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New Weapon Strat: Static Ray

Description: An experimental non lethal weapon system that uses charged particles directed by magnetic waves. The static Ray entangles and slows enemies where they stand much like the Static Field strategem, but can be focused on a target in the same manner as the REP-80. Upgrades to the weapon system can allow for a longer duration before recharging and to allow multiple targets to become ensnared.

Meta: The Static Ray looks like the REP-80 and has the same fire animation, but is coloured white with a bluish glow. it can effect up to 4 enemy units at the same time, switching focus as the enemies are killed, but unlike the REP-80 it cannot sustain constant interrupted fire- it behaves like Laser Weapons + Heat Sinks and has a ‘cool down’ period between bursts.*
The weapons usefulness depends on enemy pathing and the inability to walk through each other, creating soft barriers and obstacles that enemies have to navigate in order to close in to melee range. It can also be used to freeze enemies on the spot in order to ensure a hellpod lands squarely on its head, or to bundle up targets for an incoming red strat.



recently i tinkered a bit on toggle fire problem and have come up with next: you can just push the first firing check from the second a bit further apart then from the consequent checks and do a conditional there.
So instead of shooting on the first mouse down event and making consequent ‘mouse down’ checks, you wait for some frames if the mouse gets released, and if not, you go for full auto, otherwise performing a single shot on the mouse release event.
The downside is a slight control lag of the first shot, but it could be more then tolerable for a 2-4 frames window - which is considered normal even for online fighting games, but still gives a way better opportunity to land a single shot then the default shot cycle window.
I tried it with X-Mouse Button Control, you can use my config file to check it out yourself:


This could be a good idea, at least for weapons where the intention is that there would be a fire selector/single shot mechanic. Would probably not use it for MGs or burstfire weapons as it would give a bang-brrrrrt stutter if the firerate allows for more than 1 bullet every 4 frames.

It would require a bit of testing to see how it plays, but definitely interesting :slight_smile:


Maybe i didnt explain correctly - there wont be a cycle like
“shot - long_pause - shot - normal_pause- shot - normal_pause - …”

On mouse down you wait for ~2-5 frames. If you encounter mouse up in that interval, you perform a single shot at the very moment.
If you didnt encounter mouse up in that period - at the end of it you perform a shot and go for full auto, doing normal cycle of checks for mouse up. That way you both maintain seamless shooting regardless of cycle length and have a better opportunity of landing a single shot. The downside is an addition to the control lag of said number of frames, which isnt crucial for non-competitive games and, as you said, could be applied individually to certain weapons.


Do you remember the Proton Pack from Ghostbusters movies? I have an idea for a new secondary weapon or innovative support device inspired by it or almost. I could not give it a name, so just for now, we’ll call it Proton Pack.

The Proton Pack is the first support equipment that have TWO types of fire:
The first emits a stun beam, it’s able to stun anything, even a Cyborg IFV. It has a blue colored beam, and has a physics similar to a liquid. In addition, the Proton Pack is the first weapon that is an one with the backpack.

  • The second type of fire emanates a red beam that is able to make vehicles, defensive stratagems and OTHER HELLDIVERS (pretty impossible thing LOL) float and to be able to reposition them at will on the ground (tearing them away from situations where they were surrounded for example).
  • The player is blocked as he fires the beam and with the right joypad stick he maneuvers the load only parallel to the ground.
  • The “load” while it’s moved is as if it were petrified.
  • As for vehicles, only vehicles with nobody on board can be moved.

Regarding the negative sides of this object is that it occupies the position of the backpack, the player remains stuck to his position when he shoots, is slow to recharge / cool, has a magazine that runs out soon, The Proton Pack could have an equal magazine to that of the arc, laser or the TOX-13 ‘Avenger’, I still don’t know what would be good.
I realize that the floating thing could completely disrupt the gameplay as well as I imagine it can be quite challenging to perform, however the stun beam thing could work, what do you think? I apologise for the potato photoshoped screenshots.

Another thing out of the subject: what about an arc version of ‘Tanto’?


Is it too late to have the Cross-Controller feature on PS Vita? Personally I would also be willing to pay a DLC done on purpose, just as it was for Little Big Planet 2. It would make the ultimate couch co-op experience, even if it would only be valid for PS3, as I understood, because on PS4 there isn’t the possibility to have the cloned account (# 2, # 3 and # 4).

Why on PS Vita is there a virtual button to run and not to reload and throw grenades on the touchscreen? I read elsewhere that some players find the controls on the back touchpad unpleasant, so maybe they could also be added to the touchscreen.