Have you considered adding/changing this in game...?

It will make it more interesting for the small % of players who are noobs by making other guns and builds more viable. Keep in mind this game has level 1-3 for noobs. Certain items in this game are far too good at handling all situations at all levels, like the Justice and static field.

There is so much content in this game that is rarely used at ALL levels by ANY players, because of the complete dominance of the items I listed. Nobody uses scythe, arc thrower, camper, railgun turret, stun items, defender, or punisher. Maybe they can be buffed but I think it’s much more important to nerf breaker, Justice, lift pack, ATB, etc.
God there are so many cool strategems that literally never get used like the APC because they are absolutely dominated by another similar strategem. Orbital laser could be buffed just by reducing the input complexity or cool down. Lift packs should not have so much fuel it’s absurd. Incendiaries and smokes are too weak compared to other perks too

The Trident is a great balanced gun. Costs a ton to upgrade, good for solo bad for teams, low skill.

And the cyborg master is an absolute joke it’s just a mk2 mine spam race.

The most important and demanded nerfs belong to Rumbler (decreased ammunition, 2 salvos before reload) and Trident (decreased range by half). Everything else is a secondary priority (like Hellfire & Static Field increased cooldown).

The equipment that really stand out and needs buffs are (from the weakest) Pyro, Thunderer Smoke Round and oversight with Arc weapons vs. Legionnaires

There are many difficulties to choose from to satisfy every skill group, if the difficulty is too tough then you should lower it.

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These relatively easy to implement changes would make my Liberty Day. The reason I desire these is because they would bring more balance and we would see more variety in loadouts used at all levels.

Please SLIGHTLY Nerf:
Rumbler (Less ammo)
LIFT (Less fuel)
Static Field (Less range and/or duration)
Breaker (Less range)
Trident (Less range)
Stratagem priority (40% to 30%)
Railgun (Completely dominates camper)
ATB (Rotation, or sprint speed penalty?)

I feel that these are almost never used because they are too underpowered:
Buff (even if slightly):
Hammer (Needs huge buff)
APC (Needs huge buff, completely dominated by the other vehicles, or nerf HAV)
Arc Thrower
Thunderer Smoke Round
Double Freedom
Stun mines
Incendiary Grenades
Heavy Armor
Cyborg Enemy Master (Against AT mines)
Double Freedom
Railgun Turret
Smoke Grenades
Strafing Run
Orbital Laser

For more challenge, slightly less ammo capacity for either levels 30+ or just higher difficulty missions (in exchange for more EXP or something?)

I think you meant to say hammer motorcycle, you could probably double that guy’s health and armor and it would still be very difficult to keep alive

# New Bugs enemy: PYRO BEHEMOTH #

Encyclopedia Description (Pyro Behemoth)

Pyro Behemoth

This type of Behemoth comes from the depths of the planet mantle. It usually lives and stays under the crust but the raging war between our proud Heldivers and these nasty Bugs, has awaken them. Its shell is made of molten lava and incandescent rocks, so beware not being too close to avoid burning damages. When a Pyro Behemoth furiously emerges on the battlefield, it burns frantically everything in its path, by belching out a powerful stream of fire and lava.

In-game Consequences (Pyro Behemoth)

  • The Pyro Behemoth emerges on the battlefield like a regular Behemoth, but once targets are within reach (Helldivers or Super Earth devices), it swipes its surroundings with a huge stream of fire (basically a giant flamethrower).

  • Any Helldiver standing too close from the Pyro Behemoth shell, takes instantaneously fire.

  • The Pyro Behemoth also ignites enemy units, which then charge to Helldivers to spread the fire.

  • If a Pyro Behemoth is impeded by the Static Field Conductors stratagem, it shoots automatically an extended burst of fire (longer range than when it attacks being mobile).

  • The Pyro Behemoth counter-attacks with a burst of fire when an Helldiver uses the TOX-13 Avenger.

  • The Pyro Behemoth requires twice the amount of damage to be killed (including Mines) than a regular Behemoth, due to its molten lava shell.

Implementation in Helldivers (Pyro Behemoth)

  • The Pyro Behemoth uses the same graphic model than the Behemoth, but with a reddish color scheme. It has twice the resistance of a Behemoth.

  • The Pyro Behemoth’s fire burst is the same graphic FX than the flames of the FLAM-40 Incinerator, but with a more reddish hue.

  • Spawn rate: replace randomly two Behemoths at most in any difficulty in which Behemoths spawn.

Why? (Pyro Behemoth)

  • The Pyro Behemoth is more difficult to handle than a regular Behemoth: simply spamming Static Field Conductors stratagems is not so efficient, aswell as using TOX-13 Avenger, as the Pyro Behemoth can counter-attack in long range.

  • Makes Bugs way more threatening due to the fact they can now spread fire if they’re ignited by the Pyro Behemoth (especially the Brood Commanders, which are almost immune to fire).

Phew, only one more mockup to build, and I’ll have suggest everything I had in head since years.

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to comment!


I think we can all agree the Trident and Rumbler perform the best with the lowest effort and are therefore most often seen. The question is are they too good?

I think the only thing that matters is choice.

Nerfing just to force people to use other weapons might not be the best approach. Look at the AT-47, a now dead stratagem even though it is still viable just not easy solo like before.

Is this a competitive game where weapons need to be balanced? Can you make your own set of restrictions and limitations to increase the challenge? Can some people enjoy the game by crushing the alien scumbags with overwhelming force while other use more creative methods? I think the answer is yes but probably not at the same time or game.

I would like to see a little less rumbler and tridents in public games, they are over performing and very well represented in matches. I want to point out however some people enjoy the challenge of the game some just enjoy the game. The average mission difficulty is ~6 not 8, 12 or 15 but 6.

Also don’t forget a big part of the fun of HD is the silly crazy deaths from OP weapons. I was in a Bug RS yesterday with a full team and the lvl 27 killed us all with a VERYclose proximity rumble, it was hilarious and we all got back into our pods to retry with an “affirmative”. It’s a game we can have fun with it in different ways…

I would also like to focus more on quality of life features like fixing the game crashing on PS3/4 and things like being able to see the lvl 15 planets available on host ships. Otherwise a full compliment of enemy and mission types on higher difficulties would be nice. No tanks on RS13+ Borg and few dogs on higher difficulties has been mentioned before. Assassination for example could be a clusters of enemies more lethal higher health enemy like @Tann was suggesting. I’m curious about the pre feedback Illuminates, if RS13 was unchanged but the rest turned down can we see what turned up would be like? :smile:


An easy way of balancing the Trident would be to replace the heat dump canister ammunition system, by something like a battery, with limited shots available (30 shots per battery for example).

Once the battery is empty after 30 shots, the player has to reload. And to refill the number of batteries, use the Resupply stratagem.

Currently, the main problem is not that the Trident is overpowered (a bit though), but more that players just shoot continuously and mindlessly, as it is very uncommon to overheat it (unlike the LAS-16 Scythe).

So they never stop shooting, even when there are no enemies, it’s just about mashing the fire button, inducing a lot of stupid friendly kills.

If the ammunition were limited, maybe they would think twice before shooting like crazy, almost randomly where enemies are (or not).


But that defeats the entire point of the trident being a laser weapon.

I’d think the Trident needs either

A: a massive nerf to the range (like even shorter then the tanto)

or B: 4 times more heat generation.

The trident just excels at everything, the „downside“ is, that sometimes the pattern isn’t the best. Wow. Big deal. And sadly I don’t have the exact numbers, but it feels like every laser from the Trident does the same amount of damage as a pulse from the sickle. It feels like quad damage.

It’s especially jarring when only the Trident is such an outlier. Almost everything else is pretty fun and balanced but the trident is so overused that tells you how strong it is. And then we got the arc-thrower and -shotgun. The exact antithesis to the Trident. Feels weak against enemies but it’s easy to kill friendlies with it. The charge mechanic is a good idea but the charge time and damage value are pretty high/low.

Aside from that I really wish we could get some separate slots for sidearms, grenade types and one for „perks“, because there is de facto no choice between all terrain boots vs pocket flamethrower; cardio accelerator vs plasma pistol and stratagem cooldown reduction vs revolver.

Just my 2 cents.

Best regards from germany



Maybe the camper gets a laser sight by default?

I know it’s nearly impossible in the current game but… I was thinking of a special PVP event, my scenario: a bigger map with more normal objectives but, a second drop with another group of helldivers (a private clan or a pirate helldivers society maybe?) with the same mission, the team with more completed objectives at the end win the map and earn exp bonus, or can rank up a specific pvp ranking, naturally in the game a group can eliminate others getting their dropped weapons and equipment. The elimination of all members of a group results in a mission failed,while last standing group continue the game normally.
Perhaps the radar cannot detect the enemy group and the game turns more challenging and everyone must stay vigilant even in low difficulty levels… New dedicated stratagems can be added like a portable radar jammer or a drop of sand bags for cover, a shovel to dig trenchs or even a modified version of distractor beam that make aliens attack only the enemy group, using other esisting stratagems like the thunderer smoke round and smoke grenades make better sense in this game mode.
Maybe we can see something like that in a sequel of helldivers??? Anyone agrees with me?

PS: sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:

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The latency is the main issue there. People see others in different spots than they currently stand and anything else than Breaker, Double Freedom, and Trident is most likely going to “miss” even though players are getting hit on our screen.

I believe it would just become frustrating and at this point luck based if you score a kill unless you pick shotguns with a wide shot spread.

I LOVE this, even if it will never happen, this is an amazing idea!!!
Do you have any other ideas floating around?

I don’t know if it has already been treated somewhere, some objectives can be helpful/critical to continue the mission, like founding damaged vehicles to repair and eventually to use, or damaged drop ships that contains password and codes to detonate research bunkers or radio beacons before they fall in enemy hands…Completing an objective like destroing a bug lair or stealing an alien artifact can trigger a surprise attack with an enemy boss…
What about capturing enemy live anti-person turrets?A console defended by 2 lethal turrets that have few seconds of cooldown,just the time you need to hack and capture the computer, introducing a special stratagem like a big bubble shield generator to gain more time in completing objectives, a shield that absorbs bullets and beams but can be crossed by enemy units…
I was also thinking: why the survivors doesn’t have any backup weapon? They can have at least a pistol or something that stuns enemy,a taser, in this way they can be little helpful shooting a bullet sometimes…
Another one: laser weapons are powerful versus all enemies so 90% of people use it, it’s a bit unfair, they can introduce enemies with hardened skin or particular environment objects capable of reflect laser beams potentially damaging helldivers or other enemies, depending on angle of fire…

Yes I know that I’m a dreamer :rofl:


I just joined this forum. Actually it’s the first online forum I’ve ever joined!

I discovered this game a few months ago and have been playing it locally with three of my religious brothers, a few times a week. We’re Catholic friars, and priests, so we live in a religious community, something like a monastery.

We’re pretty new to the game, though we’ve managed to complete a few level six planets so I don’t consider us noobs anymore! Perhaps we are typical “casual” players (though our goal is to eventually get better). So I thought I would put in my two cents about refinements to the game.

As to primary weapons, I do think the Trident is a bit overpowered. However, those who play solo perhaps don’t experience how many friendly kills it causes on a team. So that is a disadvantage of it. We actually had to forbid one of our less-skilled players from using it (along with the Breaker) because it is counter-productive when he does! :slight_smile: That said, I think a moderate nerf on the Trident would be good. Reduced range would be one way to do that.

The main suggestion that I want to make, though, involves perks. I agree with what some have said on this forum: that certain perks far out-class other perks. And it is a shame that some of the less-used ones often seem not worth using (such as the different kinds of grenades that actually have interesting applications). It is true that you can just decide to use them anyway, in order to enjoy the richness of the game. But for us, we’re just trying to SURVIVE through a level 7 planet and every little downgrade in our loadout hurts our chances.

So here is my proposal: There should be two classes of perks, “normal” perks (the best ones) and “bonus” perks. The normal perks would work the same way as always. However, if you select a “bonus” perk on the loadout screen, the rectangular field in which the perk is displayed splits into a left and right side. The left side displays the perk you just selected and the right side can be use to select a SECOND perk. However, the second perk can ONLY be another bonus perk.

This means that you could choose between having one awesome perk (e.g. strat priority, cardio, AT boots, auto-injector, displacement field) and having TWO lesser perks (e.g. grenades, pistols, laser sight, heavy armor). I agree with others who have pointed out that pistols are cool (I esp. like the gunslinger) but who would ever choose one over one of the “first-class” perks? However, if I could have, say, the incendiary grenades AND the gunslinger in my arsenal, that starts to look more attractive.

Of course, you’d have to make sure people didn’t select two grenades or two pistols because that probably wouldn’t work with the game as-is, without major modifications.

This was my thought. Hope the developers see it! I want to say that couch coop is my preferred genera of game, and I think Helldivers is the absolute best thing out there in that genera. This game is a blast, and creates meaningful community among its players, to the extent that that is possible with a video game! Thanks, Arrowhead, and nice work! We’re looking forward to our first Liberty Day as Helldivers players.

Fr. Raphael Mary


A buff to the SH-32 Directional Kinetic Shield would be great, like capable of absorb a hunter sniper shot. It would be a good strategem aggainst illuminates.


Oh, bro))) You haven’t yet seen those times when the time before trident overheating was twice as long)) lol)


He’s got the power of God on his side, I’m gonna roll with him dude

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At current state with sh-32 you can survive hunter shot, though resulting in knockdown. With the right angle of incoming beam you can negate it completely. It is already OP strat againist illuminates, actually, you might just be using it wrong.

Not sure this is completely accurate. I have been able to take zero damage repeatedly but concluded it was a visual glitch, ie the shot didn’t actually connect. When the shot does connect you take minor damage off angle and head on as you said getting downed.

I have found this to be a bit inconsistent.
My biggest gripe is that it still allows splash damage to go through