Helldivers on PS5?

As per the title do you know if Helldivers will be backwards compatible on the PS5 at this point?

Update: Yes it is but it can required you to import the PS4 save file via USB not the cloud or you may have the game crash at login.

It better be.

Helldivers was the only reason I bought a PS4 and I’m sure as hell not buying a PS5 if I can’t play Helldivers on it.


My two cents:

  • Arrowhead’s next game will be a PS5 launch title. 5 years that Arrowhead does not communicate on what they are working… :shushing_face:
    Except “Testament” which could possibly be a AAA 3rd person shooter (I hope this is some kind of Helldivers evolution, but still Helldivers)

  • PS4 will still be supported for years, as Sony said, with some games released on both platforms.

So, I don’t see why Helldivers would be ported on PS5, if Arrowhead’s next game is a PS5 launch title.

Backwards compatibilty is still a possibility though (even a high probability), as Helldivers is a first-party studio’s game, and Sony announced 100 PS4 games supported at launch. It would be logical for Helldivers to be part of it.

Yeah I have high hopes for Testament, will be interesting to see what arrowhead make!

I don’t think the game will be ported to PS5 rather the backward compatibility mode would be used like you said.

Sony confirmed that the top 100 most played games (is HD part of that group ?) “almost all” run but are network features working? Will PS5 running PS4 games play with PS4s or only other PS5s?

HD has 3 PS systems currently would a PS5 be able to integrate with that system? Assuming it will run the game!

As planned:

PlayStation has a “compelling line-up” of PS5 games that it plans to reveal “soon”

During a corporate strategy meeting this week (via VGC), Sony president and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed that “games for the PS5 that deliver this new game experience are being made by both first and third-party developers and we plan to introduce a compelling line-up of titles soon.”

It’s hard to ascertain the exact time frame that is implied by Yoshida’s use of the word “soon”, but rumours suggest that PlayStation is planning a digital PS5 event in early June

My two cents again: be prepared for Arrowhead’s new game reveal.


My understanding is that vast majority of PS4 games and all PSVR games will be backward compatible on PS5. The PS5 design has been lead by Mark Cerny who also lead the design of the PS4. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be backward compatible.

I agree it’s likely it will work and to be honest I was hoping that somebody with a dev kit and Helldivers might be able to confirm for us :wink:

I’d rather wait for an official announcement at a planned event than some leak.

We may see / hear what we have been waiting for as soon as June 4th (next week).

Edit: This got delayed in light of recent events. No new date yet

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Honestly I’m not intending to buy a PS5 till it’s over a year old and comes with more storage so I know the back comparability info will be out there.

Really I was hoping Arrowhead might be able to share some info but realistically they probably would not be able to share that info yet… lets see!

Erf… no Arrowhead’s game in the (boring) PS5 Digital Event. :frowning:

Maybe next time!

EDIT: Oops, didn’t see the dedicated thread [news] Sony's Playstation V announcement/trailers (nothing Arrowhead)

No Arrowhead news, boooring! I was really looking forward to seeing some Testament teasers. :frowning:

There have been bunch of other announcement trailers that have come after the reveal event. Seems to be continuing, but nothing yet from Arrowhead or called Testament yet.

If it’s not a PS5 launch title, and it’s not even a “maybe next year PS5 title,” then I’m just clearly out of guesses at this point.

Maybe they’re just making a digital Bible book e-reader: The New Testament. :smirk:

Maybe they’re not making a game at all. It was ALL just a ruse to keep dealing with fans asking for a Helldivers sequel. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Nah. We’re too busy on The Secret Project.” :slight_smile:

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It is important to humanity itself that Arrowhead Games triumph in this endeavor quickly, so that they may continue their success in accomplishing the even more crucial mission of delivering us Helldivers 2