How do you report cheaters in the game?

I have been playing quite a bit of HD since the new update, but while I was diving with nice new players and veterans today, I noticed a player that won’t die, throw more than 10 plus grenades in one go, and keep casting strategem like they are free.

Is there a way to report such a player, I think I do have the video footage.



There is nothing you can do besides reporting the user in-game through the menu. If he gets enough reports he will be only allowed to play with other cheaters and bad behaviour players, but that’s it.

The best solution is to kick the hacker/cheater (if you are a host) or just leave the lobby.

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If you are on Steam then you can open the ingame Steam overlay and select the cheaters profile from your “recently played” list.

Go and report this person directly to Steam.

The ingame Report from the report/commend system, on the other hand, does not seem to work and is not fit for purpose.