Help! Anyone see this spawning glitch on RS's?

I play Helldivers on PS3, mostly local, with three friends/housemates and we have been having a recurring glitch that I have not seen anyone else report online. It happens exclusively on Retaliatory Strikes.

Here’s what happens: when we get up to 100 or 150 kills on the RS, the enemies just stop spawning. We can walk all over the battlefield, and have done so, for 10 minutes and no enemies appear. The alarm music is still playing but nothing is happening.

Once in a while, the enemies will begin spawning again randomly at some point, after we wait a few minutes, but not always. Often (but not always) they will begin spawning again if we kill two of us. Sometimes they simply won’t spawn after a while (10 min) and so we abort the mission.

This has probably happened to us ten time in the past few weeks. We only play about three days a week so, it has become a pretty regular thing.

Has anyone seen this glitch before? Is Arrowhead aware of it? It is frustrating.

Fr. Raphael Mary

I have never heard or seen this glitch/bug before. Maybe some enemies are stuck inside walls and these prevent the next waves from triggering.

I play Helldivers on PS3 too, but exclusively online.

I never encountered this bug, but sometimes, some waves take time to spawn, like 10-15 seconds with no enemies on screen. So we run and fire randomly and the next wave finally triggers.

I could try to play a RS offline (alone, I have no friends :laughing: ). Can you tell me which race and the planet difficulty when you encounter mostly the glitch/bug?

Thanks Tann. It has happened with both Illuminates and Cyborgs (we haven’t played bugs i a while). Most often it is Cyborg level 7.

YOPG’s idea that there are enemies in the wall is an interesting one. We have wandered around shooting and looking for enemies, but I guess we might not see them if they were in the walls.

Fr. Raphael Mary


OK, I’ll check tonight.

And yes, maybe YOPG found the culprit: enemies stuck in walls are pretty common with Cyborgs (Initiate, Hound and Immolator, mostly).

It happens A LOT in Cyborgs Proving Grounds RS, and the only solution is to quit the mission, because the ennemy stuck is unreachable with any weapons.