Have you considered adding/changing this in game...?

Interesting suggestion! Very intriguing, but also fitting the name or concept of a Ninja. I like this a lot!

While this is cool, I wish Ninja fired piercing Ninja Star Blades instead of bullets. I mean, if you’re gonna call a weapon Ninja, then really make it do something Ninja-y. :smiley:

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Then, add some smoke nades, thunderer smoke rounds and a distractor beacon. now we just need some heavy weapon katana or something. How about a meaty melee attack on the sniffer? :thinking:

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Give the Sniffer the attack animation of the Saber.

There! Everyone can be happy now. :rofl:


Besides,some upgrades can be adjusted to switchable ones.Or some new switchable upgrades can be added in the game.This may provide players some interesting decisions.
For example,the sawed-off upgrade of DBS-2 only provide “One Hand” ability.But if it have a switchable sawed-off upgrade,its deafult max range can be longer and spread can be more narrow.But once the sawed-off upgrade is switched on,it become a short range and wide spread one hand weapon.
Another example is that the CR-9 suppressor.How about to give it a switchable “stun round”upgrade?This upgrade reduces explosive damage but provide a special stun effect.
It doesn’t complete stop enemies active,but last longer than mini-stun.Like the armory description said,it can suppressing large crowds.

Now that we have Loadouts, I had a couple Brain Farts that inspired me to suggest these modifications, some day, if it’s feasible…

Configure Loadouts at on-ship Armory screen
On the on-ship Armory screen, add a TAB on the far right called LOADOUTS, where we can adjust and save our 3 favorite Loadouts, without needing to enter a mission to do so.

Generally, we don’t have time to adjust Loadouts on a MP mission (everyone’s too impatient :D). So you pretty much have to just set up and enter a mission (i.e., jump in the entry tube) to reach the point you can adjust your loadouts. This way, you can just pop it up at the Armory and adjust as you like it.

Add Toggle Between Co-Op Loadouts and Solo Loadouts
In conjunction with above, add a Toggle between

I don’t know about other Helldiver players, but I often bring drastically different loadouts when playing solo when playing multiplayer. I often rely heavily on Turrets and Mines for tackling defense type objectives, evac points, and mine fields. In multiplayer these days I basically don’t bring turrets at all because other players simply don’t pay attention, get offed by turrets and get po’d. Often same with mines.

So I think toggling between two sets of Loadouts could be useful. Or these could just be labled Loadout Set A and Loadout Set B (but I would use one for my favorite solo sets; and one for MP sets). :slight_smile:

Allow Host to Set a “Random Loadouts Required” Option for Entire Squad
Random Loadouts are fun (sometimes frustrating if nobody has an ammo strategem)… I’d suggest considering letting the host set a “Random Loadouts Required” option and then the game browser list would need to make that clear (which may/may not be feasible).


The RL already does this, but better (it is probably a glitch, or unintentional). All rockets/ artillery (tank, AT vehicle gun, AT emplacement, etc.) can penetrate any single target and destroy a second, no matter how far away the second target is (ex: you can shoot through a dog and destroy a tank that is perfectly in line with your shot all the way across the screen; you can also shoot through a warlord and kill a second warlord behind it).

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# In Proving Grounds “Capturing Flag” mission, make the timer start immediately after the helldivers deployment #

I don’t know why, but PG “Capturing flag” mission is the only one to not have the timer starting immediately after the Helldivers deployment. And unfortunately, this design flaw can be exploited.


  • In the landing zone, the timer does not start. So it can be exploited to call a lot of weapon stratagems (in the case of the last Cyborgs PG, a lot of MGX-42 Machine Guns) before triggering the first enemy wave. It just requires patience, waiting between each stratagem cooldown.
    It’s even possible to go outside the landing zone without the timer starts.


  • Actually, the timer only starts when one helldiver gets very close to the flag.

All top times (under 8 or 9 minutes) has been made exploiting this, as with a lot of available MGX-42 Machine Guns on the ground, the first 13 waves could be cleared in approximatively 3 minutes.

Fix: Simply make the “PG Capturing Flag” timer start as soon as the helldivers are deployed (like all other PG missions).

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to comment.


# Give funny lines / famous quotes to Survivors (undubbed) #

When running:

When dying:


  • Add funny lines and famous quotes to Survivors (no need of voice actors), either they’re running or dying (in downed state).

Here’s a list (I let you find from where these quotes come :grin: ):

“Running” lines

I'm too old fo this sh*t.

They drew first blood, not me.

Burn, burn them all!

I will have my revenge!
Super-Earth will prevail!

Join the Army they said.

We're all gonna die.
I ain't got time to bleed.
You are one ugly motherf-
If it bleeds, we can kill it.
Come on in, you f*ckers. Come on in. 

I thought I told you not to crash.

Everyone fights. No one quits.
I'm from Super Earth and I say, KILL 'EM ALL!

Dying lines (when the Survivor is downed)

I got 8 days to my retirement.

I see dead people.

I'm doing my part.   /* (I REALLY like this one) */

It wasn't my war!

See you on the other side.

Tell my wife... I died fighting for Super Earth!

Game over man, game over!

I see the light... it burns!

Implementation in Helldivers

  • Simple enough, just re-use the same text FX than when using the communication emotes. The lines are randomly triggered, during the run to the bunker or when a Survivor is about to die.
  • Text-only lines. No need to hire voice actors.

Why ?

  • Simply to give some life (or funny death) to survivors.
  • Not really a serious suggestion though (it could only work with A LOT of quotes, to prevent repetition)

Thanks for reading, and if you have some line/quote suggestions, feel free to comment.


While I would love these, I assume AH and/or Sony would no longer invest the funds necessary to re-hire the original voice actors (or hire new ones), and they don’t seem interested in text-only line reading macros.

I pushed for quick chat voice lines/commands in an Argentine dev’s ultimately disappointing twin-stick shooter in a spaceship, Trident’s Wake, but they would only do on-screen text lines, and it’s just isn’t as useful or fun as voice-acted lines.

Which doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have fun suggesting what new voice lines we’d enjoy. It’s just not something in all likelihood that would happen (which goes for anything and probably everything I’ve suggested in the forums here myself).

Proving Grounds is neat and cool, and all. But, how about a world that is always available even after beating the enemy home world during a war?

It could be something like last remnants of this war’s enemy forces. A single world or system that has the range of difficulty levels, or something. Sometimes, we just want to fight something other than Illuminate. :slight_smile:

Oh, I didn’t know that.

I can understand Arrowhead can’t implement new lines for player’s characters, as it would require to re-hire voice actors, but for Survivors??

They are mute anyway, and they don’t make any sounds (not even when taking damage or dying). So, I don’t see where would be the problem to have text-only lines for Survivors.

But I’m not a dev after all. “Arrowhead works in mysterious ways” :innocent:

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Give this diver a community cape already. So much effort in the suggestions and really good and thoroughly thought ideas, liked basically all of them.


well …(1st of all people farm exp by restarting any defeated boss fight, and if lucky some veteran will join and do your dirty work. So idea of bigger exp cap falls in water while this system is intact . (2nd there is precise number that tells u just how much actual mission time u have, which is much different from hours on your steam account as you miht guess .So the info of how much is one expirienced,not of standing by the shuttle window drinking liber tea and observing the planet beneath,but from real combat, not simulated ;)) and (3rd I know u asked for a more precise number that could be official
for all to see,but u can best see it when u play with someone, their way of thinking,movement, weapons choice ect. U need to become veteran of some kind to see trough the facade of who is real vet and who is Idk what … newer did I see so much 50s carrying trident, and it would be ok if he had a good plan,idk like air strike heal gun and laser weapon so no ammo needed so 2 slots free,but then u see he took rumbler and ammo supply, but trusty trident is wih him at all times xD. need no numbers to realize who is and who is not on a lvl of some true veterans and what they can do with movement and lesser weapons in small spaces.

I don’t know for PC, but on PS3/PS4, the Total Mission Time in the player’s profile is really the time spent on mission (not on the ship deck, or whatever else).

By the way, I wish it is possible to inspect another player’s profile.

Yes, I’m totally agree with that.

Before the New Hell update (2018), it was much much longer to reach rank 50… At most, clearing perfectly a lvl 12 planet (3x 3 stars) granted around 15000 XP +5000 XP as planet reward. Therefore, back in the days, most ranks 50 were veterans.

Now, with difficulty 13-15, even an average player (or a “XP leecher”) can earn 20000 to 30000 XP quite easily, without even clearing perfectly a planet.

As a result, “fake ranks 50” are more common, and it’s easily noticeable as they do not play like a player who have spent a lot of time on the game… They have just grinding partially the best planet XP rewards, to quickly reach rank 50.

It has been asked numerous times to Arrowhead to increase the level cap (to 99), but it seems it’s too hard to implement, without breaking the XP system.

An air repulsor wrist grenade or gun would be a cool addition to Helldivers similar to that of the clone commando in battlefront 2 to get out of tight spots.

With regards to ranking, instead of focusing on problematic XP, why not unlock special ranks by the amount of successful missions a player has, that can make the level 50 skull emblem a different colour like blue and black rather than the standard colour? This would overcome the issue of coming up with more titles and badge designs. Or more specifically, the amount of level 15 3 star missions completed? These challenges could track before hitting max xp level 50 but only unlock after for the skillful players who have had less time on their hands.

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# New Illuminate enemy: GOLDEN PUPPETEER #

Encyclopedia Description (Golden Puppeteer)

Golden Puppeteer

Illuminate have improved their brain-control ability. The Golden Puppeteer is able to take full control of an Helldiver. Helldivers struck by a golden orb turn their fire power against their squad teammates for a limited amount of time. Luckily, the psychic control can be instantaneously interrupted by destroying the Golden Puppeteer or by healing the brain-infected helldiver using the REP-80 medic gun. “Neutralizing” quickly the unfortunate brainwashed helldiver is also a good solution, to preserve the squad integrity.

In-game Consequences (Golden Puppeteer)

  • The Golden Puppeteer acts like the Illusionist and Council Member, shooting orbs to take control of Helldivers (and only orbs, not the wide-range blast attack). The player loses control of his/her helldiver for approximatively 10 seconds. During these 10 seconds, the infected helldiver is controlled by the AI and works for the Illuminate army, shooting randomly the other helldivers.

  • The currently equipped weapon when an helldiver is struck by a golden orb, is the weapon used by the brain-controlled helldiver AI. If the the weapon is ammo-depleted, the brain-controlled helldiver AI tries to melee the other helldivers.

  • If the Golden Puppeteer is destroyed, the brain-control is automatically and instantaneously interrupted. The player regains control of his/her character.

  • If an infected helldiver is healed by the REP-80, the brain-control is also automatically and instantaneously interrupted. The player regains control of his/her character.

Implementation in Helldivers (Golden Puppeteer)

  • The Golden Puppeteer uses the same graphic model than the Council Member, but with a golden glow (the orbs too). It has the health stats of an Illusionist.

  • Same light FX for a brain-controlled helldiver than a reversed-control helldiver, but with a golden glow.

  • Spawn rate: replace randomly one Council Member at most in any difficulty in which Council Members spawn.

Supplementary suggestion:

  • The REP-80 should cure an helldiver from any brain-control, either it is Obsidian Observer, Illusionist, Council Member, or Golden Puppeteer attack. Or at least, an helldiver should recover quickly from a brain-control if healed by the REP-80.

Why? (Golden Puppeteer)

  • It would be simply a hell of fun if a brain-controlled helldiver turns against the team for a limited amount of time.
    The team could choose between 3 solutions: quickly destroy the Golden Puppeteer, cure the unfortunate teammate with the REP-80 (and it would give some love to the REP-80), or simply kill the brainwashed teammate if the situation becomes to hectic or hazardous.

  • If the REP-80 cures any Illuminate brain-control, perhaps players would rant less against this species, and play more against it.

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to comment!



Im player from 2017 and I don’t have enough Helldivers after all these years. But still I would be happy to see some changes.

Here are some ideas/suggesions from me:

1. Immolators (Cyborgs flamethrower guys) on higher difficulties:
There is none of these guys on lvls 9-12 and they appear suddenly on 13-15. They are fun, they are making fights harder because of burning effect they put on a character. Add them on all difficulties please.

2. Unballanced Illuminates RS lvl 13:
RS lvl 13 spowns only obelisks and Council members making RS 13 harder than 14 and 15. Please ballance.
(we players dont mind of difficulty on lvl 13 - its great fun, just make lvl 15 hardest and 13 easier)

3. Left handed Hulks and Warlords:
The idea is to create the same unit but mirrored. This way it will shoot in the opposite direction (gun in other hand and reversed movement). The game will randomize which one will spown, the right-handed or left-handed Hulk/Warlord. This will increase the difficulty of the game. This units can only occur on difficulties 13-15 so as not to make life too difficult for new players.
Now when figting cyborgs players can easy predict what will happen, just run anticlockwise and warlord will not hit you = boring :wink:

4: “Reload!” voice-call on weapons that require loading each shell manually.
Character shouts RELOAD! when changing the magazine is great but in the case of weapons that need to be loaded one bullet at a time these screams are starting to be a little too frequent. Add them only when someone reloads from a completely empty weapon then it will give teamamates some information, otherwise it’s just audio spam that adds nothing to the game and just starts to be annoying after some time.

5: Reloading changes
Spamming reload button to reload full clip with weapons loaded one bullet at a time is annoying. Please add mechanic when you can hold realod and character will be realoding continuously, or push reload button for a moment (around full second) and then character will realod weapon to full continuously.

6: Option to turn off upgrades PLEASE:
Add opportunity to turn off upgrades or chose which lvl of upgrade should be used. It can be done on ARMORY screen.
Experienced players often use not upgraded weapons to have a challenge, but it requires a character reset and this is not a cool solution and when you upgrade there is no going back.

7: Evening and night time missions:
Like on the game annoucing videos. Add mission evening and night daytime with a limited view. Helldivers have to spot enemies with their flashlights. That would be sooo cool!

8: Unique message from Host of the session:
The host as a session owner often imposes some restrictions on his team, e.g. no mines, static or AT-47 on RS. This can be done through chat when everyone choosing equipment, but host can’t tell it to people who are joining during the mission. Add the option of adding a special message that will appear to players who are just joining the game and let it be wisible when choosing equipment and loading screen or even choosing server on the search list.
How many times I have to kick players out of my sessions especially during RS when they throw mines or other things that spoil my game and ruins whole tactic i prepared. Exerienced players dont like some stuff which is cosidered OP or other win buttons on their sessions. Then they are considered salty because they want to play their sessions as they like. Leaving message allowing quicker communication is useful on coop games right?

9: Show ping value
When Im searching for a game to join i would like to see ping value to host of the session. I know that ping to other players will be different but it could be seen too when looking at SQUAD MEMBERS in menu.

10. Suppressor
Add mini stun on hit. This would be nice tactic weapons - only one who can stun small area.

11. Rework or nerf Rumbler:
We are dealing with a mortar right? so it should be a heavy ranged weapon. It should have high firepower but slow preparation for the shot. Currently, we have a weapon that almost does not require skill, fires 3 rockets, so the targeting element is practically omitted and all in all its very fast. Make a real mortar. One bullet with high firepower. Extra backpack with ammunition to reload.
Ew, if you do not want to rebuild from scratch, I suggest to nerf it a bit. Two rockets instead of 3. Three salvos instead of a 4, add reloading backpack (without assisted reload). Its so OP weapon now and allow to have backpack too! its ridiculous!

12. Nerf Breaker:
Something like a shotgun firing unstopable pellets thats pierces through everything? The idea is slightly wierd. This weapon has incredible damage, range and rate of fire. Its just OP. Breaker with only one upgrade is powerufull already and balanced.

13. End War faster:
When 2 races are eliminate 3rd should be easy and fast to finish. Really…
Arrowhed, you are runing your game making a demo versiosn from it. People are leaving game when only illuminates are available. Most of new players want to fight bugs, most of veterans want to fight cyborgs. Illuminates can be fun but we have enough of illuminates especialy when war goes on for weeks.
I have an idea - each attempt to beat the race when it fails, will lower threshold to reach for next attempt by ex. 10%.
Now we are fighting with Illuminates and constantly have not enough community points. Just lower them over time to allow us to end war and fight our favorite races again. Please.

14: New PVP mode
Add PVP paintball with constitution (weapon). Sounds like fun?
EDIT: I changed my mind. Netcode (or simply registering pvp hits system) in this game is not good for pvp. General changes need to be made and dont know if dev team can spend so much time on this.

Ok, thats all, thx for reading this ideas.
I guess not everyone agrees with me in everything but maybe at least some of the suggestions will fall on fertile ground :slight_smile:


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Yes, to be more precise, regarding Illuminate RS difficulties, switch lvl.14 to 13, lvl.15 to 14, and move lvl.13 difficulty to 15.

But do not remove the RS 13 spawn script (only Obelisks and plenty of Council Members), it’s the ultimate challenge of Helldivers and a very enjoyable mayhem.


# Proving Grounds: New Scoring System “Proficiency” #

A PSN friend sent me an interesting suggestion:

FiggaTrigga wrote:
“What do you think about having the PG a more of an arcade style scoring system?
Where time is only part of the equation, taking into account all the things already on the results page too like accuracy, deaths, and accidentals.
So it represents a true training simulation, not just speedrun.”

I think it would be a very nice improvement for PG.

Here we go.

Encyclopedia Description

Proving Grounds

A Proving Ground is a unique replayable mission that takes place in a city, purposely built as a training facility. Captured enemies have been let loose to roam the streets and give the Helldivers an opportunity to hone their skills.
On a Proving Ground mission, Helldivers squad will be evaluated according five criteria:

  • Completion Time
  • Total Number of Deaths
  • Total Number of Accidentals
  • Global Accuracy
  • Number of missing Helldivers after Extraction

These data will be used by Super-Earth expert mathematicians to compute a Proving Grounds Proficiency score.

How it works?

The team starts the PG mission with a pool of 1000 XP. At the end of the mission, this XP pool decreases according the value of each criteria mentioned above, which gives the Proficiency score:

Players are now ranked according the Proficiency and not only according the Completion Time. (see below for analysis of these stats, in “Why?” section)

Implementation in Helldivers

  • At the end of mission, the XP routine is re-used, Proficiency score being simply the XP gained minus the penalties:

  • During the PG mission, nothing changes: Elapsed Time is still displayed. Time penalties stay the same (+20 seconds per died survivors, +45 seconds per failed objectives).


  • The biggest flaw of PG is that it’s a raw speedrun. Nothing else matters, only completion time, leading to cheap tactics (killing purposely teammates to gain time) and, in my opinion, the worst thing: abort the mission early in order to retry right away.

For example, when the PG mission objective is “Escort Survivors”, if one survivor dies, it’s over, the completion time will be bad. So, the whole team commits suicide (aborting again and again makes the game crash after a while), because there’s no point to continue the mission.

If the completion time is just a part of the equation, and the other stats have also their importance, there will be an interest to play the mission until the extraction, to check the final score.

  • Proficiency score would give a better balance and fairest challenge.

As showed in the mockup above, Team Alpha has by far the best completion time, but its other stats are very bad.

Team Beta is much slower than Team Alpha, but its stats are nice and clean (low number of deaths, perfect extraction). It makes much more sense to reward this team, and the Proficiency score achieves that.

Finally, Team Gamma is in-between: good completion time, low number of deaths, very good accuracy, but only one helldiver has been extracted. This team gained a lot of time (at least 37 seconds) by sacrificing three players during the extraction sequence.

Additional Suggestion

  • Lvl.5 difficulty [Challenging] should be removed from PG, and replaced by lvl.12 difficulty [Helldive].

There’s not enough enemies in lvl.5 difficulty to make it enjoyable. And most of the time, it turns it into a chore.

For example, the objective “Kill 50 enemies” in lvl.5 PG has no sense: the team just runs endlessly, searching for enemies, or trying to trigger the scripts making the enemies appear.

In lvl.5 PG “Activate SAM sites” mission, it’s just about running like hell, as enemies are not an annoyance at all (when there’s actually enemies to kill…)

Proving Grounds level difficulty should be: lvl.9 [Hard as Hell], lvl.12 [Helldive], and lvl.15 [The Inner Circle of Hell].

I think all of this would be easier to implement than the Proving Ground Tiers.

And it would possibly give some new love for Proving Grounds, because currently, almost nobody plays it.

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to comment.