Helldivers Bugs / Balance / Suggestions



Just posting some balance requests, bugs and other things I’ve found along the way of my many years playing Helldivers. The suggestions are some things to make the game a bit more sense but are mainly conveniences/script things.

EDIT: SInce I cannot UPload more than one photo due to fourm Limitations please see this Imgur Album Here: https://imgur.com/a/l0ESe

Balance Issues:
Laser Weapons: The current damage model of laser weapons doesn’t meet their intended role, the Trident continues to be the end-all-weapons due to its high damage output and infinite ammo. I suggest the following things to make the weapons more accurate to its intended role and to make more sense.

See attached images like this in Link Above:


  • See Carbine. Justice, Mortar, Obliterator Attachments in Imgur link Above


  • See Purple Remarks on Photos.
  • Remove Instant Death Zone on Tilt/Launch weapons (mortar/Obliterator)

I will keep updating this with more information as I find them.


I’m not sure how long you’ve been using the MLS-4X and/or Obliterator, but their fixed arcs are a feature, not a mistake/glitch/bug, and the MLS-4X will seek targets, which you’ll notice if you actually fire it at an enemy :dark_sunglasses:

It’s just my opinion, but I don’t think having infinite ammo anti tank is a good idea (RE: LAS98 Suggestion)
Actually I have a lot of opinions about all this but I think I should keep them to myself, honestly.

Other than that, good spotting on the bugs!