Helldivers Mission Control

Greetings old and new Helldivers

Helldivers has been out for awhile and I feel it’s time to shake things up.
Every week I want to post specific mission criteria to be followed here where you can find other people interested and make new friends who will join you.
Every week we will change things up where during certain missions, only certain weapons and stratagems can be used by certain people. Looking to make new challenges and Helldivers fun and exciting again.
We tend to habitually gravitate to using the strategems that we are used to using that make things easier during certain enemies, planets and missions but I am hoping that this will allow others to find new interesting ways to do their missions and make new friends. For example, during Cyborg boss fights, people gravitate to using mines/demolishers or thunder barrage. What if you could only use mechs and tanks? or only one person could use anti tank weapons?

However before I go about doing this, I wanna see how people might feel about this idea and how well a group like this might be received. There is no point putting fourth the effort if others aren’t going to be interested in joining.

As very small example of criteria

Highest ranking officer commands the group (even if just joining host game)
Yellow player - focuses on anti tank
Blue player - focuses on firing support and units
Purple player - team medic, cannot use anti tank weapons or stratagems
Teal player - Uses only air strikes, mines included

Obviously this is a small example of what could be. Other weeks could be no weapons or mechs allowed/only airstrikes (except starting weapons of course), one week could be laser party where only laser weapons can be used, one week could be where NO lasers are allowed, and even deeper specifics.

I am hoping this could be a fun new group to find fun and new ways to play and get out of our comfort zones and challenge each other.

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We already have something like this on the helldivers discord here. Except on the helldivers discord its every month instead of every week, cool concept though and could be great if we try it out for a few weeks.

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