HELLDIVERS: Stereotypes


DISCLAIMER: Posted as a bit of fun, not a direct criticism of anyones playstyle. If you’re having fun, that’s all that matters.

Feel free to add your own observations…


Go on, do one for the die-hard Liberator rifle user (that’s me sometimes too)


Haha, love this :heart:


That explains why I am wet behind the ears and know nothing :rofl:


Mr. L., your sense of humor is unique and refreshing. Love the presentation!



These are all on point and amazing! Keep 'em coming! :joy:


Gotta be one for Rambo - probably a player standing there with a ton of brass & spent mags around him, still blasting.

You know the type - they just want to stay and fight when the rest want to run for the next objective. Sometimes gets the team bogged down in heavy firefights miles from any objective, apparently unaware that kills don’t matter.


I am 100% guilty of this.