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Starting this thread as there were a few people around with greenfingers :seedling:

I can give a little background on @patrik.lasota and my not-so-friendly spider plant growing competition:

It all started one horrible rainy day…when I “insulted” his spider plant. It was honestly the most scraggly, sad looking spider plant I have ever seen. Yellowing, thin, malnourished and under watered. I told him that the plant should be put out of its misery and binned, so he can start over with a nice looking plant. Well, apparently this was equivalent to insulting his first-born. :baby:

Every day just walking past this plant made me angry. It was just annoying to look at. Like a big huge plant failure glaring in my face! Sometime during the year I lost a bet with Patrik (I can’t remember what it was), and so I had to suck up the consequence and re-pot his spider plant. That was the price to pay for losing the bet. :rage:

So I did. I admit, I thought about sabotage while doing the re-potting, but in the end I couldn’t bring myself to it. I couldn’t personally kill an innocent plant on purpose, so I chickened out. I made a huge effort, did a really nice job and for a long time after the plant looked healthier. I was quite happy, I thought that my loving care had rejuvenated it. :herb:

Sadly my happiness was not to last. The spider plant, despite its short lived rejuvenation, began to look sad again. I personally blame Patrik’s watering schedule (or lack of!). :sweat_drops:

So I got annoyed at it. Again.

But then it was time to move office! I noticed the plant had been moved in the packing chaos to a quiet corner of the kitchen where it lay unnoticed. On the last day we moved I even checked the kitchen and I noticed it had not been packed. “YES!!” I thought. “He’s going to forget it, and it will stay here and die, and then he can FINALLY get a new one!”. :tada:

I was blissfully unaware of any spider plant for a long time after the move until a couple of weeks ago. I made a mistake and I teased Patrik about the long forgotten spider plant. To my horror he told me it was not forgotton, he had gone back to the old offices and saved it. It was now in his house, “thriving” (his word, not mine. I don’t think I would ever associate that plant with the word thriving). :scream:

Naturally I scoffed and doubted it, and he whipped out a picture. Yes, he has a picture on his phone of it, he was that proud… Anyway, it did seem to be producing some babies on long, scraggly stalks. I can’t remember the exact way it came about but I’m sure I said something like “I bet I can grow a better looking spider plant than yours, even from your horrible offshoots”. :speak_no_evil:

And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how I got stuck in a spider plant growing competition with my horticultural arch nemisis, Patrik. Any tips are welcome! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here is a picture of the babies I’m growing. I’m not sure about the ones on the far left, they seemed a bit weak, but the other two pots I have high hopes for.

I’m sure @patrik.lasota will chime in sometime soon with his version of events and/or a picture of his original plant!


Chlorophytum comosum. Thats too easy! How on earth your friend had a sick one of those idk lol. Tip: Youve probably put to many in the one pot but it wont matter just remember to pot them up, they grow very quickly good temp permitted. Tip 2: Wikipedia is a fabulous source of Horticultural information. Tip 3: Soil looks a bit fine aswell but wont matter none. Tip 4: Have you just potted up some saplings/cuttings? If so you could cut the long leaves in half with some clean and sharp scissors. To reduce stress; but they will also cop some stress in you having done so best to just softly moisturise the soil to keep the water up thats if theyve taken root yet.Its the end product that counts so most of what ive just said doesnt matter :stuck_out_tongue:


Im no exp but be careful with water. I think I killed a plant by giving her to much water. ^^


I’ve done that on multiple occasions :frowning:


Just moved to this new place and going to see if I can bring these back from the dead… UndeadPlants
Aint nothing a little h2O and some fertiliser wont fix.
Geraniums and a Jade Tree I think they are, talk about hagged.


@Jaunty they look a bit sad at the moment but I expect they will do well later in Spring! At least you guys have sun, we still have -10 degrees and snow/ice here.


Were just coming into winter now down here so hopefully things will cool down. If they were any other kind of plant they would have died ages ago; Geraniums can live off of nothing but the succulent/cactus I am honestly surprised is still alive.


I expect to see timelapse photography on these spider plants with narration by: [David Attenborough voice] As the Spider plant unfoils its new leaves and gets ready to face the day an unsuspecting ForeverAPeon comes into play.

I thought I could save my plants but its just not happening… there is no Thor.


I should really update…soon!

Edit: I’ve started growing plants in my apartment to give away / sell to friends. I’ve given away a couple of successful propagation to colleagues here. This is one of the thriving plants. I think @NoodleBoots has called him “Cybert” xD


My favorite plant with my favorite band ^^ its in the same position for close to 3 years now, in a glass of water


I had one of those from Ikea years ago. I sadly killed it, it went all yellow :frowning: Yours looks really nice though, what’s the secret?


I change water once in two months and don’t change position of the plant, also it always has some light but not too strong . I’m no exp,just got lucky with the conditions I guess ^^