count in the total number of objectives)
    (Extract): +/- 0mn (the timer is set to 1mn30 in-game)
    (Capture): +1mn (can be done quickly enough with a good teamplay)
    (Retrieve): +2mn (may be a lot of distance to cover)
    (Escort): +2mn (same as Retrieve)
    (Defuse): +2mn (although it can be done very quickly with a good teamplay)
    (Deploy): +1 to +4mn (Oil Extractor is the shortest, Geological Survey is the longest)

  4. Planet difficulty: obviously, complete a planet in highest difficulties, requires more time due to the increased number of enemies.

  • Difficulty 1-4 : -2mn (small maps, 1 or 2 objectives, almost no enemies)
  • Difficulty 5-8: -1mn (small to medium maps, 3 to 5 objectives, a few more enemies)
  • Difficulty 9-12: +2mn (medium to large maps, minimum 4 to 6 objectives, good amount of enemies)
  • Difficulty 13-15: +4mn (large maps only, minimum 5 objectives, insane amount of enemies)


- Hard as Hell (9) mission: +2mn
- Medium size map: +4mn
- 5 Objectives: +5mn
- Destroy Beacons: -1mn
- Exterminate 80 enemies: does not count
- Capture Area 1: +1mn
- Activate and Defend Launchpad: +1mn
- Capture Area 2: +1mn
- Retrieve Black Box: +2mn

= Target Mission Time : 15mn

Same as above but with the highest difficulty and 1 more objective:
- The Inner Circle of Hell (15) mission: +4mn
- Large size map: +6mn
- 6 objectives: +6mn
- Destroy Beacons: -1m
- Capture Area 1: +1mn
- Activate and Defend Launchpad: +1mn
- Capture Area 2: +1mn
- Retrieve Black Box: +2mn
- Perform a Geological Survey: +4mn

= Target Mission Time: 24mn

#For Retaliatory Strikes:

Set Target Time default values according the difficulty level and the number of enemies to kill. Roughly:

  • Difficulty 1-4 : 10mn
  • Difficulty 5-8: 15mn
  • Difficulty 9-12: 20mn
  • Difficulty 13-15: 25mn

#For Bosses or Capital Defense:

No Target Time in Special Events (then no 4th star).

Phew, done.

I don’t know if it would be difficult to implement (especially the code to calculate the Target Time), but this feature would incent people to focus more on fast and clever teamplay. I already said that at the beginning but it’s often missing when joining random players (even veterans).

Feel free to discuss!


The ability to move around stratagems and vehicles could be cool, though probably very complex to implement and I don’t know how well it would mesh with hellpods being stuck in the ground.

As for stun we already have the defenders stun bullets, and I would be weary to make a stronger version of it as it is potentially very powerful.

Not sure what the cross-controller feature is, and have no idea how much work it would be unfortunately.


The Justice and Paragon are already filling that space in some ways, not sure how to make a DMR specific weapon that isn’t too similar to the others.


We actually considered and tested this during development but decided against it because we didn’t like what it did to the gameplay. People started playing rushed and it created unnecessary friction between players.


It’s nice to see some good questions here :slight_smile: