Helldivers API & Discord Bot

So, me and a couple of guys from XTC Group managed to figure out how the HELLDIVERS API works and also made a discord bot using it. This means that we can get up to date statistics about the war, and also get notifications when a faction is defeated, defense or attack events start, when a war is over, etc…

We wrote an unofficial documentation here

And if you want a sample of what is possible, join this discord server to see a bot in action:


Maybe the groundwork done here will inspire someone to make some cool new tools for the Helldivers community.

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Yeah, I tried this briefly via the DIscord iPhone app this morning. App gave me a neat little summary of current campaign progress. It’s probably as close to a Helldivers campaign app as we’ll get. :sunglasses:

I’d to this point seen Discord more as a chaotic global chatroom and I’ve gotten tired of indy devs saying “check us out on Discord while we ignore our various forums.” But I can see with at least this type of Discord usage, that it could have some creative/practical uses beyond just basic chatroom.

@xtcdo and group who made the effort to get the operational-intel channel added to the Helldivers Official Discord did a very good thing.

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