Helldivers - Crash on start-up since first opening


I recently bought Helldivers and started playing right after my download ended. I immediately put the game in fullscreen, and started the tutorial with my controller. About 10 minutes in, I had to do some errands so I quit the game. Upon coming back an hour later, the game now opens on a black windowed screen, and promptly crashes a few seconds later, creating no crash logs. I’ve tried all of the common solutions on forums and even on the discord channel, but to no avail. Since the appdata folder is empty of crash logs, it is pretty much all info I have about my issue. I sent a support ticket, but if anyone would like to help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your patience.


My first attempt to rectify the issue would be to delete the game, use ps4 safe mode to rebuild database then re download the game.
As you have just started you could even delete your save data for the game just to be sure


Have you already tried deleting the %AppData%\Arrowhead\Helldivers\saves folder?
Make sure you delete the Steam\userdata\[your Steam ID3]\394510\remote folder too, to avoid Steam Cloud issues.


Ha. My bad, i just assumed it was console not pc… I really should pay more attention :crazy_face:


@boubbletroubl3 I believe I spoke to you over email recently? :wave:

The first three things I suggest are:

  • Use borderless windowed mode. Some people found that this prevented crashes
  • Do you use Teamviewer? If so try disabling this
  • You can try deleting your config file (just back this up first just in case) to reset the graphics settings.

Go to:

Inside that folder is a user_settings.config file. Just delete it and fire up the game.
The appdata folder is hidden though so you will have to make hidden folders visible in windows folder options.