Helldivers Comic Strip by Pierô Lechevalier on Twitter

Really liked this, so sharing for others to see and enjoy


Huh, I always thought that is the way to play Helldivers (-.

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Whenever I played with my wife, she was merciless about gunning me down should I get in between her and some small bug / borg whatever I am looking to melee.

Of course she would panic after and say sorry and all those kinds of things, but I think secretly she enjoyed it :thinking:

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Of course not, your supposed to use a hellbomb or shredder on them right?

You only have to start being creative about creating accidental moments if they wise up on the accidentals you are getting with straight murdering them with the Breaker or Trident.

Of course, it all starts with a few stray bullets, then a accidental grenade or running over with a vehicle, then they start to catch on and you can start to be creative as you said!

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Best done using the Hammer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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