Have you considered adding/changing this in game...?


I think I would prefer all perks to have a vehicle effect if some have it, just for consistency and clarity. That said it would be quite a bit of work, and some doesn’t translate well to vehicles at all (like the sidearms).

A REP-80 turret could be a possibility, but it would be one hell of a balancing task to not make it really, really good.


The drones would probably greatly benefit from reaming/resupplying when there is downtime, really good suggestion.

As for the combat walkers they are extremely powerful weapon platforms and the intended experience is that they are limited in time and usability. Having them be infinite uses would require a complete re-imagining of the role the combat walkers fill.


Ideally we would like to support full remappability of the controls, we just never managed to get to it as it was a bit more difficult on PS4.


it’s a pleasure to discuss directly with you developers, I’ve never seen anything like this before.


@patrik.lasota I appreciate the answers, it’s a bit sad though hear this from a developer, it seems that Sony has not given sufficient information about the poor PS Vita. In short, the cross-controller turns the Vita into a PS3 controller and simultaneously stream the game on the small screen, with a positive benefit of the couch co-op experience. (Ach! I’m a landslide with these forums, even those user-friendly one)


At least it’s not really bad ha-haa! Making RS missions compatible is the key to realizing imo, AD-289 reaction times but manual activation via another input sequence (hence the second non-automatic turret, as well as the extration beacon) just like a cooking timer, so it have two coldown periods, one short (between one and another random shoot) and one long (please put sequence) then we can repair a REP-80 turret with a REP-80 that repairs another REP-80 turret…


RL-112 Recoiless Rifle and MLS-4X Commando
Improve the “Assisted Reload” gameplay mechanics

I find the “assisted reload” mechanics kind of broken in some circumstances:

  • The Assisted Reload call doesn’t work if the player needing an assisted reload is also carrying a Support Kit himself.
    In this case, the player can’t request a reload and hitting ‘Reload’ will initiate the slow self-reload instead. When there is multiple RL-112 or MLS-4X in the team, it makes the “assisted reload” mechanic very unconvenient.
    So the players have to constantly keep an eye on each other player panel, to see if they need a reload. Very tedious, especially when the action gets very hectic.
    Fix: Press R3 button to request a reload, even if carrying a Support Kit.

  • It’s not possible to request a reload if the MLS-4X magazine is not totally empty. Currently, when not carrying a Support Kit, pressing R1 does nothing if there are still bullets in the magazine. It should be possible to request a reload at anytime, and not waste purposely the last bullets to be able to shout “Assisted Reload!” and warn the teammate.
    Fix: Press R3 button to request a reload at anytime, even if the weapon is not totally empty.

  • There’s no audio indication when a teammate reloads the RL-122 or MLS-4X carrier. Once again, it’s very unconvenient when the action gets hectic, because after the “assisted reload” call, the player has to keep an eye on his teammate to see what’s he doing and then, on his panel to see if the weapon has been reloaded. The reloading teammate should simply shouts “Reload”, so the weapon carrier would have a quick and convenient audio indication, while staying focused on the action.
    Fix: The reloading teammate shouts “Reload!” with the text “Reload!” displayed above his head, like a regular reload when a player reloads his own weapon.

Implementation in Helldivers

  • Simple enough, I think… Re-use the audio files “Assisted Reload!” and “Reload!” that are already in the game.
  • R3 button has currently no use in the game. Make it a dedicated button to request a reload, only when the RL-122 or the MLS-4X is equipped.
  • When pressing R3, “Assisted Reload!” is displayed above the player, so the Reloader knows who requests a reload (already coded in the game, when pressing R1).
  • “Reload!” is displayed above the player who reloads his teammate (already coded in the game for a personal reload)

These tiny modifications would improve the “Assisted Reload” gameplay mechanics, which can be very clunky sometimes. No more need to wriggle like a moron in front of a teammate, meaning I want a reload, because I carry myself a Support Kit, and I don’t wan’t to start a slow reload… Or I can’t request a reload because there’s still a few bullets in the magazine! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for reading!


Here some strewed brief ideas
1)_Since in Helldivers weapons have the latest technological achievements such as lasers, electric arc, plasma and so on, how about adding a new technology? Sonic or Ultrasonic Weapons (USW)

  • Red Stratagem = Ultrasonic Blast: When called it emits a shockwave, which expands from the center, pushing and sweeping away anything. It is not an explosion, it does not create damage to enemies or troops, it simply takes everything away from the point of call up.
  • Primary Weapon = (Name?): This primary weapon belongs to the explosive class, unlike the CR-9 Suppressor, it emits fan-shaped shockwaves and has a short radius, like the symbol of Wi-Fi. (I admit, this is a bit forced).

2)_When you unlock all enhancements using the Research Points, then they accumulate and remain unused. If only were other ways to spend that amount, like the ability to unlock new pages in the Encyclopedia inside the ship. Adding tips/tricks or weapons/stratagems info (ported from the armoury) so we can read it well.

3)_A new perk that constantly keeps the mini-map open (perhaps this prevents a main feature of the game, however it can be quite challenging play without the weapon hub).

4)_I think the AC-22 Dum Dum is a little under-powered, is there any chance to make it “low-profile-anti-tank-rifle”? i mean, there are far superior primary weapons, you can’t even scratch a Brood Commander with it, because its real weakness is the not being able to take aim, (i mean, the Helldiver rotate too fast to perform a precises aim) and the few projectiles scored are not sufficiently “harmful”; even because explosive isn’t in the bullets caratteristic but you keep like that. Could it be adapted for medium/high-armored targets? Would be enough to slightly increase the damage and go from 4 standard magazines to 3 standard magazines (from max 8 to max 6).

And even if already mentioned I definitely give a thumbs up on this:


Yes! Definitely agreeing to Ugo on this. I would love myself with playing RS missions compatible to the realizing imo.

Kudos! Also, there’s been quite an interesting discussion going here.