Helldivers Challenge (Sticky Thread Request)

Dear Arrowhead,

Would you mind adding a sticky thread on your Helldivers forum to the helldivers challenge lists (just like in the reddit thread)?

Hopefully, this can encourage players to try new loadouts and challenge themselves with new gameplay styles. This keeps the game refreshing and improves longevity of the game.


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Hey @wilier,

I like your idea, but we have already Loadout Randomizer in the “humber menu” and one challenge per month on Official Helldivers Discord. (which is also in the fast links hub)

So basically we have challenge list added, you just need to look further

But I support you, would like to see a supported challenge thread on AH forums maybe with rewards or something.

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Yo @wilier , you finally made it here then soldier.

I’m trying to keep it to 2 stickies max in the forums to not over-face people, but I can certainly add it to the main post and link to it there! :slight_smile:

@wilier Why don’t you just copy all the content over here to a new post?
Discourse (this forum) supports the same formatting as Reddit so it shouldn’t be too difficult, and I’d love to see people hopping on here to see some new things to try.
I for one would love to see a complete challenge list in the Tactics and Loadouts subforum:


Should I make a “challenges” subcategory, so you can post separate posts in the subcategory, or is one thread like this fine? It may be nice with a sub-category.